Monday, August 30, 2010

Anjelah Johnson

I went to an Anjelah Johnson show last night. Did you know she is a Christian? She is so funny! My jaws were hurting from laughing so much when I left.

Pray for us this week. We fly to Jacksonville, FL today. Then, we have two school assemblies and a show each night for the next two days. It's going to be a busy schedule. From there we fly to Kansas City to perform and speak at Rock the Light festival.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shows in High Point, NC

We performed at a Christian school in High Point, NC yesterday morning. There were 1300 students present. It was great!

Then, last night we did a show in a big church as a part of their performing arts series. This includes 4 ticketed events a year. All of the proceeds go to local ministries. It's a really cool thing.

During the show last night, Brock's mic went out again! Then, Brock went to the handheld mic. It did not work at all either. What was going on??? Brock simply did some funny facial expressions and a spontaneous mime routine. It was hilarious! The mic came back on after a couple of minutes.

I found out that their sound system just timed out for a minute. They said that it had never happened before! That's twice in one week! It did not matter though. Brock was so funny with it that some thought he had planned it to mess with the sound guys. It was a great day in North Carolina!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Nightmare Came True

Last night, we were in the process of doing a show in Pleasant Grove, AL (the one near Birmingham...did you know that there are 9 Pleasant Groves in AL?). A guy ran up to me backstage and said, "John said to give this to Brock now." He handed me a battery for Brock's mic. This has happened a few times in my 11 years of doing this where the battery has gone out during a show. However, I knew that John usually put a fresh one in for each show.

I ran onstage and changed the battery discreetly. Then, Brock says, "Can you bring me another battery, because this one is not working either." I ran back onstage and retrieved 4 more new batteries, all of which did not work. It was like a three stooges act. None of them worked! That did not make any sense. They were brand new batteries.

Then, Brock went to a handheld mic, and used it while John figured out Brock's headset. Then, the handheld mic went out. So, Brock went to the other handheld mic, and it went out! It felt like one of my anxiety dreams where the whole crowd is just waiting, and I am the only one who can fix the problem. It's as if the whole audience is waiting on me. Of course, Brock just turned it into a comedy act. Between our three stooges act with the trying so many batteries, and Brock's jokes, the crowd was laughing through the whole incident. (That's not how it goes in my dreams. Nobody is laughing in those nightmares.)

After going through 5 new batteries and two backup mics, I knew that Satan was behind this. I began praying furiously. I even left the show in order to call a couple of people to pray. We got Brock's mic up and running after what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes. Then, when Brock gave everyone a chance to respond to the gospel, so many responded. What a night!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Results from Doctor Visit

I anxiously sat in the small doctor's office waiting room. It was 10 till 3 and my appointment was for 2:30. I know that appointments are rarely on time, but I was so ready to hear my iron count. Everything the doctor had told me the last visit was running through my head. She had said that my iron count was good, so she did not think that we needed to investigate my anemia any further. She told me to keep taking the iron pills as I had been. That would be 3 times a day, and that was 2 months ago. I had weened myself down to 2 pills and then 1 a day. I didn't know if that was okay or not. What if my iron count was low because I was only taking it once a day? If that was the case, then I still had a big problem, because I should not have to take 3 iron pills a day.

All of these thoughts were running through my mind, and then I heard someone behind the counter say, "She was supposed to be here at 2 and it's almost 3!" I was the only one sitting in the waiting room, so I figured maybe somebody forgot to show up for their appointment. Then, the receptionist looked at me and said, "Your appointment for the ultra sound was at 2 o'clock." I told her that nobody had told me that. I had even called Friday to make sure about the time to come in and they reassured me that I needed to come in at 2:30. The receptionist said to quickly run down to room 203 and they would try to squeeze me in. I jumped up and grabbed my stuff and went down to another doctor's office waiting room.

When I got up to their desk, the lady there was none too pleased with me for missing my appointment. She mumbled something about how they would have to try and fit me into their very busy schedule. (I think she may have been the voice I heard on the speaker phone behind the desk earlier.)

I sat down thinking, "Oh no! If I am late, what if the doctor cannot see me and I don't get my iron count?" I had heard someone say that my doctor's office closed at 4pm. They quickly called me to the back. When I got back there, the lady doing my ultra sound was so sweet that I just broke down in tears. (Isn't it crazy that you break down when someone is really nice to you?) I had not realized how anxious I was about this appointment. So many unanswered questions were to be known at this doctor visit. She asked me what was wrong. I wanted to say, "Do you know what it's like wondering if you may pass out at any minute? Always evaluating if you are anemic or just tired from you crazy, scheduled lifestyle?" Every little thing had sent me on a frantic worry over the last couple of months. One time, my feet were cold and Brock asked me if I thought I was anemic. I had heard that Brittany Murphy's official cause of death was anemia. Could that have been me? Was I close to death?

