Saturday, March 31, 2007

Photo Shoot

I got up at 7am in order to do some last minute things getting ready for this photo shoot today. We've been working for weeks on this! Pray that it goes well.

We are beginning the photo shoot at a studio where we will get some head shots and other miscellaneous pics. Then, we are meeting a group of people at our house to shoot pics for our upcoming Miracles of Jesus tour. We need people in the scene, so about 30 people are coming over to help out!

After that shoot, we're going to grill out and have a bonfire. It's going to be a big day!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Brock on TV

Brock is going to be on TV this weekend. He went to the Crystal Cathedral a couple of weeks ago. His interview on the Hour of Power will air Saturday night on some channels and Sunday morning on others. I think that it's on Lifetime on Sunday morning. Check out this website to see when it's going to show in your area:

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Community

Okay, I'm going to tell you some of the core people in my community. There are several others who hang out that are really fun, but we don't have all day.

There are two main houses that we frequent. The first one has 4 girls:
1. Kim-she works for us. She is in charge of the Freedom Experience. Kim is a very passionate person and very motherly. I feel safe around her.
2. Shannon-she works for us as well. She is our manager/road manager. Shannon is always positive. She is perfect as our road manager because she is calming to me. Whenever I'm around her, I feel like everything is going to be okay.
3. Stephanie-she is signed with Gotee Records and is working on her first album. She is very talented and it's exciting to follow her career. Stephanie is funloving with a huge heart. She is a blast to be around.
4. Emily-she is working at a tea shop until Steph goes out on tour. Then, she will be her road manager. Emily is an intelligent girl with a very tender relationship with the Lord. She enjoys serious conversations but laughs easily as well.

The other house that we hang out at is our friend, Robby's big, new house. Robby was a professional motocross racer. Now, at age 25, he owns his own motocross series and a business of remodelling houses. He is a sharp business man. He also has a big heart...very giving.

Corey is our social butterfly. He is an architect as a profession. He's connected to everyone in Franklin, TN it seems like. He is always ready to hang out or go somewhere. If you need anyone to do anything, chances are he knows somebody who can.

Clay is a big teddy bear. He is a road manager and is out with Matthew West at this time. On myspace, he's called the bearded wonder because he has this huge beard. He is so sweet and such a servant.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No Worries Part 2

I had a long talk on the phone with my grandma the other day and she gave me some very good advice. She told me that you better learn how to handle stress early on in life because you have stress in your life no matter what age you are. Even after you retire, you have stress. It's just a different kind of stress. Brock handles stress very well. I'm trying to learn from him. The main thing he does is that he doesn't worry about anything. If something goes wrong, he handles it then. Even if he thinks up a Plan B, he still doesn't worry about Plan A not happening.

Sunday morning, our pastor spoke about worrying. It was a very good message. He used Philippians 4:4-7 as a guideline. His tips were to:
1. Rejoice in the Lord (vs 4)
2. Relax (vs 5)
3. Rest (vs 6)

He also said, "Control is an illusion." He continued with three other practical ways on how not to worry:
1. Focus your thoughts on positive things (vs 8)
2. Focus your attention on encouraging models (vs 9)
3. Find the peace of God in every circumstance (vs 9)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No Worries Part 1

I feel like the Lord is trying to teach me about worrying. A couple of weekends ago, our engine light came on in our car. (I actually thought it was the transmission light). It was the weekend and Brock was in California. I asked one of my friends who knows about cars and he told me that when our type of truck gets to this mileage, everything starts going wrong. He then informed me that if we do have to replace the transmission, it would only cost about $1,200. That's a lot of money!

I immediately began to worry. One of my other friends that was there said that it doesn't help matters to worry. So, I put it out of my mind that Saturday night. On Sunday morning, the thought came back up. As I was getting ready for church, this scripture came to mind..."Don't worry about tomorrow. For each day has enough trouble of its own." I decided just to try that. It was Sunday, so no service places were opened. I decided to not think about it until Monday morning. I had a great, worry-free day on Sunday.

