Sunday, September 30, 2007

Running Dream

You know when you wake up from one of those dreams where you've been running the whole time? I just had one of those. I feel like I've run several miles, and I'm all stressed out. In this dream, I was trying to find my shoes and these children that we were taking care of. I couldn't find either. I'm so glad that I'm awake! Although, now, I feel very tired. Maybe I can nap on the plane.

I have dreams in which I'm running a lot. Does anyone knows what that means? I just looked it up online and it said this: "If you are simply running with no goal, it may be an indication that you need to slow down in your every day life." I did have a goal though. I wanted to find those children and my shoes. However, I didn't find either. I usually have these kinds of dreams about our show. I didn't set up our props correctly or I cannot seem to find our music no matter how much I search. I end up running the whole time to find stuff or do stuff. I also usually have them the night before we are going to today.

Pray for us tonight. We are doing a show in Omaha, NE.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Inherited Traits

My dad bought a new bathing suit the other day. He hadn't bought one in about 10 years and only got a new one because the chlorine at a pool he'd been in recently had bleached out his old one. I realized that I'm not as bad as him, but I'm like that. I don't buy new things until the old one breaks or gets a hole in it.

Also, mom hides treats from him because he will eat them. That's the way I am! If food is in front of me, I eat it! That's why I don't keep sweets in the house. It's like they call my name. If I make dessert for a party or something, I always give the leftovers out.

My mom and I are more alike in social ways, so our similarities are more obvious. I remember having a party at my house and one of my friends who knows my mom made a comment about it. After seeing the sharpee to write our names on our solo cups, she said, "This is a Pam Baker party if I've ever seen one!"

It's funny the little traits that you pick up from your parents. I'm really noticing them right now as I'm spending time with them.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Life in Texas

We are having a good time here eating good food (Houston has some of the best), playing cards, and shopping. I'm not normally a shopper, but I enjoy going with my mom. My parents don't live in Houston...they live in a small town outside of it. However, they are not too far away to go shopping and such. It's great because life is at a slow pace here. That's how it is where I live. We don't live IN Nashville, we live outside of it. Even if we did, Nashville is the most layed back city I've ever seen.

The only problem with being here is that Brock isn't. I miss him, but it's good for him to have some alone time. He rarely gets that.

The show on Wednesday night went well. There were over 700 in attendance and 52 people gave their lives to Jesus. That sounds wonderful!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Routine

I know that I've talked about this before, but I decided to revisit it. The other day, I was talking with a couple of people who were helping with the Freedom Experience in Virginia. I told them that I have absolutely no routines. They could not believe it! They kept trying to find a routine in my life.

I take a shower everyday, but it's different times of the day. Sometimes, it's as early as 6am or as late as 3pm. I eat almost the same thing for breakfast everyday, but I still change it up some and eat it at different times. I seriously cannot think of ONE routine.

The other day, I was watching some talk show, and the host said, "Is your life monotonous?" I thought, "What if your life isn't monotonous enough?" Our schedule is so unique that I cannot find a routine. Maybe I should form a one. Does anyone have any ideas?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A "Mix-up"

Our office is usually so organized about everything. However, this week, something got mixed up. Our schedule said that we had a show tonight in Texas. The person who books the plane tickets did her job and booked us two flights to Houston today. I was going to stay the rest of the week with my parents instead of flying back home tomorrow with Brock. Then, I'd fly from Houston to Omaha, Ne Sunday to meet up with Brock to do another show there.

Last week while we were driving home from FX, Shannon came up to the front of the truck and calmly told me that we had a problem. Our show today was not in Texas but in Georgia! I quickly asked Sean, our intern, what he was doing on the 26th of September. He acted as if he was going to look at his calendar. Then, he dropped his hand from his bag before getting to his calendar and said, "I can pretty much tell you nothing. I'm open." (He really enjoys going to shows with Brock.)

