Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend in a Cabin

We had such a great time! We stayed in a cabin out in the mountains of Tennessee. We sat in the hot tub and talked. We sat in the living room and talked. We rode in the van and talked (and sang). We watched a few chick flicks. The thing we did the most was eat! Brock made us a turkey before we left. I cannot tell you how much those girls loved that turkey! We had tons of snacks and such.

Yesterday, we stopped by an outlet mall. It was cool, but I wasn't in the mood to shop (I rarely am). However, I enjoyed hanging out with some of the girls while they shopped. Then, we ate at Mimi's Cafe. It was so good! We were so stuffed from the weekend that we couldn't eat any dinner last night.

I'll tell you the girls that were there:
Kyla: Fun, friendly, and knows everybody. At one point, she saw a truck with a trailer pulling a jeep that had been mudding pass us on the highway. She said, "Who are you people and where do you get all that fun?!?"
Amy: She has been a road manager for years. Now, she works in the music industry and is going to law school. She's such a quick wit and sort of the protector of the group.
Heather: She grew up overseas. She's a fashion designer and so cute! She has the most energy out of anyone of us.
Stephanie: She is a Gotee artist and sings all the time. As Kyla says, "She's kind of a loud girl." She's not really loud in volume, she just is always singing to herself or making sound effects of some sort.
Lindsey: She is so funny! She definitely lives in the moment. Her phone went off in the middle of the night to which she commented, "I thought that I had left my phone at home." There were only a couple of things left in the van, one item being a single car key (not on a key chain or anything). Without even asking, I knew that it was Lindsey's.
Emily: She is our fearless leader. We say that she is a walking oxymoron. She is very serious, yet she is the first one to laugh. She's a great leader and is always giving of herself.

Tomorrow, I'll try to post pictures.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Girls' Weekend

I'm so excited! My village (Bible study group consisting of 9 girls) piled into a van and went to Gatlinburg, TN yesterday morning. Gatlinburg is a really touristy place, but we stayed in a cabin, and it wasn't a lengthy drive. I'd go to Podunk, Kansas if it meant time with my girls. I just love them. We will be coming back this evening. I'll tell you all about it when we get back!

I think that it's healthy to get away with the girls (or if you're a guy, the guys). Brock is the kind of person that can be around people 24-7, and he is...ME. I get alone time every day because I wake up much earlier than him. However, when he does get a little alone time, he enjoys it. That's why I wanted him to go out to California. He's got some buddies who go dirt bike riding together. Anyway, girl and guy time has always been good for us.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Conference Call with Ben Stein

This was crazy! I heard it all go down because Brock had his phone on speaker phone. I'll let Brock explain it:

yesterday i had a conference call with ben stein and the producers of "expelled: no intelligence allowed". we were all to call in and listen to the answers to questions that we emailed to them. i asked a question about something that happened at a recent screening of the film in minneapolis. they spent about 15 minutes responding with explanations. apparently richard dawkins and pz meyers, who are atheists/darwinists who are in the film, snuck into a pre screening. it was private and not intended for just anyone to attend. pz was asked to leave the film but dawkins was allowed to stay. anyway, we heard the full story of what happened there as well as other stories of the attacks that have come from these men. after a while the producers decided to move to another question. at that moment we heard a voice say, "lets not move on...lets keep talking about this". we were like, who the heck is this? and he said,"this is pz meyers...the guy you are talking about". we were all in shock. apparently pz meyers overheard the password and was able to hack into the conference call. he was listening the entire time. he then began to attack the producers calling them liars and it got really heated. i couldnt believe what i was hearing. after a while they convinced him to hang up because this was the wrong time and place to have a shoutfest. he finally hung up the phone and the call continued. it was recorded and will soon be up on if you read about this in the news you may hear a story that is partially true. i heard it all. i even recorded most of it. im telling you that ben stein and the producers handled this conflict like champs. they were patient and calm and very tactful and wise. these guys are not out to get anybody. they have made a very provocative film that exposes the lack of freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry . they are opening up dialogue about darwinism and proving that it is not a fact that everyone believes in. in fact it is not a fact at all. there is no evidence for it.
there is much controversy about this film. there are many lies and smear tactics being implored to discredit this film. dont listen to it. hear for yourself the truth. see for yourself on april 18 when this film comes to theaters. go see expelled: no intelligence allowed

One thing that is shocking me is how emotional these people are. PZ Myers was very heated and saying everyone was lying. Even on the film, most of the Darwinists sound very hostile. I simply pictured scientists as being a little more factual and less defensive. You will see when you watch the film.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Feeling the Prayers

I actually felt your prayers yesterday. At first, nothing really changed about my circumstances...I simply felt better and more at peace. My time with the Lord was really good. Every time that you spend with the Lord is good, but you know how sometimes you feel Him more than others? That was yesterday morning for me.

