Friday, September 27, 2013

Expect the Unexpected

Our show is very interactive using many volunteers onstage. Brock looks for a certain type of person for each effect. On this night last year, he was looking for a little boy for this particular trick. As he got the six year old boy onstage, I held my breath. Adults are somewhat predictable. You never know what is going to come out of a child's mouth. Brock asked this little boy where he worked. "Walmart!" he answered with no hesitation. When the audience laughed, he looked right out at the crowd and gave them a beaming smile. It was as if he came alive on the stage. Brock continued on with the adorable little guy. At some point Brock commented that his mom needed to get him an agent. I silently agreed as I watched the boy own the stage. After the show, the mother of the boy came running up to us tears in her eyes. She told us that her son was autistic. The doctors said that he would never be able to stand on a stage. The lights and large crowd would overwhelm him. She said what happened that night was a miracle! If you have a special needs child in your life, realize this. Whenever the doctors give the diagnosis, they must tell you what to expect based on his/her symptoms and past experiences. It's their job. However, when you serve the almighty God, expect the unexpected! He has a knack for taking our weaknesses and turning them into huge, supernatural strengths. "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

Long Good Day

Our day yesterday began at 9:30am and ended at 11pm. During that time, Brock spoke at a church. He did his new passionate message about how to see revival in our country. It ended with people on their knees praying. After the service, a big, strong guy came up to the pastor bawling. At one time, he was the sheriff. He had not been coming to church as much as he used to. After hearing from God that morning, he was ready to get involved and really serve at their church. At 1pm, we drove our dually truck and trailer to the community hall. There we set up our grand illusion show which we have not done in probably seven years. Since we were in this same town, Bay St Louis, Mississippi, earlier this year, we decided to bring out some of the old stuff. Also, because we had done some school assemblies last week promoting the night, we added the water coffin. At 4:15pm we quickly rehearsed the illusions. At 5:56, we finished setting the final prop. "And we have 4 minutes to spare," Brock said laughing. I was beginning to remember why we don't do this particular show anymore...5 hours of set up! The place was packed out. We squeezed kids on the floor in the front. Adults from the church stood along the wall allowing people from the community to use the chairs. Excitement filled the room. We performed the cube zag, where Brock cuts me in half in a vertical fashion; assistant's revenge, or the shower curtain as Todd Prather termed it years ago, where Brock's arms and legs are in locked stocks and belts are strapped around him from head to toe. I pull the curtain in front of him, and just like that, Brock is free. He then pulls back the curtain to reveal me all strapped in now. Before Brock escaped from the water coffin, we did the famous origami illusion. It all went really smoothly! After the water escape, Brock spoke about the only true freedom is found when you give your lives to Jesus. The response was great! I am not sure the official count of ones saying yes to Christ last night, but they ran out of the 100 response cards they had. That made the hard work worth it!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

God Provides

Yesterday I woke up with an anxious heart. In October, we are going on two mission trips to Las Vegas and Brock's going to Nicaragua. This means that not only are we going to have to pay some expenses, but we will not be receiving any income that month. Not to mention, November and December are slow for us as well. When we agreed to it this summer, both of us said that we would trust in the Lord to provide. Now that it's getting closer, I am beginning to worry. As I spent time with the Lord yesterday morning, I scolded myself for doubting. I am writing a book about the miracles the Lord has done in our lives over the last several years and how He always takes care of us. Just the day before, I was telling someone how the Lord provided for us this summer. How quickly I forget. A few hours later, I ran across a speeding ticket Brock got while we were in Louisiana last month. Fear immediately began to boil to the surface. The whole financial situation began to blow up again in my head. I am trying to save every penny I can to get us through the next few months. Who knows how much this ticket will cost? I walked out to the porch where Brock was saying goodbye to someone on the phone. I sighed and handed him the ticket. "Can you take care of this?" "Sure," Brock said as he grabbed it and ripped it to pieces. I stood there looking shocked as he smiled and said, "I was just talking on the phone with an attorney from Jonesburo, Louisiana where we performed last month. He called the officer who gave us the ticket and told him what we do. The guy was fascinated by a Christian illusionist and said that he would change the ticket to a warning." Just like that, my fears subsided. If God would take care of a silly ticket that was a mistake, I know He will provide for us in October when we are going where He has asked us to go. God is so trustworthy.