So, Brock is taking Sean and someone to the office today, but I am still going to Texas to see my parents. I'm so excited to be able to spend time with my family. With my sister in another country with limited communication, it's been difficult on all of us to adjust. This will be a good time to lean on each other. I think that the Lord arranged this "mix-up" of states! Pray that the show in GEORGIA goes well tonight.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blessing of the Lord

Lately, the Lord is blessing all of our shows. We hear this comment often: "We've never had this many people attend and we've never seen this many get saved in one night." This is so exciting! No matter if we are in Little Town, Nebraska or Memphis, TN, we are hearing the same thing. This is all God!

Please pray that the Lord continues this blessing. Pray for the shows to be packed out and many lives to be changed forever in the communities in which we perform!

Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm funny about matching. I'm not very fashion conscious, but I do like to match. I specifically must have a black and gray color scheme or a brown and tan color scheme. There cannot be any mixing of these two types of colors. I have a few brownish shoes and blackish shoes. I even have two different cell phone is brown, and one is gray.

Last week at FX, I was so disappointed because I forgot to bring my dark gray shoes. I also forgot to bring my gray cell phone pouch. However, I brought some dark clothes that wouldn't match the brown scheme. What saved me was that I found some black sandals that I'd forgotten about in our truck, and we didn't have any cell phone coverage so no need for a cell phone purse!

Does anybody have to match in that way or am I just weird? Does anyone agree that blacks and browns don't belong together in the same outfit?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rome, GA

We performed last night in Rome, GA. It was great! The place was packed out...over 800 people. 66 of them gave their lives to Jesus. What a night!

One of the coolest parts is that the whole event and idea was put together by two young guys who saw us at camp several years ago when they were in the youth group, and it changed their lives. Now, they are trying to help change other peoples' lives. This is a wonderful cycle that the Lord is setting up. Pray that more people will want to pour into others after the Lord touches their lives in a magnificent way. Pray that a cycle for ministry begins and never ends.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Left Over Adrenaline

Pray for us today. We are going to drive to Rome, GA and perform tonight. Pray that the show goes well and many lives are changed in Rome. Also pray for strength for us and the bmx team since they are going as well.

Yesterday I went through different phases. First of all, I slept 9 hours Thursday night but still woke up at 7:30. Then, I felt like I had been hit by a truck! I wanted to go back to sleep, but I still had adrenaline pumping through my body from the FX. I finally got back to sleep for a couple of hours. All day I had times where I was so tired that I could barely keep my head up and times where I felt like I wanted to do something exciting (kinda like my body was so used to pumping adrenaline that it kept doing just that at weird times).

Friday, September 21, 2007

Grundy, VA FX

Grundy, VA has less than 1,000 people in the town. On Wednesday night alone, we had about 2,300 people in attendance. The fire marshal said that we were over capacity. Oops! Over 200 people made decisions for Christ at FX. We are still glowing from the week!

Pray that we will get plenty of rest today. We must leave tomorrow to do a show in Rome, GA. We're still rather tired from the week. The only problem with FX is that we do so many shows per day with set up and tear down, and we don't get much sleep!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

FX Family

At Freedom Experience, we are like a family. Every single person is a part of the big group. The sound guys changed our flat tire. Brock helped one of the bike guys with their bike. Everyone helps with load in and out.

We all hang out together at the hotel and during meals. This week, the game of choice was a rap off. Eleventyseven and Group 1 Crew along with various skaters and bmx bike riders would rap a couple of lines and then, the next person would begin. It was hilarious!

The best part is how supportive we are all of each other during the show. Everyone is so talented yet so diverse. We are all so appreciative of each others' gift. We would stand on the side of the stage while everyone performed. During Group 1 Crew, we all jumped onstage and began dancing. The bands, bmx riders, skaters, and others came on the stage to watch Brock escape from the water coffin. It's amazing the sense of family we all have!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tazewell High School

Normally when we do a school assembly I tune out during the speaking. For me, I don't enjoy messages that don't involve the hope of Jesus Christ. However, yesterday, while we were at Tazewell High School, I got goose bumps while Brock was speaking. I could tell that people's lives were being changed due to what was being said. Later, I found out that this particular high school was in Time Magazine because of the notorious use of prescription drugs.

Also, the locals here told us that drugs are so bad that people cannot get jobs because they fail the drug test. Lowe's sent 18 people to get drug tests and ALL of them failed. One lady is a teacher with 24 students in her class. Six of them are crack babies. How sad!