Later, things began to fall into place. We found a place to rehearse our show on Monday and Tuesday (these are better days to rehearse anyway).

Brock was trying to figure out how to get out to L.A. in May. He has some business that he needs to do. Plus, he has friends out there. He was talking to one of those friends on the phone, and they were discussing a weekend to go. They both decided that the weekend of the 16th was the best time for him to go. Therefore, we started thinking about plane tickets. They are so expensive right now...just like fuel. A few minutes later, our office emailed us asking if Brock wanted to do a show out in L.A. on the 18th. Brock said, "Yes!"

Thanks for the prayers.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


That's what I am right now. Although we aren't doing a show until April 9th, we have a lot going on between now and then. We must complete projects like finishing our dvd, a new photo shoot, and rehearsing our new Miracles show. Plus, I'm doing a chocolate tasting on April 5th and getting chocolate tasting kits ready. I enjoy doing shows because I know exactly what to do and how long it will take. When the show is's over. All that needs to be done is pack up and leave. I don't enjoy doing projects like this. It's not familiar. Nobody quite knows how to do it. It seems like you're never done.

Also, nothing is going smoothly right now. Nothing is coming together well. You know how our travel has been horrendous lately? Well, that's how everything is with our ministry right now. We thought that we had a trailer to use to take to our Miracle shows and that fell through. We decided to rent a trailer for the time being. We thought that we had a place to rehearse our show and two places fell through. So, now we have a trailer full of equipment but nowhere to take it to rehearse.

Plus, there is a lot of other things that I cannot talk about with our ministry. Satan has always attacked us financially, but now, he's just getting more ruthless. I also have some personal family health issues that are going on. I'm simply overwhelmed right now. Please pray. I need some things to go right and smoothly or I'm going to explode!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pictures from Easter







Emily made a bunny cake

Easter egg hunt


Lucas won again!

Steph shared about Soles4Souls


78 pairs!

We took some pictures of Stephanie with the shoes

Our village took pictures with the shoes

Then, some hung out

Some slept...I guess that he was all tuckered out after the Easter egg hunt.

These are the shirts the girls gave us in our Easter basket.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


78...that's how many shoes we collected for Soles4Souls. Isn't that amazing??? I was hoping for 50 pair, but 78??? That more than exceeded my expectations.

I love our group! We had a wonderful time talking about the ministries that we are being a part of when we have parties. So far, over $700 has been raised for the family in Ecuador. Then, Stephanie shared about the Soles4Souls. One of the guys who was new to the group and obviously didn't know what was going on, took off the shoes that he had on his feet and added them to the pile for Soles4Souls.

Later on, the girls that were here that are in my village went into my bed room and prayed over one of our girls. Her mom died in May 2006 and Sunday was her birthday. We knew that it was probably hard on her. It was a very sweet time.

Also, three of our friends that we are closed to gave us an Easter basket. They bought us some chocolate, some food that we like, and they made some t-shirts for us (you will see those in the pictures). They put it all together with a cute story that they made up. What a wonderful community that we have here!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Party

The party was so wonderful yesterday. We had 27 people total. First, we had some great food. Brock and I got to cheat, so it was fun to eat all the dessert and stuff that we wanted! Brock cooked some yummy chicken and pork loin. I made two blueberry cream pies with my mother-in-law's recipe. Everyone loved them!

Then, we had the easter egg hunt. Lindsey got the "golden" egg which wasn't really golden at all. It was a real egg (not even boiled) that Brock spray painted orange. She won a chocolate bar from Manabi, Ecuador that was everyone's favorite at the chocolate tasting. The winner of the easter egg hunt got a big basket of really exclusive chocolate from all over the world! The winner was Lucas, again, and he won because he had the most amount of points. If you got a regular egg, you received 1 point. If it was hot pink, it was worth 2 points. If it was camoflauge, it was 3 points. If it had a penny in it, it was an extra point. A seashell was worth two extra points, and a button was worth three. Some of them had questions in them. If you got them right, you received an additional 2 points. The questions were about the people in the room. For example, one question was, "Who was a guest on the Jay Leno show?" That would be our friend, Jas, from Atlanta. He was on it when he was in the group Marvelous 3. Nobody in the room knew him except us, but you could make an educated guess because none of us had been on that show. It was really fun!

