Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Fun Day!

I've been working for the last 4 days straight. Saturday night we had a show. Then, we drove back to my parents' house late that night only to get up and speak at church the next morning. Then, we rushed to the airport and got back home that night. I worked at Barnes & Noble until closing the last two nights. The whole time I was working, I would think about how I'm just going to chill out and veg first chance I get. Now that I'm off today, I have all of this energy! I want to play, not veg. Isn't that funny the way that works?

Brock has been working hard the last few days as well. He was in meetings all day Monday and Tuesday. We have a full day of meetings tomorrow. Therefore, we have declared today a happy fun day. We plan to have a liesurely morning and lunch together. This afternoon, we are meeting some of our friends to watch Family Force 5 (one of our favorite bands) tape a tv show. Then, we will probably grab some dinner and go to the Cocoa Tree. It's going to be happy fun!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 freedomexperience

If any of you are into myspace. Check out our new myspace for FX. Go to Also, go to Brock's myspace and watch some of his crazy videos under his blogs (

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Message about Water

Yesterday, Brock began his message at Sunday morning church by telling facts about water. Then, he said that all of this talk was making him thirsty. He asked if anyone had any water. About ten people came up handing him a bottle of water. He kept adding the bottles to his arms. After about 8 bottles, he began dropping one at a time and someone would hand it back to him. Then, he'd drop another one and someone would pick it up for him and hand it back to him. This continued for about 10 seconds or so. My sister was laughing so hard. She said, "I don't know why this is so funny, but it's hilarious!"

Then, about midway through his message, a 13 year old boy on the second row was laid out sleeping. Brock kind of kicked him and he didn't stir. Then, he threw the empty box of waters at him and said, "Wake up!" The boy's dad was sitting behind me and said, "You get him, Brock!" At that point, the boy woke up and stretched like he was at home on his bed. It was funny!

Brock spoke about the women at the well. She came to get physical water, but the Lord gave her living water (John 4). The most interesting thing that he pointed out was that she left her water jar and went to tell everyone about Jesus. She left the very thing she came for...a jug of water. She changed her plans that day because Jesus became more important to her. She didn't wait until she had a seminary degree or studied the Bible more. She began spreading the good news immediately! She even left her water jug in the process. Brock said that some of us need to have our plans for the day ruined so that we can carry out His plan.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shows in Texas

The show went really well last night. It was a small crowd. I wondered if anyone would respond to the gospel with such a small crowd in a small town in East Texas. However, three high school students boldly became followers of Christ last night. It was really cool! In front of everyone with all of the lights on and no music playing or anything, they stood up and commited their lives to Jesus right then and there. Brock already told them that it wasn't necessarily an easy life. It wouldn't make them more popular. In fact, it would probably do the opposite. Without being ashamed or afraid, they stood.

Today, Brock will speak in church. He's developing a new message about water. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Show in Kirbyville, TX

Yesterday, we had a fun time hanging out with my family. We went to Houston and shopped at my two favorite stores. They both happened to have a huge sale going on. We only buy clothes once or twice a year. Yesterday was one of those times. It was actually fun!

Then, we all went to the movies and ate at a great mexican restaurant, Lupe's Tortillas. After dinner, we went to a place called Trouffle. It was a chocolate lounge. The ambiance was great and the chocolate was good, but it was no Cocoa Tree.

In about an hour, we will go over to east Texas and meet up with Brock's parents for lunch. They are going to hang out with us today. Pray that the show goes well tonight. We perform at 9:30pm. Then, we'll drive two hours back to my parents' house. Then, Brock is speaking at church in the morning. Pray for strength and anointing.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Group 1 Crew

We just bought the Group 1 Crew cd. It's great! It comes with a bonus dvd with the Freedom Experience trailer on it.

My dad just went to a conference about reaching people in different groups. One people group that the church is not reaching at all is the hip-hop crowd which is growing rapidly. Group 1 Crew is a hip-hop group. However, they are liked by everyone. They have the ability to reach a different group plus the mainstream people. We noticed that the cheerleader as well as a gang member both enjoyed them alike.

After one of our Freedom Experiences, I went up to people and asked what they liked most about the show. One little blond mom timidly said, "I liked the rap. I don't usually like that kind of music, but I loved Group 1 Crew!"

If you haven't purchased their cd yet, you should! Make sure you watch the FX trailer.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Going To Another Home

I'm going home parents' home. We are doing a show in Kirbyville, TX saturday night. The cheapest flights were into Houston. My parents live near Houston, so we are coming in a couple of days early and staying with them. I'm excited about seeing them. Also, my sister and brother-in-law are coming this weekend. I want to see as much of them as I can because this summer, they are moving to Peru to do missionary work.

On Saturday, I get to see one of my best friends, Gin. Plus, Brock's parents don't live too far away, so they are coming to hang out with us Saturday as well. I'm so excited about seeing everyone!

Are any of you like me? Do you have more than one home that you feel comfortable in? That's such a blessing to be able to have another home to go to even if it's across the country, across town, or next door. Sometimes, you get a little bored with your own.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Famous People in Nashville

We saw LeAnn Rimes the other day at a little Lebanese restaurant. She looked really normal. She and her husband were dressed like they had just come from the gym. She was really cute sporting a pony tail with no make-up. She is also very little.

Someone else who is little is Scott Hamilton. We saw him at the grocery store the other day. He is a little man. Brock has seen his wife around town before. She's perfect for him because she is tiny.

Nashville is definately becoming a hot spot for stars of all kinds. The cool thing about my town is that people leave stars alone. We may point them out to each other and whisper about them, but rarely do people actually approach them. This is where they live so we give them their space. We are seeing more and more stars around town. It's cool.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My First Day at Work

I had a really good first day at work. They are starting me off in the cafe. I wish that I could be in the book section, but that's okay. I get to interact with people a lot. I enjoy that.