The Lord is rocking Grundy, VA right now! Pray that He continues to work in the lives of people here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The show went well last night. Lots of people attended for such a small town. We had fun together and many made a decision for Christ.

On another note, kudzu is everywhere here. If you don't live in VA, NC, or SC, I'll tell you about kudzu. It is sort of like ivy in the fact that it's green vines and grows up walls and tree trunks. The difference is that it spreads so rapidly that it covers everything in sight. The only way to get rid of it is to get rid of the soil in which it is rooted. It causes power outages at times because it grows up power lines. It's a nuisanse!

I spent the summer of '98 in North Carolina working at Ridgecrest Conference Center. My best friend and I were from Texas at the time. We thought that it was so pretty and wanted to take some back home. Some of the locals simply laughed at us and said that we'd be on America's Most Wanted List if we brought kudzu to Texas!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Grundy, VA

We are in Grundy, VA conducting a Freedom Experience. We arrived here last night and will be here ministering in this town until Thursday. Some of you may be wondering, "Where in the world is that?". It's a small town tucked up in the Applachian Mountains, and it's my home for the week. When we do a Freedom Experience, we come in and affect the entire area. We live and work amongst the people in the community. Please, pray with me for Grundy, VA.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Book Called Providence

I just finished reading an incredible book called Providence by Chris Coppernell. You all know that reading is my hobby, particularly fiction. I've read enough books that most of them have become predictable. This one was intriguing all the way through not putting the last puzzle piece into place until the last page. It's very well written with more description about emotions and thoughts as opposed to the color on the walls in the room like so many other books I've read. I love good character development and this book is not lacking in that department! Even though it's fiction, the novel is still encouraging in the faith. It makes you want to die to self more and more.

The funny thing is, I know the author. He goes to my church. I actually bought the book in order to support him, and because I'm such an avid reader. Although it's not the first book Chris has written, it is the first fiction one. Therefore, I didn't know what to expect, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book! You should all read it.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Brock Kind of Weekend

Since Brock has been working all week, and I have not, I let him decide what we would do this weekend. His ways are more spontaneous than mine. We went to run errands yesterday evening. Then, we called a couple of people to grab some dinner at one of our normal places to eat. After that, of course, we went to the Cocoa Tree. There were 6 of us, and we had the best conversation. We talked about life and issues such as poverty. We sat outside because the weather was amazing! The Cocoa Tree closed and we continued to sit out on the back patio and talk.

Today, Brock is going to ride his dirt bike while I finish up the laundry. Tonight, we are going out with a few friends for dinner. I like Brock's weekend!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Just Another Door

Our lives can get a little chaotic. When you pack up to go somewhere new every week, it becomes rather unsystematic, to say the least. Because of that, we have no real pattern or habits that I can think of. Well, sometimes, we leave doors open. It's easy to do. We are going in and out to grab luggage and such. Then, we forget to close a door.

Not too long ago, we left our front door to our house open all weekend. We got in late at night, and I noticed the door open. I immediately thought that someone had broken in and stolen our TV or something. No, one of us had simply forgotten.

The other day, when Brock was in Kansas, as we were talking on the phone, he walked out to his rented van to find that the side door was wide open. Again, I suspected theft. Yet, again, someone had left the door open!

One time, a band was staying at our house. Shortly after we left in our big truck, we get a call from one of the band members asking if we'd left. He just wanted to make sure that we were really gone because our front door was open. At the end of the conversation, he asked if we wanted him to close the door on our pick-up truck. Yes, we'd left our front door and car door open! What can I say? Our life is hectic!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alone Time

I've been able to have alone time for the last few days. Brock has been doing a few shows in Kansas. I opted to stay home this time and let an intern go with him. It's been so nice. On the road, we never get time alone. When we do, the time is usually used up with sleep, because we don't get enough of that.

I think that Brock could live forever without alone time. Me, on the other hand, used to need it everyday. I haven't had it in a few months, so this is way overdue. It's not just time alone, but time with the Lord. I crave that!!! There is something about being still with the Lord. It gives a whole new perspective.