One girl got the question, "Who starred on one of our video blogs?" The girl who was answering the question, Mandy, was the one who starred on it and didn't know it (remember her talking about those little wiener dogs?). Another person got the question, "Who thought that she was receiving a myspace message from Corey but it was really from Brock?" The answer was Mallori, but she found that out for the first time here yesterday and this happened over a year ago! Brock was playing on Corey's computer, and when he went on myspace, Corey was still logged in. So, he went to the first girl's comment and commented her back saying something about going out on a date with him. A few weeks later, that girl moved from Colorado to here. She never knew that it was Brock and not Corey until yesterday. I'll will tell you more about the party tomorrow...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Well, we did get to fly home last night, but our luggage didn't make it. Therefore, I have no makeup or hair stuff or anything for today. Oh well! I'm doing the all natural thing for Easter today.

We got in at about 11pm last night and I began making pies and Brock marinated the meat. Now, I'm going to finish the pies, Brock will put the pork loin in the Cajun Microwave, and we will be off to the early service at church! After church I'm going to stop by the grocery store and get bread and flowers (the only thing I couldn't purchase ahead of time). Everyone is coming over at about 12:30.

I'm going to get flowers because when I went into Walmart to get some things for our party, I got a little sad. Out of the 5 or so aisles of Easter stuff, there was nothing about Jesus. Then, I saw some lilies on the way out, so I thought that's what I'll get! I'm decorating with flowers to represent life! Jesus rose out of the grave!!! I also studied that the word "lily" in the Bible could have meant any kind of colorful flower like tulips. So, I might get some pretty tulips or something. What are you doing to celebrate today?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shows in Camp Hill, PA

The shows are going well. This is a conference for students in PA and southern NJ. Many people were saved yesterday.

This was a miracle! We have 18 Compassion kids that need to be sponsored before they "expire." You see, the packets for the children expire every few months. If they don't receive a sponsor, another one is sent out. This way, if a packet is lost, that child doesn't fall through the cracks. Anyway, we had so many left and I thought that there was no way that all of them would get sponsored in time. I had prayed over them and everything. I wanted each one of them to be taken care of every month. Well, 15 of them were sponsored last night!

When you commit to sponsoring a child by giving $32 a month. You get a packet with information about your child and such. Also, you can write your child letters and he/she will write you back. It's so cool! When we went to visit the Compassion project, most of the students had a letter from their sponsor in their backpack. I'm so excited about partnering with Compassion. It's such a blessing!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The "Purpose" in Parties With a Purpose

I knew that the Lord wanted us to have these parties with a purpose every month, but how would I know what the "purpose" would be? Lots of people had ideas. Then, we determined that we wanted to center it on missions.

To make a long story short, the Lord keeps showing me what He wants us to do the next month. At our chocolate tasting, one of our friends asked us if we wanted shoes. Brock is several sizes bigger than this guy, but he told him to leave it with us and we would know what to do with it. The next day, another person gave me a pair of shoes. Then, we knew that we were supposed to be collecting shoes for soles4souls. It's an organization that collects shoes for people who are without in other countries Our friend, Stephanie, is a spokes person for them. She is going to share more about it at our party on Easter. So, everyone is coming over to the house on Sunday and bringing some shoes and a side dish. It's going to be great! I'll tell you all about it next week!

Therefore, I am looking forward to Sunday in order to celebrate the Ressurection of my Lord and Savior, hang out with friends, and collect shoes...oh yeah, and to eat chocolate!!!! Pray for us today and tomorrow as we perform and speak three times at this conference in Camp Hill, PA and fly back Saturday night.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Day of Preparation

We leave tomorrow morning to go to Pennsylvania. We will get back late Saturday night. Then, we'll go to the early service at church and come home to have another Party with a Purpose at our house on Easter. This time, we are collecting shoes for Soles4Souls...more about that later.

Anyway, today was busy because I had to pack everything up for this show. It was rather tricky because we're doing 3 different shows this weekend.

Plus, I had to go to the grocery store and buy as much as possible for the party on Sunday. I had to get as much ready as possible. Brock grilled the chicken and we put them in the freezer. He will grill a pork loin and I'll make a few sides and desserts on Sunday. I'll have to wait until Sunday to buy flowers and bread.