First thing Monday morning, I took it to a car service place that specialized in transmissions. I had trouble finding the place. With each wrong turn I was getting a little more anxious. I wasn't in tears yet. Whenever I finally arrived, the lady at the desk smiled and said, "You found us." I just unloaded on her. I said, "My transmission light just came on although nothing feels funny, but my husband is out of town until Tuesday night and we have to go to Memphis Wednesday in order to see my sister and brother-in-law commissioned to become missionaries and I don't know if I should drive it or not." Now that was a run-on sentence if I've ever heard one! The lady smiled and said that they would get it checked out for us.

A few minutes later, the mechanic came out and told me that it wasn't the transmission. In fact, he said that it wasn't a big deal at all. He made the light go off and if it came back on, it was probably just a leak in one of the hoses. Wow! I was so relieved! They didn't even charge me for looking at it. Even if something was wrong with the transmission, it wouldn't have been worth it to spend my whole weekend worrying about it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Attack on Ministers

We learned some bad news this weekend. Another person in ministry has been caught having an affair. That's the third person this year that we know about personally. Let me tell you something. None of us are above it. I look at Brock and my marriage and think that it is almost perfect. However, circumstances can change and Satan is tricky.

Satan attacks every Christian in some way, but if you are in the ministry, it's like there is a bullseye on your forehead. He usually attacks you in your personal life. If God is allowing your ministry to flourish, then Satan is going to attack. He's been attacking us financially for the last 8 years. However, he could change his tactics in an instant.

That's all it takes to mess up a marriage and possibly a instance. It could be just one vulnerable moment. Please pray for your relationships right now. Pray against any vulnerable circumstances. Also, pray for your ministers. Anyone who is in leadership for Christ has a better chance of getting attacked. Let's fight against this through prayer.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Riding our Motorcycle to Church

I'm so excited to be here on a Sunday! We are going to get to go to our church together. Then, we'll meet up with some people at the park. It's such beautiful weather that we'll probably ride our motorcycle to church!

Our church is really cool. You just come as you are. Last Easter, Brock wore shorts and I wore an easter dress. Most of the time, we wear jeans to church. I love it! They don't care that we ride our motorcycle to church either. It's a big church...but very laid back.

A few Christian artists as well as Country music stars attend our church. People let them have their space. They don't hound them for an autograph or anything. Then, there are a lot of families and older people. It's made up of all kinds of people. What is your church like?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day in Nashville with the Fam

We had a great day yesterday. We all went to the Factory in Franklin. (It's an old factory that they converted into a place with restaurants and specialty shops.) We ate lunch there and our friends, Alisha and Robby, joined us. After shopping around a little while, we went home and took a nap.

Last night, we went out on the town. We went to my favorite area of Nashville...Hillsburo Village. It's near Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities. We ate at a restaurant outside because the weather is fabulous! At dinner, we saw a few friends. Nashville is a big city, but it doesn't matter where we go. We always see people we know! It's like a big small town.

Then, we went to a place called Noshville's to eat cheesecake. They actually ship the cheesecake in from the Carnegie deli in Manhattan. It's great! Our friend, Kim, met us there.

After that, it was a nice stroll along the walking bridge in downtown Nashville. That's a big bridge designated for pedestrians only and it overlooks the city. We were a little tired after walking a long way, so we took the elevator back down from the bridge. That was our only mistake! It smelled like urine all the way down!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Family Visits

My mom and dad, sister and brother-in-law, and aunt are here visiting with us until tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday, we took our time getting ready and hanging out in Memphis. After driving home, Brock grilled some of his famous burgers. We sat out on the back deck and ate together. The weather was perfect! I picked a few flowers from our yard and placed it on the table.

Then, we went to the Cocoa Tree. Some of my friends came there to meet my family. We had a great time. One of the girls in our group just had her first single mastered (that means that her first official song is done and ready to go on an album). We went outside and listened to it standing outside of her car. There was probably about 25 of us dancing around to the beat of the music along the street. It was awesome!

I think that my family got a little taste of what we do as a community. We celebrate milestones like this together. If someone had some bad news, we would be crying together. However, last night, it was a party!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Missionaries Commissioned

Last night, we drove to Memphis in order to see my sister and brother-in-law commissioned to be missionaries. They are going to Peru where they will organize young men and women to go out into the jungle and reach people who have never heard the gospel before. I'm so proud of them!

