Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update From 5 Years Ago

Please read yesterday's post before you read this one.

After the show at Disney World a couple of weeks ago, a youth pastor came up to us and said that he and his wife were at the Winter Jam tour in Mobile. He said that on the way to the show, his wife was asking why there was going to be an illusionist at Winter Jam. Winter Jam was the biggest Christian tour and one of the largest tours in the country. She thought that it should be only bands performing on the tour, since after all, it was a music tour.

During Brock’s set that night, he told about how he was a pastor’s kid and thought that everything was okay between him and the Lord. What he finally realized was that he knew a lot about God, but he didn’t really know Him. He had religion but no relationship with Jesus. At that moment, the youth pastor’s wife, who was a pastor’s kid as well, turned to her husband and said, “I am lost. I need Jesus.” Her husband took her outside and led her to Christ right then and there. We brought the right message to the right person at the right time. I am so glad that we made it to that show!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Timely Decision

This is going to sound like it is out of left field because it happened in 2004, but I will explain tomorrow how it relates to the present.

We were performing at a youth pastor conference in the morning one day and quickly flying to Mobile, AL to continue the Winter Jam tour that we were participating in that night. Everyone knew at the conference that we were on a tight schedule. However, the guy going on before us who was supposed to go for 10 minutes went over 45 minutes and was still going.

As we stood backstage, we had to decide if we should stay there and do our full set but miss the show that night, or simply make an appearance there in order to make both shows. If we shortened our set so much, we ran the risk of tainting our reputation with 800 youth pastors. Time ticked on and we kept cutting more and more illusions from the show we were about to do. We made the decision to try to do both shows no matter how short the first show had to be.

We ran out onstage and hastened through one illusion and then Brock briefly spoke. We were out there for maybe 10 minutes yet when we got off of the stage was when we should have been arriving at the airport. We scrambled out of there and made a mad dash to the airport barely making it in time to catch our flight to Mobile.

More on what happened at the show that night tomorrow...

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Pleasant Break-In

We got home at 4pm Thursday afternoon. We knew that we would be heading back out at noon on Friday, so we wanted to take advantage of the little time to rest. Brock really needed it since he was still sick.

On our way home, I began to wonder what I would do about dinner. I didn't really want to leave the house and go pick up food. I certainly didn't want to go get groceries and make dinner. Also, the house was such a mess because we had been so busy.

When we reached the front door of the home, there was a note on it that said somebody had broken in. It didn't make me nervous, because first of all, thieves don't usually leave notes. Second of all, I recognized the handwriting of this "intruder."

To my surprise, I walked into a clean house peppered with little notes from my wonderful friends, Emily and Lindsey. Plus, they had made us soup and cornbread for dinner. (It was delicious and very healthy!) What a perfect surprise and what wonderful friends!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Show in Powder Springs, GA

I had been hearing about some flooding in Georgia, so earlier this week, I turned on the weather channel. At that moment, I saw on the screen some cars under water. At the bottom of the screen, it told the location of the said, "Powder Springs, GA." We thought that there was no way we would be doing this show, but we did.

It was at a church that was less than a mile from the high school stadium where they had a big football game last night. We began at 10:30 after the game. It was a fun show. We had performed there less than two years ago, so we did a new show. Actually, it was some new and some old favorites. It was a high energy show that lasted just the right amount of time to get everyone out of by 11:35.

We also got to eat with our friends, Kristin and Shannon. We ate an early dinner at Pappasitos. That place is delicious and very filling. We knew that it we would not go hungry even though it would be a late night. I enjoyed seeing my friends. I wish that I could see them more often!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rainy Show in Union City, TN

The show ended up being really fun! All 2,000 of us got wet and muddy together and many got touched by the Lord for the first time last night.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Union City, TN

Please pray for us here in Union City, TN. We did three school assemblies yesterday and do two more today to promote the event tonight. Pray that the show goes well. Pray that it will be well attended and that people will respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, pray that it does not rain since the show is outdoors.

Eating With Barbara

We took Barbara to all kinds of places to eat. She loves Indian food, so we took her to a place here in town twice. We also ate at one of our favorite Thai places. At Epcot, we tried German and Moroccan food.

We had Russian food at a new place here in town called Taste of Russia. It's good! We had blintzes and some kind of meatball type thing.Photobucket

We also went to one of the best sushi places I've ever been to and it's right here in Nashville. It's called Tenno. Here is all of us at the restaurant.Photobucket
We ordered a boatload of sushi (literally). It was delicious! She said that this and the Indian food were her favorite.Photobucket

We took her to an American restaurant called Jackson's.Photobucket
Here we tried their famous cookie dough eggrolls for dessert.Photobucket

We also took her to eat the best chocolate cake she's ever had at J Alexanders. (We went there last time she was here and it left an impression on her.)Photobucket

Of course, we took her to the Cocoa Tree!Photobucket

One of the coolest things we did while she was here was have her cook a meal for us. She went to the Mexican grocery store here in town and purchased cheese and such that I'd never seen before. Then, she cooked the best and most unique enchiladas I've ever had.Photobucket


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More About Barbara

PhotobucketBarbara amazes me! First of all, her English is getting better and better. She doesn't speak it except when she is here visiting. Plus, she learned it by reading Brock's blog! That's rather incredible.

She came to a couple of weeks of camp with us last summer. I had another girl in charge of the merch table because I figured Barbara would have a hard time with the language and handling the American money. It was no problem at all for her! She handled the table just as good as anyone I've ever had run it for me.

This year's visit, she surprised me more and more. Jacob told her his social security number once and Brock his phone number once and she still remembers it. Jacob says that she has a phonographic memory. (I don't even know if that exists, but if it does, Barbara has it!)