I got everything ready for the Easter Egg Hunt. All that we will have to do is hide them on Sunday. I did as much as possible, but it's still going to be busy Sunday. When everyone gets there, it will be so fun, though.


Do you ever wonder what we do when we are at home? Well, besides going to meetings, running errands, and catching up on e-mails, we take care of house stuff. For example, we needed a tree cut down in our yard. The woodpeckers got to it and killed it. It could fall at any time. We wanted to take it down ourselves to ensure that the large tree didn't fall down on our house. Therefore, we got our neighbor, Billy, and his friends to help us do it. Billy is the best neighbor ever. He doesn't complain when the grass it too high. He's never loud or anything. Plus, he keeps us laughing. Watch these videos and you'll see what I mean. He's so funny!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Winter Jam

We went to Winter Jam the other night to see Group1Crew. They did great! Also, Barlow Girl, Skillet, NewSong, and MercyMe were there. We performed on Winter Jam a few years ago. Therefore, we knew so many people...Brock especially. He would walk 2 feet and see somebody that he knew. Our friend, Emily, was with us, and we would just laugh every time he would be stopped by someone else.

What was really fun is that we were at a show and didn't have any responsibilities. That felt wonderful. We even left early to go eat Indian food. It was so fun...what a great tour! You should see it next year when it comes to your area.

Monday, March 17, 2008

"The Gift of Fear"

My mom gave me this book by Gavin De Becker to read. At first, I didn't want to read it because of the title. I don't think that fear is from the Lord. The only good fear from what I knew before was the fear we have of the Lord. However, Becker redefined my definition of fear.

Fear is a natural instinct that we get when we know something isn't right...our intuition. Every animal on earth has the instinct of fear. We are the only creatures on earth, however, that reason away fear. If we have an uneasy feeling about a stranger approaching us on the steps of our apartment, we say to ourselves, "That's silly. This man seems nice. I would be rude to just brush him off." It's better to be rude and act on your instinct than to be assaulted.

What is not good is anxiety or worry. That's what we usually call fear. Becker says that anxiety and worry can actually interfere with your natural ability to sense actual danger. The book teaches you to be less "fearful" in the way that we see fear, and more in tune with your intuition.

Plus, it was very interesting. All of the case studies he talked about were intriguing. Of course, I was a psych major and my favorite show is "Law and Order."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Isaiah 45:8

"You heavens above, rain down righteousness;
let the clouds shower it down.
Let the earth open wide,
let salvation spring up,
let righteousness grow with it;
I, the LORD, have created it."

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bonfire at the Gills

We had a bonfire last night. It was fun!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring, To-Do-Lists, and Recouping

Spring is here! It has been gorgeous the last couple of days. In between washing sheets and towels and writing up expense sheets, I'll go lay on the hammock and read. What peace I find there on my hammock!

I've actually done everything on my to-do-list. That never happens! I usually bump a couple of things to the next week. However, I did stop putting unrealistic things on the list like "organize the office." That helps. Now, I have three whole days with no responsibilities! That sounds amazing, but it could get boring...we'll see.

For the last few days, Brock and I have almost felt like we're trying to recoup from being sick. For example, yesterday, after doing a bunch of errands, both of us felt weak like we did too much in one day. That's the effect of the last couple of trips out on the road have done to us. We're getting back up to par, though!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Expelled the Movie

There is a film coming out called Expelled. Every Christian needs to see it and support it. Here is what Brock says about it:

the other night i went to see another pre-screening of ben steins new mvie "expelled". i took a few friends to preview it because i wanted to not only spread the word about this movie but also hear feedback from them. everyone had the same response. everyone that watches this film loves it. ben stein is a genius. he interviews people from all over the place in a way that only ben stein can do. he is funny and smart and gets to the real issue. the issue is this. if a scientist or professor doesnt believe in darwinism as fact, they are expelled. sounds like a conspiracy theory? just watch this film. you will see the nasty cover up and abuse of the freedom of speech and academia in this country. it is a surprising and eye opening film that everyone has to see.

here is what you need to do. call your theater and make sure they are going to bring this film. also, go to to get resources to promote the film to your school, church, friends, organization, office, etc.

this is the most important film you will see this year. it may be the most important film you will see in a decade. trust me on this. get behind this film and make it big. there is nothing but opposition thru mainstream media because of the incredible and controversial content of this film.

call your pastor right now and inform him. buy a screen and watch it as a group. discuss it. make something happen. act now. this is an opportunity that will slowly pass by us unless we get involved.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rest, Rest, and More Rest

I slept 10 hours last night! Granted, I did have a weird dream involving flying roaches, an amusement park, and chocolate. Monday, I stayed at the house and did absolutely nothing. Brock went out that night with some of the guys, but I stayed home.