Forty-nine missionaries were commissioned last night. They each gave a brief testimony of how they were called to do this. When I say brief, I mean 120 words per couple. My brother-in-law worked it out to 6 sentences of 20 words for each of them. After they both had all of their sentences ready, my sister, Kay, began counting and it was over 200 words. Needless to say, my brother-in-law wasn't a math major, but it doesn't matter because he's going to be a missionary!

The testimonies although short (with 49 people, we actually appreciated the brevity) were very moving. These people are so committed and willing to sacrifice for the Lord. It was inspiring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No More Job at Barnes & Noble

I quit my job at Barnes & Noble. I just couldn't do it. I thought that I'd be able to do this job and not feel pulled away from the ministry. However, I did. I felt like my attention was divided. I didn't enjoy that at all. I want all of my heart and attention into our ministry.

I learned a lot though. One thing is that it's harder than I thought. I can really appreciate people in those positions now. Also, I learned that our ministry is the only thing I can do. It's the only carreer that I'm passionate about. It was worth it just to learn that.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cleaning the House

Today, the total day is designated as cleaning day. I've needed to give the house a good cleaning anyway. Plus, my parents, aunt, and sister and brother-in-law are coming to spend Thursday thru Saturday with us. I'm excited to have them come here!

Whenever I clean, I always give myself rewards. For example, after I get done with the floors, I'll sit down and watch TV. When the bathrooms are complete, I will read a chapter in my book.

When I was a child, mom would inspire us to clean by setting the timer and seeing how quickly we could get all of our jobs done. That taught me to be a fast cleaner. Does anyone else have any suggestions of how to make cleaning more enjoyable?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Philippians 4:4-7

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Girls Weekend

Brock flies out today to go to California to perform at the Crystal Cathedral tomorrow. Since he only has 15 minutes onstage and the plane tickets were atrocious, I'm not going with him. However, I will be "coaching" and cheering for him from home I'm sure. Brock is so good at TV anyway. He probably doesn't need me as much as in a live show. It will be recorded and air on Palm Sunday.

I'm going to stay with my friends. They live in a small place in downtown Franklin. There are four of them that live in this house. It's going to be fun! I'm going to miss Brock, but sometimes it's good to hang out with the girls.

He's going to see a couple of buddies while he's out there, too. I think that he will go dirtbike riding with some guys while he's there. Then, he's planning on going to the Magic Castle with another friend. He'll have a good time too!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Time With Brock

I'm spending some quality time with Brock today. Lately, I've been working a lot and he's been having meeting after meeting, so we haven't been able to spend much time together. He leaves tomorrow to go to California for some business and then, my family is coming into town. Therefore, today's the day that we will spend together.

I don't know exactly what we'll do. Rain is in the forcast, so that leaves out almost all of the things we normally enjoy doing together. Brock did mention a movie. That would be great because he doesn't usually like to sit long enough to watch a movie. Whatever we do, it will be fun! We always have a good time together.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's Mine is Yours

Last night, we had our normal Cocoa Tree night. We met for dinner at a casual restaurant that we frequent. In fact, the person taking our order asked if we wanted our "normal." Some people came to dinner, but then had to go to a showcase (concert where you "showcase" your talent) in downtown Nashville. Then, we went to the Cocoa Tree where people trickled in at different times. Many did not come to dinner, but came to the Cocoa Tree. It was a nice, relaxed night.

Then, as we were standing outside since the Cocoa Tree had closed, someone asked if anyone needed a corner desk. One of the other girls said, "Are you serious?" She and her husband are newly married and happened to be looking for a corner desk. So, they followed my friend to her apartment and picked it up!

It was so cool that somebody had such a specific item that somebody else in the group needed. It almost reminded me of the New Testament church. It's sort of that phylosophy of "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine." Plus, Brock was about to drive several miles out of the way to help them pick it up, but they found another way. He would have done it though!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reflecting in Daytona

We had a great time in Florida. We spent most of the time in Orlando and Cocoa Beach. We went over to Daytona in order to watch the Supercross. I dropped Brock off at the speedway early because he had a pit pass. So, I took advantage of the time and drove around to the places where I lived and spent time. A lot has changed in 15 years.

