Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sightseeing in NM

Kristin and I had some time before everyone else arrived here in New Mexico Monday night, so we visited the Carlsbad Caverns. It was really cool. We took an elevator ride 750 feet down. I was just a bit nervous on that ride, because when I glanced out of the window of the elevator, all that I could see was a stone wall passing by in quantum speed. The thought of how we would be rescued if we got stuck crossed my mind. The elevator opened up to a dark cave only lit by the lights placed in strategious spots by the park. Water had formed these massive cone-shaped sculptures. It looked as if millions of icicles lined the ceiling. I wouldn't be surprised if they had iciles down there, because it was cold!

Yesterday, the skate team, bmx team, and our crew went to Roswell, NM home of the UFO crash of 1947. They have a museum and everything. This whole town is based on UFO and alien memorabilia. It was everywhere! The people we "interviewed" in the town believed it. However, they didn't convince me. I did not see one piece of evidence. There were some vague pictures and replicas of aliens. Kristin said that the aliens at Universal Studios looked much better. As we left the town of Roswell, Brock yelled out the window of the van, "The aliens are coming! Please, run for your life!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Mexico

We had some free time yesterday afternoon and decided to lay out at our hotel pool. My sunblock was in the truck which was at the venue. However, I've been on the beach for a few weeks now, so my base tan is definately in place. Plus, it was rather late in the day and I was only out there an hour or so. Therefore, I thought that I would be okay. I turned red! It wasn't a bad sunburn. It was just surprising that I burned at all this late in the summer. New Mexico must have some mega sun!

The show last night was as good as it could be considering that it was outside. Outside events are so difficult to do. Not only is it hard to pull of illusions when you have wind and no backstage, but the attention span of the audience is greatly diminished. Also, I like for my audience to be comfortable during a show. Last night, it was hot. People were sitting on metal bleachers, the ground, or standing up. However, with the skateboard team, bmx team, and us, I think that we put on an action packed show.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Filming is Over

Well, I've lost a few pounds, gained a few fever blisters, and a couple of zits due to the stress, but the filming is complete on our part. Brock flew to Phoenix yesterday to finish up the rest of the filming. Keep praying for the film crew as they go on to do other things as well as edit this show.

Today, Brock will fly to meet us in New Mexico. We will be leading a crusade here for the next three nights. Chaos on Wheels bmx team and King of Kings skate team will be joining us for this event. It will be fun, but a lot of work! Pray for our strength and lots of lives changed at the crusade.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Biggest Escape of Our Life

About six years ago, Brock told a few of us about this escape that he had been developing in his mind for a couple of years. It involved a crane and a box and lots of chains. We loved the idea and tried to figure out how to implement it in the show. However, it was highly impractical. Who would be able to afford or contain a huge crane at any event?

Yesterday, Brock's idea from eight years ago came into fruition. He was chained up and placed into a big, wooden box. The box was then lifted about 105 feet (11 and a half stories) into the air. Brock was supposed to escape from the chains and the box from that high in the air. It didn't quite end up that way, but it worked out even better! You'll have to watch it on the "Miracles of Jesus" show to find out how the escape ended...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Texas YEC

The Texas Youth Evangelism Conference went very well. The promotors and volunteers were fabulous to work with. As I said before, there were 20,000 people in the audience. I wondered how something so visual as our ministry was going to work in an audience so large. However, due to cameras allowing everyone to see and comedy that can be heard from any seat, I think that the crowd was with us. I'm glad that it is over. The filming is still going on....I'll fill you in later.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

More Filming

The last few days have been the most intense days of my life. We've had several things go well and several things go badly. Thursday, we flew to Dallas to do a recce. That is to scout out the locations for filming. The church providing us with two filming locations cancelled on us Thursday. So, here we are going to look at the filming locations and we find out that we have no locations anymore! However, he found a replacement rather quickly.

Then, the BBC were still not allowing us to do the biggest part of the show because of insurance. Brock and David, from our office, composed a "risk assessment" yesterday morning for the stunt taking place on Sunday. After weeks of debating and searching for new insurance, the BBC's insurance accepted our stunt after reading the risk assessment.