Yesterday, we had a couple of meetings and errands to run. We left the house at about 8:30am and returned at 5pm. At about 1 or so in the afternoon, both of us began fading again.

Sometimes after we've had a hard trip on the road, it takes a few days to recover. In the morning, we'll feel great, but by the afternoon, we're done. At other times, it takes a couple of days before we actually feel like resting...a delayed reaction. For example, Sunday night, you would have thought that I'd sleep for ten hours, but that didn't happen until last night. Right now, we are fortunate enough to have some time off where we can rest whenever we need to.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Peace in the Storm

Even though Saturday was exhausting and stressful, it actually helped with my burnout. Remember how I said that I was on the verge of burnout? You would think that something like the day we had Saturday would push me over the edge. It didn't. In fact, it gave me a burst of energy. It was sorta the same feeling you would get when the fire alarm goes off at school and you don't know if you are going to have to go back to class or not. It was stressful and scary, but with that came excitement!

I also feel like Satan wanted to give us more travel problems to wear us down, but due to your prayers, he was unable to do that. Again, the Lord enabled Satan's plans to backfire. I now have no more symptoms of burnout. Although I'm physically tired, that can be cured quickly with rest that we are able to take right now.

At one point while we were driving in the thick of the blizzard and I saw yet another car lose control and run off into the ditch, I felt an overwhelming calm come over me. I felt as if the Lord Himself were driving our car at that time. I had the same feeling you had when you were a little kid and you felt absolutely carefree when your dad was driving the car. In your mind's eye, your dad was invincible---like a superhero! That's how I felt. Thanks for the prayers.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Yesterday was a crazy day! My day began when I woke up at 5:30am (after getting to sleep after 1am the night before) in order to catch a flight from Indianapolis, IN to Charlotte, NC. I looked up our flight and it was delayed 4 hours. I saw that we were going to miss our connecting flight in Detroit, so I called the airline. Basically, she said that the east was a mess and they were not going to be able to get us to NC in time for our show. I couldn't believe it!

We were not going to miss a show, so we rented a car and decided to drive the ten hours. We began driving at 7am. It was going to cut it close, but we could make it in time. Well, we did not count on a blizzard! Cars were spinning out of control. Eighteen wheelers were going off into the ditch. Some areas looked more like a ski slope than an interstate. We were picking our lanes. When it took us an hour and a half to go 50 miles, we knew that we were not going to make it. We pulled over outside of Louisville, KY at a Cracker Barrel. Brock hit a curb because you couldn't see it. The snow in the parking lot was already about 6 inches and snow was still coming down!

We were on the phone with different airlines trying to figure out what to do. A guy from our office found a flight from Louisville to Charlotte for $1,500 a piece! However, we couldn't make it to the airport in time for that flight. We tried a few others, but the connecting flights were delayed. It was a mess. Finally, we found a direct flight out of Nashville (of all places) leaving at 2:35pm. It was 9:30am at the time. It was normally a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from Louisville to Nashivlle, but in these conditions, we didn't know. We had to try though. So, we headed that way.

Four hours and $1,000 (that's how much extra it cost us to get to Charlotte) later, we made it to the airport. Of course, that flight was delayed for about 45 minutes. We finally made it to Charlotte at 5:20pm. We got our luggage and drove the 40 miles to the show. We made it there at 6:30, set up, and began the show at 7pm. It was all worth it! The show went great and 20 people gave their lives to Christ!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Storm

Pray for us today. There is no way for us to fly from Indianapolis to Charlotte in time to do our show, so we're renting a car and driving the 9 1/2 hours.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Show in Crawfordsville, IN

The show went great! The place was packed out and lots of people gave their lives to Christ. Plus, there were 9 children sponsored through the Compassion International program. What a great night!

For the straight jacket, the biggest guys I've ever seen were onstage. One guy was 6'10! When you look at these pictures, keep in mind that Brock is 6'4...





Thursday, March 06, 2008


I see the signs of burnout for me. I'm feeling tired, resentful, and apethetic. I'm tired of all of the pressure to keep up this ministry. It's not life or death...I feel that it's more than that. It's ETERNAL life or death that we are dealing with. The shows themselves are going very well. Once I get to a show and actually begin doing it, I love it!