My high school is not there anymore. It's an entirely new building. I went to my old house. It's at the end of a dead end street with my church at the opposite end. I parked down near my house and looked around. Nothing much was different...just new coat of paint. Then, I walked up to the church to look around. As I was walking, I felt a little unsafe by myself. That was so crazy to me, because I'd walked that road thousands of times when I lived there.

It was such a strange time of reflecting. Daytona was so familiar yet so foreign all at the same time. I haven't lived there about half of my life. Those few hours that I drove around, I felt like a stranger in this town. The only people that talked with me were people who were parked next to me at the beach. They were from Murfreesburo, TN just 30 miles down the road from Nashville! However, Daytona Beach will always be the place where I grew up. Those memories of that time are sealed in my mind forever.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flat Tire 2 Blocks from my House

We drove all day yesterday and I was ready to get home. However, I really missed my friends, too. It had been a week since I'd seen most of them. I had just talked to one of my friends on the phone and she was wondering if we were going to be home in time to hang out. Since we were still 4 hours away, I didn't think that would happen.

Then, as we were almost home, we get a call from Shannon. A couple of friends had taken her to our house to pick up her car. She just jumped in the car without bringing her cell phone. She only made it to the gas station before she realized she had a really bad flat. She called us from the phone in the gas station because we were the only numbers she had memorized. Then, we called her friends who called AAA.

Shortly after that, we met all three of them at the gas station and hung out for an hour and a half. The ironic thing was that we were only two blocks from our house, yet we didn't quite make it home. We kept calling AAA and they kept assuring us that someone was on the way. After so long, we got fed up and Brock went out and put air in the tire so that she could make it home no problem. Just as we were all saying goodbye and pulling away from the gas station, the wrecker guy sent from AAA pulled in. That's the way it always happens! However, I got to spend some time with my friends, so I'm not complaining.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Pray for Erin

Last Sunday as I was going into church, I passed a girl. As I passed her, the Lord told me to pray for her. Then, she ended up sitting a few rows in front of us. She was sitting by herself. I just had the urge to go up to her. About half way through the worship, she got up and walked out. I distinctly heard the Lord tell me to follow her, so I did.

She went into the bathroom and so did I. After using the bathroom, I saw her walk back into the service. I felt really embarrassed, so I walked back to my seat. I thought that maybe there would be a time when we shook hands and greeted each other, and I would talk to her then. However, before I reached my seat, I turned around and went to the back of the auditorium where she was making her way back to her seat. She walked so slowly and looked like she may be in pain.

When I went up to her, I didn't know what to say, so I said, "Are you feeling okay?" She said that she had a medical condition. As I looked into her eyes, I realized that she was very young. She told me that her name was Erin and she had a tumor growing around her heart. The doctors cannot operate because of where the tumor is located. She goes to the hospital 4 days a week for treatment. I told her that the Lord had told me to pray for her. So, right there in the midst of the congregation singing praises to the Lord, I hugged her and prayed that the Lord would do a miracle in her life. Please pray for Erin to be healed. The Lord told me to pray for her, and now He's asking you to pray as well.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Matthew 18:19-20

"Again I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three of you come together in my name, there am I with them."

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Story about Puppet Master

The other day at work at Barnes & Noble, another employee came over to help us close up. He's in school and will eventually be a drama teacher. Therefore, I began talking to him about our show. I told him about the Puppet Master.

I said that we do a dramatic effect in which Brock wears all black and an eerie mask that's half white and half black. I described the scene in which he makes me appear and pretends to tie invisible strings to my arms and head. He leads me around the stage as I try alcohol, smoking, etc. At first, I act happy, but toward the end, I go downhill. It gets very emotional and ends up leading me into drugs. The last scene, I'm sitting on a chair. Brock covers me with a cloth. He pulls the cloth away, and I have disappeared.