Yesterday and today, we are performing at the Texas Youth Evangelism Conference. There are approximately 20,000 students in attendance. Therefore, we are performing in front of all of these people and recording our performance for the Discovery Channel. Not to mention all of the preparations we are having to make in securing locations and trying to get insurance. I haven't had much sleep, so if this doesn't make much sense, you know why. It's been downright crazy!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Day Three of Filming

Yesterday went well. The show was smooth. However, I had to run back and forth between the sound board and the stage. Since we lost our road manager, I must control the sound in order that it is done properly. It was very stressful! Not only did I have to do a live show, but a live show being recorded by the Discovery Channel.

Therefore, it pleased me when I didn't have to be in the shoot yesterday afternoon. I had to go and pick up our dirtbike from the shop. We must have it for the show this weekend. It took about two hours after going to borrow a guy's pick-up truck, driving all the way down there, loading up the bike, and bringing it back. I'm still tired.

This morning, we have to drive an hour to the airport and fly to Dallas. Then, I don't know what is on the agenda.

Keep praying for the insurance. It's a big deal, and we might not be able to do the big escape that we've had built and prepared just for this. So, please pray, pray, pray.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Day Two of Filming

Yesterday went really well. They filmed an interview with a professor at Florida State University in the morning, and Brock was interviewed in the afternoon. Then, they discussed production for the show this morning.

Last night, we were able to get away and eat at our favorite restuarant in the whole world...Marina Cafe in Destin, FL. Brock's parents joined us for dinner. They flew here from Dallas because they will be driving our truck to Dallas as we fly there tomorrow.

This morning, we are performing at Big Stuff camp again. The film crew will be taping the show. I'm extremely nervous again. The taping so far has not been so bad because it has not been live. However, today will be a live show and will be filmed. Also, I still have that fever blister. Just what I one chance on TV and I have this big blister on my face!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Day One of Filming

The filming went extremely well yesterday. We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. We did two illusions out on the beach and some close-up. Most of it was done in one take. Every single trick we filmed yesterday was new and they all went fabulous. Thanks for the prayers. Brock was blown away by how well it went!

The only problem I had was that I think that I got a mild case of heat exhaustion. We practiced one of the new illusions a few times before we actually taped it. The illusion consisted of an illuminum box with limited space in the hot sun. It was incredibly hot. I instently got a fever blister when I got into the box. After getting in the hot box, I was so drained that I could barely move. I also bruised my head very badly from another illusion that I had to do.

So, this morning, I have a killer headache and I'm still exhausted. If this is anything like a hangover, I don't want any part of it!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Filming TV Show

Today, we begin filming more of the show for the Discovery Channel in the U.S. They will mostly be filming Brock performing magic. He will be doing stage illusions, stunts, and close-up magic on the streets. We will be here in Panama City for a few days and then in Dallas, TX this weekend. Then, Brock and the crew will fly to Pheonix next Monday to finish up the taping.

I'm so nervous. Unlike Brock, I don't know quite what to expect. I also don't know exactly what my role is going to be. I know that I have to perform a couple of illusions. That will be easy. However, television is new to me.

Of course when the crew arrived last night, their luggage was lost including lots of camera equipment. Everytime we start filming for this television show things go really wrong. Satan does not want this show to happen!

Pray for us this week. Pray that the filming goes extremely well and that the crew will see Jesus in all of us working with them.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Linda and Larry

My first day off in about 15 days was yesterday. Poor Brock had to fly out to perform at a Livin It in Virginia, but Kristin and I stayed in Panama City.

The last thing that I wanted to do was spend my day off at the laundry mat. However, I needed to wash clothes. Usually when I don't feel like washing clothes, I just go buy us more underwear at Walmart, but I was actually out of t-shirts as well. So, I decided to drop my clothes off at a place that would wash it for me. You paid by the pound and they would wash and fold your laundry. Guess how many pounds of clothes I needed washed. We've been gone 20 days with two of us...30 POUNDS! Can you believe that I had that much to wash?

Kristin only needed 4 pounds of clothes washed, so the lady said that she wouldn't charge her. I explained that I would give her a good tip because of her kindness. The lady at the counter said that the clothes would be ready in the morning, but she would not be working then. There was a guy helping her. He said, "Well, Linda, we'll be here tonight. Let's just wash it tonight!" Linda washed, dried, and folded all 34 pounds of our clothes in less than two hours. I gave her a good tip!