When we were at our show in Alabama, she sat down at the piano and began playing beautifully. When asked how long she had been playing, she said offhandedly, "About six months." Six months? I took lessons for years, and I could not play like she was playing.

She asked what an "emcee" was one day, and the next day she was acting as one at our party. She had never been onstage in her life yet she was a natural. She is so witty, too. Barbara is a special girl.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Story of Barbara

Some of you may know the story of how we met Barbara, but for those of you who don't, here it goes...

In July of 2007, we were setting up to do a show in Houston, TX. As Shannon and I were out in the lobby, a girl shyly walked through the door and came up to us. She looked a little familiar, but I could not place her. When she began speaking in her thick Spanish accent, I knew who it was. It was Barbara! Barbara had seen Brock on the Spanish Discovery Channel (The Miracles of Jesus that Brock was in) and then found us online. She had been commenting on our blogs for quite some time. She had the funniest comments because sometimes what she was trying to say would get lost in the translation. However, this was the first time that we met her in person. She had taken a bus all the way from her home in Mexico to see our show.

We immediately fell in love with her. At dinner after the show, Brock asked her how she had learned English so well. She said that she began going to Brock's blog and reading it everyday. At first, it took her an hour to translate the couple of paragraphs. Now, she was quicker at it. Brock said, "Are you meaning to tell me that you learned English by reading my blog?" Barbara smiled and said, "Yes."

What's cool is that the week after that, some people from the church in Houston where we had done the show that Barbara attended went on a mission trip to Barbara's small town in Mexico (the trip had been planned for months before that). They happened to be ministering a couple of blocks from Barbara's house. She ended up being a translator for them.

For me, my connection with Barbara began much earlier. In April of 2006, the Lord told me that He wanted me to give my Bible to someone. For a while after that, I took an extra Bible with me on the road just in case. Many of times I met someone that I thought was surely the person whom the Lord wanted me to give my Bible to, but He would always say, "No, not yet." After a while, I forgot about giving my Bible away, but I would every now and then pray for the person that the Lord had in mind for this. When I met Barbara face to face, I could hear the Lord saying, "She's the one. Barbara is the one I want you to give your Bible to." I wondered why the Lord told me that He wanted me to give my Bible away in April of the year before (over a year earlier). I later found out that was the same time that Barbara watched the Discovery Channel and found out about us. It was as if the Lord was letting me know that there was someone out there whom I needed to be praying for and would be very special in our lives. Special she is.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Universal Studios

PhotobucketWe went to Universal Studios to watch our friends perform.

PhotobucketLike BarlowGirl.

PhotobucketAnd Group1Crew.

PhotobucketAfter 2 days at Disney, this is how I felt as well.

PhotobucketI rode a lot of rides.





PhotobucketAnd met some interesting people.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Disney World Second Day

PhotobucketSaturday was a rainy day, so we purchased ponchos.

PhotobucketBarbara, Shannon, and me at the Magic Kingdom

PhotobucketWe went on the Haunted Mansion ride. I love this one!

PhotobucketThen, we headed back to Epcot for lunch.

PhotobucketWe ate lunch in the German area.

PhotobucketIt was a buffet.

PhotobucketAnd it was very good.

PhotobucketThey also had polka music.

PhotobucketThen, we went to the Netherlands to get dessert.

PhotobucketThis was an almond iced pretzel.

PhotobucketThen, we headed back to Hollywood Studios to go to Night of Joy.

PhotobucketWe were being silly.

PhotobucketThey gave us some marshmallows and chocolate on sticks for free!

PhotobucketFlyleaf was incredible! They were so humble and all about the Lord. Also, her voice was amazing!

PhotobucketThe line for the rockin' roller coaster was so long. Our friend who works at Disney had one of the workers walk us to the front of the line...twice!

PhotobucketWhile they were walking us through the back way to the front of the line, Brock said, "We have a good life."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Disney World First Day

PhotobucketMe and Barbara

PhotobucketBarbara standing in front of the Mexican section at Epcot.

PhotobucketWe ate at a Moroccan place in Epcot for lunch.Photobucket

PhotobucketWe headed over to Hollywood Studios (formerly called MGM) and rode the Tower of Terror after sound check. Barbara did not like it! That's why the guys are pointing to her. She doesn't like roller coasters and especially not big drops. This happens to be my favorite ride, but I LOVE roller coasters and big drops.

PhotobucketThen, we rode Rockin' Roller Coaster. I rode that 5 times while we were there. It's so fast!

PhotobucketThen, we took a nap in the greenroom before we began our show.

PhotobucketThis is backstage at Disney. It's nothing special, but you cannot get back here unless you are performing. Security is tight at Disney.

PhotobucketBrock and Meredith Andrews. She performed with us as well as...

PhotobucketFrancesca Battistelli

PhotobucketSome of us hanging out. Our friends, Rod and Susan, and their little girl, Anna, were there. Our friend Charmaine and her road manager, Amy Stansell were there. Plus, we have a friend, Heather, who works at Disney. Also, we brought Jacob, Barbara, Shannon, Gresham (our manager) and his wife Josie.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The First Night at Disney

We arrived in Orlando Thursday late afternoon. After checking into our hotel, we went to a room in the convention center next to our hotel to film a video with BarlowGirl. Brock is the host of a new video series and resource kit for youth groups. It is called the Youth Music Vault.Photobucket

We stayed at a place at Disney called the Boardwalk Inn. It had a boardwalk type theme. It was really fun! They had street performers and restaurants along the boardwalk. You could take a boat or bus to the theme parks. It was a short walk to Epcot.Photobucket
That first night, Brock and I sat on our balcony and watched the fireworks that they had at Epcot. Then, a few minutes later, we watched the fireworks show from the Magic Kingdom.Photobucket