As I was telling the story, the guy stopped what he was doing and listened extra intently. At one point, he bumped the soda fountain machine and jumped. Something grabbed him spiritually. I only work a couple days a week and haven't seen him since, but pray for him. Pray that the Lord grabs his heart and won't let go until he surrenders to Him.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Fun in Florida

Yesterday was so fun! We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure after the conference was over. My friend, Amber, and her husband came to the conference and hung out with us. It was so fun to see her. We went to all of the best rides...the Hulk, Spiderman, Dueling Dragons, and the Mummy. There were hardly any lines and the weather was perfect! We even went on the Hulk twice. I love roller coasters! Then, we all ate at a Japanese restaurant around the hibachi grill.

This morning, Brock and I got up and went to the pool and hot tub for a little while. We are now going to drive to Daytona and watch the Supercross. Brock gets to go hang out in the pits because our friend, Kevin Johnson, is racing.

Tonight after the race, we're driving to Cocoa Beach to stay at a friends' beach house for a couple of days. It's going to be such a nice break. Therefore, I'll be out of pocket for the next few days. So, I've prewritten a few blogs that someone will post for me.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hard Rock Live

I'm sitting at front of house (that's where the soundboard is) at the Hard Rock Live venue. Everyone is eating lunch right now. Brock has been emceeing this event with 2,000 youth pastors. It's been so fun! We've laughed together and seen some familiar faces. There has been some great speakers. It' so fun!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Drive Day

We are going to Orlando today! I'm so excited! We are getting there the old fashioned way of driving. I'm excited about that too! This time, we are driving our pick-up truck and taking two people from our office with us. We are going to a youth pastors' conference at the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Studios.

Today will be fun to just drive down to Florida and act like tourists. Maybe we'll come up with different stories about all of us everytime someone asks. We'll probably stop for lunch at Pappasitos in Atlanta. We won't arrive until later on tonight especially with the time change. Today will simply be a driving day which I haven't had in a long time. Plus, with just the pick-up, we don't have to worry about where to park like we do in our big rig.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More on the Tomb of Jesus

Brock researched the documentary of finding the tomb of Jesus and came up with this:

after the press conference about the lost tomb of jesus people were scared to death about this film made by james cameron. once again, the name of the film is, "the lost tomb of jesus". they claim that they have found the tomb and remains of jesus.

so they found jesus. i guess we should cancel easter. the easter bunny is gonna be unemployed. now that they have "proven" that jesus body is still buried in a tomb, what are we gonna do? sense my sarcasm? hope so.

if this film is true then christianity is a fraud.. we should all go find another religion. atheism would be appropriate.
this film is a total fraud. here is why. i have been researching this today to make sure i understood this all. i am overwhelmed by the amount of information. i have much to say about this. i found some great info on thanks to some of you readers who helped me search. this was worded really well so i willl let this be my thoughts.

1. Why don’t Cameron and Jacobovici cite scholars who disagree with their conclusions? For example, in 1996, when the British Broadcasting Corp. aired a short documentary on the same subject, archaeologists challenged the claims. In fact, the vast majority of archaeologists dispute their claim.

2. Since the custom was to bury the dead in their home town, why would Mary and Joseph’s family tomb be in Jerusalem instead of Nazareth? Middle East researcher and biblical anthropologist Joe Zias states, "It has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus, he was known as Jesus of Nazareth, not Jesus of Jerusalem, and if the family was wealthy enough to afford a tomb, which they probably weren't, it would have been in Nazareth, not here in Jerusalem.” Zias dismisses Cameron's claims as "dishonest".

3. Why didn’t Jesus’ enemies, the Jewish leaders, expose the tomb? They searched unsuccessfully throughout Jerusalem for any evidence of Jesus’ body, claiming that Jesus’ disciples had stolen it. They hated Jesus enough to want him crucified, and would have been elated to discover his tomb, if it indeed existed.

4. Why didn’t the Romans expose the inscriptions as belonging to Jesus? Roman soldiers controlled the entire city of Jerusalem, and they knew his body was missing from a tomb they had been guarding.

