Monday, June 06, 2011

Leaving for the Summer

In 2 hours I will be heading to Florida for the summer. I have mixed feelings about this. I am ready to go. I've packed up everything and really prepared more than I usually do. However, I am not wanting to leave my house and friends.

Florida is not a bad place to go to work, though. All of our summers in the past have been very hectic. We usually have at least 2 shows a day. However, this summer we are performing one show a week at Big Stuf camp in Panama City. We will fly out of Panama City often to perform in other places such as Ohio, Texas, California, and Oklahoma.

In between the Big Stuf shows when we don't have to fly out, we are staying in Florida. Since it's so expensive to stay in Florida, we are camping on the beach! That's what I said...camping on the beach! I am so excited!!!