Anyway, I have had a few days of it. I've still been with people some. I met with my prayer partner, Tiffany, on Tuesday. My village group met last night. However, the rest of the time was spent alone. It was great, but I'm glad to be picking up Brock tonight! I really miss him!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Africa

I have a friend named Kyla. She is a wonderful person! She is taking on a whole new job. She is moving into a house and going to be the house mother for young, single, pregnant girls. She is so excited about it!

The house that she is moving into needs a lot of work. It's old and dusty. Whenever anyone says that they don't know how she could live there, she beams up at them and simply states, "It's my Africa!"

Sometimes, you don't have to go all the way to Africa to get out of your comfort zone ("comfort" being the operative word). The Lord calls us to do missions here. We simply must be ready and available like Kyla. Do you feel that God is calling you to "Africa" right where you are?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Local Shows

Sunday, Brock did a little thing we call "Brock Walking" at the beginning of the service. Then, he did something with a candle and fire toward the middle of the service. You can go to and watch it if you want to.

Yesterday, Brock did a little performance for a crowd of Christian Books Retailers. It was good. In the afternoon, he filmed some interview stuff for our dvd.

Last night, we hung out with some friends that we haven't seen in a while. It was good just to get caught up with some things at home. That's another problem with being gone so long. The stuff at home piles up. We are slowly getting everything done.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Normal Weekend

We felt like normal people this weekend. We weren't out of town, and we weren't working! This is what we did:

Friday night, we went on a date, just the two of us! We went to a restaurant that we had never tried before. Our Israeli friend in Panama City, FL told us about it. It was really good! Brock enjoys eating food at a restaurant where there is a specialty chef at that restaurant only...this was one of those kind of places. The menu changes every night. My adventurous side of me likes to try new places, so this place was perfect for both of us. Then, we went to the Cocoa Tree and had some great chocolate!

Saturday, we went canoeing with friends. Then, we had lots of friends over for Brock's famous burgers. It was great!

Sunday, we went to church early because Brock performed in the service. Then, we went to a Greek Festival to have lunch. There, we were taken on a tour of the Greek Orthodox Church. It was very interesting. We were home and in the bed for a Sunday afternoon nap by 2:30.

What a great weekend! I feel rested. Is this a "normal" weekend of some sort? What do you do on the weekends?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Summer Day

We had a fun day yesterday. First off, we went canoeing at a place down the road. There were six of us. It normally takes 3 1/2 hours to canoe this particular portion of the river. The people that worked at the place where we rented the canoes said that you cannot complete it in under two hours. We did! It was fun, but if I could go back and change one thing, I wouldn't have worked out my upper body so much on Friday. After the strenuous work out Friday, and then booking it in a canoe for two hours yesterday, I am so sore!

Last night, Brock grilled burgers for everyone. He makes the best burgers! There were about 25 of us that hung out at our house. Some watched a movie while some hung out on the hammock. Others just talked together. We ate outside and then, had a bonfire.

Yesterday was perfect weather. It wasn't hot. It was just right. It rained on us for just a few minutes while we were canoeing, but we planned on getting wet! What a great, summer day!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Psalms 77:1-2

"I cry aloud to you, God, knowing you hear me. In my day of trouble, I seek You, lifting my hands up to You all night long, refusing to be comforted by anything other than Your sweet presence and direction."

Friday, September 07, 2007

Adoptive Parents

A year ago at this time, I felt like the Lord was calling us to be parents...sorta. I felt like he wanted us to parent people who were way past adoption. After the age of 12, the chances of you getting adopted are slim to none. What we are seeing now is people who are brought up without parents. Most of them are missing their dads. Therefore, they might not know how to buy a car, or change the oil in their cars (the girls at least). The guys have questions about their jobs and future careers. One of the main things we can offer is that we get to model a healthy husband and wife relationship for them. Most of them have never seen that.

Just this week, we talked with two more people who have been through some hard times, and they are only 19 years old. Wow, they seem older than 19! These people are wonderful, beautiful, talented people. You would never know that they've had so much to overcome. I'm so proud of all of them! Most of them are clinging to each other and the Lord. Only a couple of them are still going through a wild stage. We continue to pray for them!