5. Why didn’t contemporary Roman or Jewish historians write about the tomb? Not one single contemporary historian mentions the tomb in question.

6. Why was the James Ossuary, which has been labeled a forgery, cited by Cameron and Jacobovici as one of the reasons for the tomb‘s validity? CBS News correspondent Mark Philips reports “the archeological establishment has lined up to label this claim as bunk. This is the second time The Discovery Channel has been involved in a disputed claim about an ancient tomb,” reports Phillips. The man at the center of the previous case is now facing trial for forgery.” Ben Witherington, an early Christianity expert who was deeply involved with the James Ossuary, says “there are physical reasons to believe it couldn't have originated in the Talpiot plot.”

7. Why are Jacobovici and Cameron waiting until just prior to Easter to launch both the book and documentary? Amos Kloner, the first archaeologist to examine the site, said the idea fails to hold up by archaeological standards but makes for profitable television. "They just want to get money for it," Kloner said.
8. Why would Jesus’ disciples endure torture for claiming he was resurrected, if they knew it was a hoax? New Testament scholar Darrell Bock asks, “why would Jesus' family or followers bury his bones in a family plot and then turn around and preach that he had been physically raised from the dead?"


So called experts claim to have discovered Jesus’ tomb in India. The website [] cites eight lines of evidence that leads to the conclusion that Jesus was buried in Srinagar, Kashmir, India. Among other “evidence” it cites:

“The Tomb of Yus Asaph is a fascinating site. The tomb is said to be that of a Prophet who came from a foreign land. His parables, teachings, and burial direction all suggest he was Jesus Christ.”


Another theory puts Jesus’ tomb in the Shingo Village (Herai) in Japan. This is also supposedly based upon solid evidence from scholars. For example, the website, cites the following as evidence:

“In 1935, Kiyomaro Takeuchi discovered a 1900 year old document stored in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, containing evidence Jesus (Joshua) born in Bethlehem to virgin Mary is buried in Herai Village in Aomori district of Japan….The document was SO authentic and new, and so explosive at the time that the Japanese government banned the document from public view and locked it in a museum in Tokyo.”


So has Jesus’ tomb really been discovered? If so, is it in Jerusalem, Japan, or India---or somewhere else? They can’t all be true.

Jodi Magness, an archaeologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, expressed irritation that the claims were made at a news conference rather than in a peer-reviewed scientific article. By going directly to the media, she said, the filmmakers "have set it up as if it's a legitimate academic debate, when the vast majority of scholars who specialize in archaeology of this period have flatly rejected this," she said.

Magness noted that at the time of Jesus, wealthy families buried their dead in tombs cut by hand from solid rock, putting the bones in niches in the walls and then, later, transferring them to ossuaries.

She said Jesus came from a poor family that, like most Jews of the time, probably buried their dead in ordinary graves. "If Jesus' family had been wealthy enough to afford a rock-cut tomb, it would have been in Nazareth, not Jerusalem," she said.

Magness also said the names on the Talpiyot ossuaries indicate that the tomb belonged to a family from Judea, the area around Jerusalem, where people were known by their first name and father's name. As Galileans, Jesus and his family members would have used their first name and home town, she said.

"This whole case [for the tomb of Jesus] is flawed from beginning to end," she said.

And that conclusion seems to be the consensus of the vast number of archaeologists. Let us hear from William G. Dever, an unbiased scholar who has been excavating ancient sites in Israel for 50 years and is widely considered the dean of biblical archaeology among U.S. scholars. Dever writes, "I'm not a Christian. I'm not a believer. I don't have a dog in this fight," said "I just think it's a shame the way this story is being hyped and manipulated."

ok. this is pretty amazing huh? very interesting stuff. here is another crazy fact. and i am not being sarcastic here. the film uses a gnostic text called the acts of phillip. this text is not to be taken seriously by anyone. it says that mary magdalene and the disciples went to preach to the world and saw many converts such as... are you ready for this? a talking leopard, and a talking goat. i guess jesus loves the goat as much as us. poor sinning goat and leopard needs jesus too? you cant be serious.