But I did not say any of that. Instead, I just said, "I just want to find out what is wrong with me." She continued with the ultra sound (they can give you those even if you are not pregnant) and said, "Everything looks good here!" I didn't really know what that meant. The last time, they didn't really tell me what was wrong. They just said there was a lot of blood in my ovaries or something. I was instructed to go back upstairs to my doctor's office.

As I sat in the waiting room for another half of an hour, I became more and more worried. I continued to cry silent tears. I could not stop them. I had waited 2 months to find out if I was okay or not, I could not wait any longer! It was like my psyche had had enough! I called Brock and asked him to come from the nearby coffee shop, where he was waiting for me to get done, into the doctor's office with me. He said that he was on his way.

At one point, one of the nurses had pity on my and told me to come back to a room. She probably figured that I could at least cry in private. I was just texting Brock when he came back into the room. I was so glad to see him. He was concerned at why I was so upset. I told him that I guess it had been building up for the last 2 months, or really 2 and a half months, since I had gone into the hospital. I felt much better when Brock was there. He had been my rock these last couple of months.

Finally, at a quarter till 4, my doctor came in to see me. She met Brock and spoke to us about a few things. Her sweetness put me at ease. I began to tell her how anxious I was to know my iron count. She took me out to another room and took my blood herself. While she was taking my blood, she told me that my last ultra sound showed that I had a small polyp in my ovary as well as blood. That's where the bleeding was coming from. This time, the polyp and the blood was gone. That means that the bleeding has stopped and I don't even need to have surgery to remove the polyp. My body got rid of it on its own. I did bleed in order to get it out which was a problem a few months ago, but it's all over with now.

She walked over to another counter doing whatever she did to see about my hemoglobin (iron count). My hemoglobin should be between 13 and 15. When I went into the hospital, it was at a 5. Then, the blood transfusion brought it up to a 10. When I went to see this doctor last time, I was at a 13.5 which was great! But I was worried that I may have dropped down again. That morning, I had prayed that it would be as high as a 14.7. Now, the doctor looked at me and said, "You are at 15! Your iron count it higher than mine."

An incredible relief filled my mind and then settled throughout my body. My shoulders relaxed and my head came down as I said a quiet "Thank you" to the Lord. We went back into the room and told Brock the good news. I think the doctor could tell how relieved we were because she looked at both of us and said, "What happened to you when you went to the hospital was very rare. It was traumatic for both of you, but you can rest assured that it will probably never, ever happen to you again." These words were so comforting. I had not realized how stressed I had been.

We went to the Cocoa Tree to celebrate that I was normal! It felt so good to be normal again. Last night, I was exhausted from the emotional day. I fell asleep on the couch before 10pm. Then, I climbed into bed at 11 and went back to sleep and slept like a baby for the first time in months.

Thank you all for the prayer and support. I want you to know that it's over with. This chapter of my life has been closed. I am healed!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Doctor Visit

This is the big day. I am going to the doctor and seeing if I am anemic. I really don't know. It's hard to tell sometimes. We have a grueling schedule at times, so I get tired often. Therefore, I am not sure if I am anemic or not. I hope not. At any rate, I will find out today at my appointment at 2:30. Pray that I am completely healthy. I will let you know how it goes later...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sick Days

I have been in bed (well, actually on the couch) sick for the last few days. Thursday Brock was sick, so I was taking care of the laundry and such, but then, I started to feel worse and worse. Brock began feeling better and I was very sick yesterday. It worked out because I was able to take care of him while he was sick, and he was able to take care of me while I was sick.

He cooked for me last night. He took everything we had and cooked it on the grill. We had a feast! Grilled chicken, grilled asparagus, grilled sweet potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, and for dessert grilled peaches. Wow! It was good. It was so sweet that he cooked for me in his own way. Even though my appetite was not as good as usual, I still appreciated all the effort he put into it.

We have a girl living with us whom is a massage therapist. After dinner, she rubbed my neck where it had been really tender since I had been sick. With food in my belly and fluids clearing out of my throat, I was feeling much better. Last night, I slept through the night and am feeling much better today. I am getting a little stir crazy, though!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pics from San Antonio

Sometimes I whine about what I do, because we travel so much. However, traveling has its benefits. Here are some pictures from the time we spent on the river walk in San Antonio, TX...Photobucket


PhotobucketWe road the boat along the river.