What I'm not fond of right now is the other 22 hours of the day out on the road. The time in the middle of the night where I cannot remember where the bathroom is in this hotel room or rearranging our luggage on the sidewalk at the airport in order to get all of our liquids checked and make sure that none of our bags are over the 50 pound limit.

Tonight has not helped matters. Our plane was late which cost us an hour. The rental car place was a joke which took an extra hour. Our hotel is an hour drive away which had some construction causing us to stop for 20 minutes. It's midnight now and we are still not to our hotel. Did I mention that we have to perform tomorrow at 7:45am? Please pray for us. Also, pray that the show goes well tomorrow night.

The Bucket List

Have any of you seen this movie? It's rather good. It's about two older men who seek to accomplish things on their list before they die which is in about 6 months. My only deal is that why wait until you only have 6 months to live before you begin doing the things you want to do in life? It seems like you wouldn't be able to enjoy it very much at that time because you wouldn't feel very well. When I get old, I want to be at home and spending time with loved ones.

I've almost completed my list and I'm only 32. I keep adding to the list and changing it. The only thing that has been on my list since I was in the 5th grade is to go to all 50 states. I only have one that I haven't been to...Hawaii. Someday, I will go there. What's on your list?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cool Under Pressure

Brock is the coolest person under pressure that I've ever seen! I know that he must think quickly when things are going wrong during the show, but his actions never show it. I'm about to have a hernia backstage or at the sound board, and he looks as if he were having a nice relaxing day at the beach.

For example, when he wrecked the bike during the show last week, he calmly went to pick up the bike...not brisk, sharp movements like I use when I'm in distress. That's why people often think that he does things on purpose.

Who in their right mind would think that he wrecked that bike on purpose, or having all the electricity go out on the entire boat on the Brio Cruise was all planned by him? Lots of people because he is so cool under pressure that they think he planned it. I wish that I could be that cool under pressure!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Show in Orlando

The show was great tonight! The place was packed. In fact, they had 75 people sitting in overflow. There was such energy! Everyone was laughing and having a good time. Over 20 people gave their lives to Christ tonight.

I got to see some old friends from Daytona. That was fun!

Show in Springdale, AR

The show yesterday was good. Usually, Sunday mornings are difficult because it's morning and people don't laugh or get into shows as easily in the morning. Plus, it's extra stiff on a Sunday because some people dress up and you are usually supposed to be quiet in church. Despite all of that, this group was rather good. More than 600 students attended which was a big day for them according to the youth pastor. Many people were introduced to their student ministry and 19 gave their lives to Christ.

Last night was a long one flying from Arkansas to Orlando. When we finally got to our hotel, the room smelled like smoke and Brock immediately began sneezing. Then, they moved us to another room where they had double beds instead of a king (remember that Brock is 6'4). Finally, they got us into another room at 12:30 last night. Oh well, it's a sunny day today so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Our show is not until tonight!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Feeling Down

I need you to pray for me. It's nothing serious. I'm just a little down. Last week was a tough one. We had been out on the road for 10 days. I wanted to come home and simply rest for the three brief days that we had at home. That didn't happen. Brock had meetings and interviews. He had to go to the doctor for his foot, and we just so happened to have a dentist appointment for him. I had to do some follow up work from the days out on the road. We had our house appraised. We had to do our taxes. Plus, we're trying to get this chocolate tasting off the ground.

Many of our friends were sick and there was no Cocoa Tree to go to. I know that this isn't tragic or anything, but all work and no play doesn't sit well with me. I just wanted to get rested up before we went on this trip out, and that didn't happen. Please pray that I'll have strength to do the next few shows and that I'll get some rest soon. Thanks for your prayers.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Blessings Continue

Remember a while back when I told you that we have been praying for standing room only and the Lord is blessing our shows? It's still happening. We are seeing standing room only every show and soooo many people are coming to Christ for the first time. I know that this is straight from the Lord. He gives and He takes away, so pray that He will continue to bless our shows in this way.

It's so amazing to see it! I wish that you could all go with us! At Fellowship of the Woodlands last weekend, there were several whom were saved that some of the leaders had been praying for and talking with for months. What an honor to be there when their prayers and ministry work came to fruition. On Monday night, one lady brought 9 people from her neighborhood. All 9 of them were saved that night!

Those of you who pray for us are just as much a part of this as us. I truly believe that, because I've witnessed the power of prayer. We are simply an instrument that the Lord is using to get His gospel out. What a privilege! Pray for us this weekend. We will be in Arkansas performing tomorrow morning and Monday in Florida.