For lunch, we went to the "Awful Waffle." We sat at the counter. There was lots of drama going on at the Waffle House! Kristin who has never met a stranger, struck up a conversation with the man who was washing dishes in front of us. He moved here from Minnesota in order to see his daughter. He was trying to save up some money so that he could go and visit her in Tennessee more often. In just the few minutes that we sat there, the other workers were so rude and downright hateful to him. My heart broke for Larry who is just trying to make some money so that he can simply visit his daughter. Kristin and I decided to take Linda and Larry one of our dvd's Monday.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Back in Civilization

We're finally back to civilization. We've been in the sticks of Oklahoma. It was very boring. However, the first night of camp a tornado came through. The auditorium was outdoor. During the middle of the service, all of the students began fleeing from the worship service. I asked one of the guys as he sped by me if there was a tornado. He said, "Yes, we are all gonna die!" We received a lot of rain, thunder, and lightening, yet the tornado bypassed our little campground.

We have a girl named Kristin that is travelling with us some this summer. She is just as crazy as Brock. In fact, Brock refers to her as "Crackhead." You place two crazy people in the middle of nowhere with no action going on, and things just get plain silly. Our rental car was from Minnesota and said "10,000 lakes" on the license plate. Brock used a northern accent all around the tiny town of Talihina, OK. One day, we went to a local lake. Brock told the park rangers in his best Minnesota accent that we had found 10,000 lakes and we were looking for one more.

At the airport, Brock put on his straight jacket. He just stood there all strapped up. One lady was trying not to look, but she couldn't help herself. The crazy thing was that some people actually asked Brock about flights and stuff. How can Brock still be so approachable while wearing a straight jacket? On the way to Oklahoma, a guy had offered Brock some of his prescription drugs at the airport. Anyway, this topic of Brock being approached by all sorts is another blog.

Friday, June 17, 2005


I pray for Eminem almost daily. Besides the fact that he is so passionate and honest in his music and if his passion turned to focus on the Lord it would be so effective, one of his t-shirts is hanging in my prayer closet. Therefore, it's there reminding me to pray.

Why do I have an Eminem t-shirt in my prayer closet? I'll tell you the story...We were doing a show in some small town Georgia. The venue was the gym of the church. A variety of ages of people attended. There were families, youth, and several grey hairs. Usually, Brock invites anyone who wants to pray to begin following Christ. Then, he has anyone who made this decision to walk to the back and talk with some loving church people who want to answer questions and pray for them. This night was no exception. However, one guy hit the aisle and instead of going to the back, he headed to the front. As he moved toward Brock, he took off his shirt. He handed Brock the shirt and fell to his knees right there in front of the stage. It was rather funny because this dude was in a church with no shirt. However, this was how he expressed his changed life. He was ready to leave this life behind and follow Christ in a new life.

The shirt he handed Brock had Eminem holding a bloody chainsaw on it. This shirt went to my prayer closet so that I could remember the guy in Georgia who made a very visual commitment to the Lord. Not only do I pray for this young guy, I pray for Eminem as well. He needs the hope of Jesus too.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ephesians 4:20-21

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Prayer Request

It seems that every opportunity we have to film for the Discovery Channel's show "Miracles of Jesus" is met with complications and setbacks. The dates they originally wanted to film would not work with Brock's schedule; when we did set the dates, he lost his passport and was sick. Now, as they are planning to meet us in Dallas to film some of Brock's illusions and shadow us during the Texas YEC, a new story unfolds. The insurance company for the BBC wants Brock to be covered for $10 million before they begin filming. A representative from our office has attempted to do this but he has found that the most many insurance companies will cover is $2 million dollars. In fact, some have laughed at the idea that he would even think of asking for $10 million. It seems impossible to get this coverage. Our lives prove that God chooses to work through impossible circumstances. Please pray that this situation will work out so that we can continue filming.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What Would You Learn About Me in 24 Hours?

I saw this commercial where ladies kept saying what you would learn about them if you spent 24 hours with them. I think that it is a lotion commercial or something. It got me thinking, what would someone learn about me if they were with me for 24 hours?

I think that you would learn that I am clumsy. No, not just the clumsiest girl I know. You are thinking that is because you are with yourself all of the time, but it's not just me. Other people close to me think that I'm the clumsiest girl they know too.

Everytime we do a show, Brock says he can hear a big commotion backstage. I fall over illusions and drop props all the time. Every show I add new bruises to my legs, feet, whatever.