PhotobucketAnd we ate some great Mexican food!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Altering Dreams

The scene from my dream was playing over and over in my head as I stumbled into the dark bathroom yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. I saw one of my friends laying on a stretcher as the paramedics carried her out. All of us watching didn't say anything, but we knew what had happened. She had killed herself. As I sat in the restroom, even in my groggy state, I knew that she would not do that in real life.

As I layed back in bed, I glanced at the clock...5:45am, way too early to get up. I turned over and went back to sleep. Then, I was sitting in a van with my friend, the one whom died in the previous dream, sitting beside me. I looked over at her surprised and said, "I thought you had died!" She looked at me and smiled, "No, I just passed out. They think I got too hot or something."

All of this I remembered when I woke up 3 hours later. Did I actually go back and change the ending of my dream? That's so crazy! I guess that I was so disturbed by the first dream that I had to alter it. The mind is a powerful thing.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Karen Kingsbury Series

I began reading a series called the Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury several years ago. I fell in love with the Baxter family that the books were centered around. Then, she wrote another 5 book series that were about the same family. After that, she wrote a 4 book series about people connected to the family and living in the same town. Today, I began the 4th book in the 4th series of books all related to the same characters. This means that this is my 18th and possibly final book in a series of series of books. I don't want it to end. (Karen, if you happen to read this, maybe you would consider another series?)

Karen Kingsbury does a great job of introducing new characters in each book, but still developing and bringing in the old characters the readers have grown to love. Then, all of the characters come together in a miraculous way. Every book has a good beginning and ending, yet she keeps you hanging for the next one. She is a very talented author. Her picture is on the back of every book. That's all Brock sees is the back of the book. One day he commented, "I feel like you've been reading that same book for years!"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Middle of the Night Text

I woke up with a start knowing that something was wrong. I checked the time and it was 3:45am. Why was I nervous? Did I hear something? Did I have a bad dream? Just then, I got a text. Who would be texting me in the middle of the night?

It was Mandee (the one next to me in the picture). Cristi (the other one in the picture) was 7 months pregnant. However, she had some complications in her pregnancy. Now, Mandee was telling me that Cristi's water broke and they were on the way to the hospital. I thought, "No! It's too early!" Mandee wanted me to pray which is what I did.

This was a week ago Sunday. Cristi ended up having baby Sam later that day. He was 4 pounds and some ounces. Please pray for Sam. He is still in the hospital since he was so premature. Also, pray for Cristi. She is exhausted.

It's crazy that I woke up before the text came through. Do you think that was woman's intuition or the Holy Spirit or what? I do and always will have a special connection to these two wonderful gals. They are special friends.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Car Troubles

Last Wednesday, we had a show in Nashville. However, we also had meetings all day and the trailer was all packed a ready to go to Oklahoma the next day. Therefore, Brock and I had the black truck while John drove the silver truck and trailer to the show. He needed to stop by the tire shop and get a new tire on the way. The trailer had a blow out on the way home from New Orleans, and we replaced the flat tire with the spare.

On his way to the tire shop, another trailer tire went out. John took off the flat tire and drove the trailer slowly to the tire shop on 3 wheels. He now needed to replace 2 flat tires.

Later on that night after we did the show, we came out and there was a flat on our black truck. We tried to get the tire off, but one of the lug nuts had stripped. We were so tired and had to get up so early the next morning that we left it there.

While we were gone, we got a friend to fix the tire. Last night, we stopped by the grocery store on our way to pick up the black truck. When we came out, the silver truck would not start. So, we got a ride to our other truck and Brock's going to get the silver truck worked on today. What a nuisance!

Monday, August 09, 2010

No Time for Flossing

I have been working 12 hour days for the last 5 days. I barely have time to brush my teeth and you can forget flossing (sorry, mom, but I don't have the time right now). Please pray that we find a way to have a little more balance in our lives as well as boundaries.

The shows we have done have been going well, though. It began Wednesday with meetings all day and then a show in Nashville that night. Thursday, we drove all day (12 hours) to get to Oklahoma City, OK. After a few detours and road construction, we finally made it there.

We performed at the OK YEC which was at the Oklahoma University Arena Friday and Saturday. There were 10,000 in attendance and it was in the round. This was a huge challenge for us, but we rose to it and got it done. We have a good team with Brock, Lindsey the Dancer, John, and myself.

Yesterday, we performed at a church in Moore, OK. It went well. Tonight, we stop in Tulsa to perform and speak to some Christian magicians and then we continue with our 12 hour drive home. We will be home sometime Tuesday.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Music in New Orleans

Mandee said "I Like Big Butts!" He picked the wrong two to ask for suggestions!