There are so many of us, now. I can think of 10 off the top of my head who have had major struggles in the past. Then, there are several others who are here with no family around for miles. Nobody's family lives here. We always seem to have a single person living with us, and I don't mind it at all! Who knew that ministering to young, struggling singles would feel the void of needing friends and a community in my own life?

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I absolutely cannot stand getting cold sores on my lips! I feel like they are so HUGE and everyone is looking at them. They make me feel so self conscious, especially when we are on the road and meeting new people all of the time. This year, I found a cure for them. I used to get them about 5 to 6 times per year. Often times, I'd have multiple blisters at a time. Anyway, I hardly ever get them now. On the rare occasion that I do, it's just one that's very small and goes away in a couple of days.

Guess what the secret is...LYSINE. I take a Lysine pill everyday. That's what does it!

Also, the other day, I noticed that my lips were very chapped. I found it strange that my lips would get chapped in the summer. They used to stay chapped all year long, but this year, not at all. Why had they suddenly become chapped? Had I burned them at the pool? No, I'm very anal about putting lip block on every time I go outside. Was it because I was sick? I ruled that out, too. Then, I realized what it was. I had run out of Lysine that week. Apparently, Lysine not only keeps you free of fever blisters, but keeps you from getting chapped lips as well!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another Baking Day

The Eleventyseven guys stayed at our house last night. Therefore, I made poppyseed muffins for breakfast. They absolutely LOVE any kind of home cooking. One of the guys came in the kitchen and saw the muffins being made and looked at me and said, "Bless you." Their album just came out yesterday. You should get one! They are so fun...very punk rock!

Tonight, we are having our village meeting. Emily, our leader, has something special planned, but it's a surprise. She did tell us to bring a dessert. So, I will be making homemade chocolate chip cookies. (They are Mrs. Nancy's recipe, but since she lives in Florida, I've become famous for them here.) Because of all of this, today is a baking day! Sometimes, I crave to bake while I'm on the road. Today is my chance!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Family Dinners

We had a new friend come with us out to dinner the other night. Several of us in our group of friends eat out together often when we are home. I watched her eyes as she observed us. We ate off of each others' plates. One of the girls didn't want her mushrooms, so she gave them to me. We were pushing our plates in front of her telling her to try our dinner.

Until that moment, I didn't really think about it. This is how we eat! It's like a family dinner where you pass the potatoes or whatever, only you pass your entree to someone else. Sometimes, a person will like another person's dinner better and vice versa, so they switch meals.

There have been several times when someone comes in late. They don't even need to order anything because they eat what's left on everyone else's plate. One of the guys came in last at our favorite Thai place. We passed about 7 plates to him with just a few bites on each one. He was full and satisfied after eating our leftovers!

We especially are used to eating out with those that are on the road with us. We have several meals a week together. There have been times where we all ordered something different. We'd eat on what we ordered for a little while. Then, we'd pass to the right and eat on that entree for a while. It's fun!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Anniston, AL Show

Last night, we performed in Anniston, AL. It was another standing room only. People were lined up out the back. We laughed together and had a great time!

After the show, we drove the three hours home. So, we got in late last night, but we have all day here to play. We are planning on going to our friend's pool and grilling out. It'll be fun! What are you doing for Labor Day?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Waco, GA Show

Today, we had a wonderful time with Brad and Lindsay. It was so encouraging to be around them! I didn't want to leave!

The show went great! We had some challenging issues with the sound system. Plus, Shannon couldn't be here at this show. Wow, did I miss her! I was running around the whole time. I've been running around for 4 hours because I had to do mine and her job. What did we ever do without her? I about lost my sanity...that's what! In the end, 71 people came to know the Lord tonight. That was worth all of the running around I could ever do!

Shows and Friends

We drove to Waco, GA and performed at a school yesterday afternoon. The show went well and lots of people will probably be coming to the show tonight. The gym was not air conditioned again...another hot show!

Then, we went to Atlanta and saw our friend, Kristin. We actually call her crackhead because she's so crazy. You should see her with Brock. They egg each other on.

Last night, we stayed with our friends, Brad and Lindsay, who live in Atlanta. It's great to hang out with them.

Pray that the show goes well tonight!