One time when we were on the Winter Jam tour with Reliant K, Audio Adrenaline, Newsong, and Todd Agnew, I managed to bring down two keyboards. As I was bringing out a rather large illusion, the backside of the prop caught the corner of the keyboard stand. The whole stand and keyboards came crashing to the ground. It was loud and very noticible to the crowd of 8,000 people. Luckily, the illusion had a huge curtain around it, so I just ducked behind the curtain as stage hands came to the stage and frantically put the keyboards back together. I handed them a couple of pieces of the keyboard stand. Brock cracked jokes the whole time. Then, we just proceeded with our portion of the show. We sold more merchandise and Brock signed more autographs that night than any other time. I don't know if it's because the audience got to hear more of Brock's sense of humor or if they just like to see the artist mess up.

Have I convinced you about my clumsiness yet? Spend a day with me. You'll come to the conclusion that I am the clumsiest girl you know. What would someone learn about you if they were to spend a full 24 hours with you?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Another Camp in Oklahoma

Today, we start another camp out in the sticks of Oklahoma. We flew from Panama City to Oklahoma City and will be driving about 3 hours out to this camp this afternoon. This time, Brock will not be the speaker. He will perform some illusions and give a short message using one of the illusions as an illustration during the morning and night services.

I hope that it will be good. I also hope that we will not be bored out of our minds. We will have a rental car, so we could go to the nearest town if we so choose. However, we will not have our truck. Whenever we go into unknown situations, I like having our truck. It's comforting to me, because it feels like home. We'll see how this week goes!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Earthquakes

Yesterday, we drove from Mississippi to Panama City, FL. We ended up driving right through Tropical Storm Arlene. Brock was able to do something that he has always wanted to do. He experienced the eye of the storm. Driving on I-10, wind was heavy coming from the north. Then, it was calm for about 20-30 miles. The storm picked up again only the winds were coming from the south this time. It was cool!

We've seen our fare share of storms. The day that Allison came through Houston a few years ago was the same day that my sister was getting married in Houston. That was interesting!

Right before we got married, I was in Houston and Brock was in Marshall, TX. Seven tornadoes came through the Marshall area three days before we were getting married. I thought, "This is it! Brock's going to die and I'm never going to get married."

We've been in two earthquakes. One in Wyoming and one in Nevada. I woke up abruptly because of the quakes, but Brock slept through both of them!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Camp Food

I enjoyed camp, but there is one thing that I'm glad to be absent of...CAMP FOOD. You've got to love camp food. It's so...what's the word?...PROCESSED. They will have these little patties of chicken. What part of the chicken forms this patty? The burgers are perfectly shaped so that it's obvious a machine created these circles of meat or soy or whatever it is.

It reminds me of my college days. I was required to have a meal plan and eat several of my meals in the cafeteria. I was also on the student council. We suggested that they post the fat grams and nutritional value of all of the food up in a visisble place. The administrators adhered to our request and the cafeteria workers were ordered to post the nutritional value of the food they were serving. After a while, we asked them to stop showing us the nutritional value. There was no "nutritional value" to anything they served. The fat grams were so atrotious that we stopped eating the food. We decided that we would rather not know what we were putting into our bodies. Can you believe this processed junk is what we are feeding our kids?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Camp Wrap Up

The last night of camp went well. A dozen or so more people gave their lives to Christ for the first time. Brock ended with riding his motorcycle blindfolded through the crowd. The students loved it!

There was some heavy stuff going on during the service. One of the leaders felt a heavy burden for a certain teenager. Last night, he pulled the guy aside and began to talk with him. Come to find out, his dad has been beating him farely regularly. They brought his sister into the room to ask her about it. At first, it seemed that she was getting defensive about her father, but then she broke down. She said, "I thought that I was the only one." Who knows the lives some of these children lead?

I will always remember Camp Wow in Oklahoma. It was a special experience where God did a great work. Also, I will continue to pray that these students grow in Christ and that they are trully changed forever. I will especially remember Arora and Crissy in my prayers.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

God is on the Move at Camp Wow

The second night of camp, Brock gave an invitation. The invitation was really difficult. Brock told them that becoming a Christian doesn't just take all of your problems away. Also, he explained that it doesn't make you more popular. In fact, it probably does the opposite. However, when he had the people who wanted to follow Jesus stand up boldly in front of everyone else, at least 50 stood up to become a Christian! As Brock had all of the people making a decision for Christ go to the back, the rest of the students stood up and faced the back giving the new Christians a standing ovation. It was soooo moving.

