Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet Worship

It was right before we began the 3rd night of camp services last week and my heart was heavy. The first night everyone was so excited because God showed up and we were all very expectant of what God was going to do that week. However, it seemed that all of us were distracted on the second night. The band (The Awakening, who are totally anointed and amazing by the way) felt the same way. We prayed with them and a few youth pastors before the service began. Brock talked with Stone, the leader of the band, and told him that if he felt that same distraction by the audience when he began leading worship to nod at Brock so that Brock could address it. Stone gave the nod shortly into the first song, so Brock went onstage and basically interrupted worship. I nervously prayed that what he said would go over well. Brock can be so extreme and the people pleaser in me sometimes gets nervous. I've learned to trust that Brock is hearing from the LORD. It's just that sometimes my flesh gets anxious. Brock said, "I don't want us to be guilty of what Jesus charged the pharisees with in Mark 7:6-7, so we are going to have a do over." Brock had everyone go back out into the lobby and repent and pray. Whenever they felt like their hearts were right, they were instructed to come back in and worship the Almighty God. I went out with them to watch what happened. This was such a remarkable group of teenagers and leaders that everyone separated and prayed quietly for several minutes, nobody was goofing off. Then, one by one, they began to file back in. I stayed out until there was only a few left. One of the last people to come back into the building was the drummer of the band. The LORD really got a hold of him, so the band played without him for a little while. It was actually really cool, because when the drummer entered the stage, you could tell. The drums coupled with the drummers' attitude of worship took the worship time up to a new level. Worship was so sweet that night and God showed up! In fact, most of the group stayed and worshiped for over 4 hours. It was incredible!