james cameron has no integrity. this film is deceptive and downright scary. for those who are weak in the faith or those who are searching, or even those who are on the fence when it comes to faith, this will send them the wrong direction. my challenge to you is, go educate yourself. watch this film it is important for you to know what it is all about. know that you know the facts you will see thru the deception and psuedoscience that is used to entice the viewer.

people have asked me about what i think about this whole thing. i have already said it. we did a 3 hour tv special on discovery channel. its called the "miracles of jesus". if you havent seen it then buy the dvd right now at
the producer that i worked with on our film from the bbc said that they also did a documentary on the so called tomb of jesus. they found it to be a fraud as well. they did this in 1996. i have much more to say about this but i will go short . for an excellent podcast on this subject listen to this it is about 45 minutes or so i believe. if you want more details about this issue then listen to it. report back here and share your thoughts.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Jesus' Tomb

I watched the documentary on the "finding of Jesus' tomb." The film was very compelling. However, it was a little too compelling. Everything turned out just as they wanted it to. Also, they did not show the other side at all.

After the documentary, they showed a discussion about it. The discussion confirmed my suspicions. You cannot trust the guys who did this. Ted Coppel questioned all of the experts used in the film and everyone of them said that they were taken out of context, etc.

One of the archeologists that didn't agree with the film compared it to archeology porn. They weren't very professional in the way they shot the documentary. It was more for entertainment. Still, it's disturbing. They claimed that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married and had a son. What do you think about all this?

Sunday, March 04, 2007


We are so rarely home on Saturdays that we almost don't know what to do. I made muffins yesterday morning because we had a couple of friends that stayed at our house Friday night. Then, Brock and I went out to the local dirt bike track and trails to go riding. It was too cold for me to ride, so I sat in the truck to get out of the wind. It was still great though. Where we go riding is out in the middle of nowhere, so it's really relaxing. It gave me a chance to catch up on some reading.

Last night, we went to a movie with some friends. Then, we ate dinner and went out for ice cream. We had a great time laughing and hanging out. What do you typically do on Saturdays?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hawaiian Birthday Party

We went to a surprise birthday party last night. The invitation said to dress Hawaiian and bring the kids. We brought our friend, Corey, and dressed "Hawaiian." I wore a t-shirt with a hula dancer on it. Brock's Hawaiian attire consisted of his floural swimming trunks and his green astroturf shirt. It was so funny when he came waltzing into the house with nothing but a swimsuit!

We didn't know how everyone would take it because this was mostly a family party with lots of children. The ones that knew Brock thought it was hilarious. The people that didn't know him probably thought he was mental. Either way, when people remember that birthday party, they will remember Brock's costume!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Prayer for a Community

I love having a community. Last night, we went out with friends and talked about family and work and the Lord for a few hours. Some of my other friends are having family problems back home and they are several hours away. I have friends who are having financial problems.

However, lots of cool things are happenning with my friends as well. Recently, one of them got a new house. Another one got a brand new car. One of our friends is working on her album and we listen to her songs before they are completely finished and give her our support. It's so cool!

We share the good and bad together. This weekend, we are actually home. Therefore, we are going to spend time hanging out with our friends. I have been praying to have a community like this for about 7 years now. I'm very thankful that the Lord has answered my prayers.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Favorite Concert Ever

We went to see Family Force 5 yesterday afternoon and one of our friends who would be filming it met us at the door. He said that it would be delayed at least a few hours. So, we went to Starbucks and hung out with one of our friends. Then, we met everyone at one of the places we like to eat, Calypso Cafe. We called another friend who was in the studio working as well. She said that it would be another hour or so. The Cocoa Tree closes at 9pm, so we went there next. When we left there at about 7:30, one of the workers was shocked because of how early we were leaving. We told her that we had a concert to go to!

We got to the concert studio and since the producer of the show was also the producer of our dvd, we snuck in the back door. We hung out there mingling with people while the band sound checked. Then, we stood on the front row. They performed every song on their cd save one. Since I know every song and was dancing around like an idiot, I'll probably look like a little groupy girl on tv. At one point, they put the camera right in my face. I know that I'm going to look stupid, but I don't care. That was the best concert ever!