I watched as Arora sat in her seat while people left to receive Christ. I began to pray that somehow she would realize that the Lord loved her. Just then, Brock began to speak again and say something that he normally doesn't say after the invitation...He said that the Lord loves each one of you. He explained that some people in the crowd had never experienced true love, but the Lord wants to give you unconditional love. At that point, Arora left and she became a true follower of Jesus that night.

Last night, Brock spoke about growing up and getting off of the milk (Hebrews 5). He told them that if they are a Christian, they are ministers. Then, the worship leader came up and led them in a time of praying for each other. Ministry happened! The Holy Spirit was thick in the room as middle schoolers ministered to each other.

I watched as girls surrounded Crissy and Arora and prayed for them. Arora and Crissy were very emotional. Later, I found out that Arora grabbed Crissy and told her that she needed to get saved. Crissy went outside and prayed this prayer..."God, I hated You, but now I love You."

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Pray for Arora. As she passed by me this morning, I really felt the urgency to pray for her. I also felt as if I should talk to her, but I didn't. Later, the camp leader said that there were a couple of girls from a girls' home here. They were probably ordered to come to this camp. He said that when he shook her hand, she grabbed it really hard and released it agressively. He could tell that she is very hard. Then, I saw her and her friend who was from the girls' home sitting at dinner alone. I joined them for dinner. Arora and her friend, Crissy, have had a difficult life. My heart just broke for them. They don't click with anyone at this camp. When I asked Arora how she liked camp, she replied, "It's okay." Pray for these two girls. Pray that they will be saved and experience the love of Jesus. Also, pray that they will find some friends here at camp that can love on them. Pray that they will be able to accept the love...Arora and Crissy.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

First Night of Camp

As soon as I came on the grounds of the camp, I didn't want to do anything productive. This is the perfect place to get away and alone with God. However, studying the word and spending hours in prayer was the last thing that I wanted to do. I wished to play and go to a movie or a restuarant. Either one of those things are miles and miles away.

In the service last night, Brock didn't really speak. Normally, a speaker wants to give his best messages at camp especially the first night. However, Brock felt like the Lord wanted him to conduct a prayer time instead. (To be really honest, I was nervous about him not really speaking, because it was the first night and he is the "speaker.") He read from Acts 1 about when the disciples were expectantly waiting for the Holy Spirit. Brock wanted us to expect God to move. He instructed us to use this time to "detox" and "deprogram" in order to get ready for camp this week.

During the prayer time, I looked around the room and realized that I was not the only one who was having this lack of interest in spiritual things. I could sense that everyone wanted to play, but they weren't ready for the Lord to work. During that time of prayer, the walls were broken down and that spirit of complacency left the building. It was incredible how the atmosphere changed and the Lord began to move across the place.

After the service, one of the guys in charge of this camp told Brock that he had been praying that exact scripture in Acts 1 for this camp. He also explained that these kids are church kids. They know how to open their Bibles and listen to a 1,2,3 sermon, but it rarely changes them once they leave the service. In other words, they need someone to come in and shake things up. Brock is just the guy to do that! He is never the norm. I'm excited to see what the Lord is going to do this week!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Camp Speaker

Today, we begin a camp where Brock is the speaker. We do not do this very often, but I enjoy it when we do. Brock is a great speaker! It also stretches him some to speak at a week long camp. He will speak morning and night. I'm excited to see what happens. The camp is in Gerty, OK. Pray that the students will be inspired to experience a deeper relationship with the Lord and those that need to become a follower of Christ wil do so. Pray that lives will be changed in Oklahoma this week.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Movies and Cops

Friday night, we went to see Star Wars. After the movie, I walked out into the parking lot feeling like I could fight anyone...feeling invincible. My courage came to a halt when we noticed someone messing with our truck. We had parked in the vacant parking lot next to the theater since there was no room for our truck in front of the cinema. Now, across the parking lot, we could see a guy in a little old sporty car circling our truck. He walked all the way up to our driver's door.

Brock immediately called the police. After all of the theft we had experienced, we suspected he was stealing our truck. Should we stand here and watch him take our truck? I knew that if he actually attempted to steal it, Brock would try and stop him. I didn't want that because what if this guy was armed?

Then, the guy drove off in a hurry. Brock stayed on the line with the police as we walked across the dark parking lot to our truck. Their was an orange sticker on the driver's side window. It said that we would be towed if we parked here too long. By this time, 6 or 7 cop cars showed up surrounding our truck. Then, I got nervous that they might give us a ticket for parking in this vacant lot. However, there were no signs about not parking there.

Brock had a long conversation with one of the cops. He was nice. They were glad we called. They did not really like the owner of the property. They called him a few choice words and said that he does this kind of thing all of the time.

It was an interesting night! My heart rate definately went up! However, it was funny how quickly my courageousness thoughts disappeared. I'll leave all of that fighting to the guys in the movies!

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Yesterday, we found this kosher deli in Panama City. Brock said that the Israeli food was not fabulous, but he sorta craves it now. So, when we found this deli, he got his pannini and falafel fix, and I got to experience some of the food that he enjoyed over there. Last night, we ate at one of our favorite seafood places called Old Bay Steamer in Ft. Walton.

Today, on our way to Oklahoma, we are going to stop by our favorite beach in the whole world...Pensacola Beach, FL. You have to take advantage of the road or else you will start to resent it. Therefore, we stop off at cool tourist attractions, restuarants, and see the sites. Being the beach bums we are, we freguent beaches all across America. This one is our favorite! However, it may not be the same because the hurricane came right through there.

We used to stay at Ft. Pickens National Seashore on Pensacola Beach, but it's not there anymore. That's a shame because it was so beautiful. This area was at the end of the island. The drive alone was incredible. Only pure white sand dunes and emerald ocean are on either side of the road. It's crazy how one storm can whipe out our favorite vacation spot!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Psalm 46:10

"Be still and know that I am God."

The Ghost Writer

I talked with the "ghost writer" that I met on the plane. I was really having doubts about my writing ability. The thought of actually writing a book was overwhelming. That's why the idea of a ghost writer was appealing!

I only spoke with the writer, Jan, for a few minutes. However, she gave me advice straight from the Lord. You know that feeling when the Lord is speaking right to you? The Lord spoke to me through Jan.

She told me that writing a book can be overwhelming. I needed to start out by writing a letter to someone. Keep a certain person in mind when I write the letter. As I'm writing, I can think about questions this receiver of the letter might have and answer them. Also, I can think about what I want to tell this person.

Jan closed the conversation by confirming that the Lord ordained our meeting and she wanted to hear from me in about six months. She said that she really felt like the Lord placed us on that plane together.

That was just the encouragement I needed to continue writing the book. She gave me direction. I hope to have something for her to read in six months!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

High Stress and No Stress

This camp in Panama City is ending up being the easiest one all summer. The guy in charge didn't want a lot of big illusions. He said that he was relying on Brock's personality and wit to carry the show and not some big props. He's got Brock pegged. Those are his biggest assets. Therefore, we only have to set up one illusion.

After we loaded in and decided how to go about the show, we got back to our room at about 12:30am. Our air conditioner didn't work and the hotel was sold out! So, we didn't get to bed until 1:30am and I had to get up early this morning to go to a production meeting. Of course, my shower was COLD.

I'm still trying to learn how to handle the stress of this carreer. The problem with us is that we experience such high stress and then back down to zero stress in just a few minutes. For example, we will perform in front of thousands of people this morning who are thinking "Show me what you got!" The intensity of live show is indescribable. I will man our sound and literally push play on a song and run up on stage and perform our one illusion and then, run back to the sound board. Plus, magic is a perfect art. In other words, if you mess up, you expose a trick. So, we will go from that stress to later this afternoon sitting on the beach. There is no in between.

I guess every job has its good points and its bad points. I just need to learn how to handle the up and down stress levels.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Panama City

Today, we must drive from Louisiana to Panama City, FL. Tonight, we load in for tomorrow's show. I'm slightly nervous about the show tomorrow. We're going to be doing this particular camp several times this summer, but the first one makes me anxious. We will kick off the camp every week with a show at 11am. I usually don't enjoy morning shows because people act so differently in the morning than they do at night. However, camp is different. Everybody is excited at all times. We'll see how it goes!