When I told my dad on the phone that I was working in a cafe, he started laughing. Then, I told my mom on the phone and she began laughing too. Picturing me serving coffee is apparently comical. Mom said that picturing me in the kitchen period is funny. I've had some "incidences" in the kitchen when I was growing up.

It was a little overwhelming trying to learn how to make different drinks especially since I don't really like coffee. In fact, I hate the taste of it. Until yesterday, I didn't even know what a latte really was. However, the girl training me on how to make the drinks said that I did very well on my first day. At one point, she said that she was impressed after it got busy that I didn't panic and scream, "I can't do this!" I guess people have done that in the past. After doing a live show always making sure everything with the production and the magic tricks are going right, making a few drinks for people don't compare in the amount of pressure!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Party and Work

Yesterday, our friend, Robby, had a barbecue with some of the guys that have been racing in the arenacross. Nevermind the fact that there was snow on the ground. We had all kinds of meat...porkloin, pork chops, chicken, lamb, salmon, steak, and a few more! Brock actually did all of the grilling. He grilled for several hours yesterday and loved it!

Today, I begin a new part-time job at Barnes & Noble. I'm nervous to be doing this kind of job. I've been working with Brock only for the last 8 years. Before that, my jobs consisted of working in an office or at a daycare. However, I've always wanted to work in a bookstore. Pray that my first day goes well.

Also, Group 1 Crew's album comes out tomorrow. Make sure you go out and buy it. I absolutely love it! It's been a constant in my stereo at home. I'll be cleaning while I'm listening to it. Before I know it, I'm dancing and doing some aerobics.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


This weekend, the conference went really well. The band was great. The people there were great. I really enjoy going to Texas. It was fun seeing my sister and brother-in-law as well.

The worship center at the camp where the conference took place this weekend burned last fall. Therefore, we had to perform under a tent. It actually worked out really well. The only thing was that when the wind picked up, I thought that the tent was going to cave in on us!

We got on an airplane last night and flew in at 8:50pm. Our friend picked us up from the airport, drove us downtown to the arenacross, and dropped us off at the door. We got there just in time for the main race. This was the final race of the night as well as the season.

Our friend, Kevin, was racing his dirtbike. He actually performed at an FX with us. We were sitting with his friends and wife. It was so fun to cheer for him among all of his people. It was even better when he won!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Show at Hot Hearts

Today we leave to perform at a conference called Hot Hearts out in Texas. Brock is going to be the speaker. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that we don't lose our luggage, etc. Pray that Brock encourages the students at this conference and that the Lord will change their lives. Pray that we are able to focus on the show.

We are staying at a camp, so I'm not sure if they have internet. My sister and brother-in-law are coming to hang out tomorrow. That will be fun! My brother-in-law grew up going to the camp where the conference takes place, so this will be a stroll down memory lane.

I'll update you as soon as I can. The conference begins tonight and ends tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Broken Chairs and Swings and Stuff

The other day, I was in a Bible study with some girls that I know. They were all sitting on couches and I was sitting on a chair that I had pulled in from the dining room. I happened to be talking so everyone was focused on me. Then, I heard a few cracks. Some louder cracks followed and in one swift motion, I was all the way on the ground! The chair had broken into two pieces! It was really funny.

However, this sort of thing happens to me a lot. I've broken two different hammocks on several occasions. My mom has a swing and it never falls down on anyone...except me. It's fallen on me twice! I would get a little self conscious about my weight, but I'm clumsy too. If anything like that is going to happen to anyone, it's going to be me!

I can remember once when I was little as our family was sitting around the dinner table, my chair broke. It happened to be just as my dad began praying to bless the meal. The back of my chair fell out onto the floor causing a loud bang! I wasn't hurt or anything, but dad continued praying and I began to snicker. Soon, all of us were laughing hysterically! At least we can always get a good laugh at my expense!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brock and I are planning on spending the day together. It's already a magical day because snow is gently falling to the ground. It's been really cold here lately but not much snow. However, today there is plenty of it!

I'm making Brock poppyseed muffins for breakfast as I write this. Then, for lunch, he's going to make me his famous shrimp and potatoes. We're just going to hang out around our house together.

Tonight, we are going to celebrate with our friends. Our plan is to go to eat at one of our favorite thai restaurants together. Then, we're going to the Cocoa Tree, of course. We always go there on Wednesdays anyway. Then, we are going to see a movie together!

Can food be a love language because I think that ours is FOOD. What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day Directed By the Lord

I don't know if you've ever tried fasting, but there is just something about it. I was praying for the meeting and it went excellant! However, a lot of other things that I had been praying about came to be yesterday morning. I felt like the Lord was directing my day. First of all, on my way to see my friend that I meet and pray with weekly, I was praying about my job. Since we are here on the weekdays and we have some extra financial needs, I decided to look for a little partime job. However, I've been looking for two weeks without any hope of anything. Everyone was either not hiring or only looking for someone to work on the weekends. My prayer was that the Lord give me the right job and have only the place where he wants me to work call me back. At the end of that prayer, I tagged on that I wished it could be a bookstore. An hour later, Barnes and Noble called and set up an interview with me. The interview went very well and the job looks very promising.

Then, when I met with my friend, she gave me a spiritual gifts' test and analysis. I was beginning a Beth Moore Bible study that night with a group of girls. However, after we listened to the cd that goes along with the study, we'd be too tired to go through a test. A little while later, I found out that we weren't able to get the cd's for the study until next week. I said that we could talk about spiritual gifts. It worked out perfectly!

I was praying for one particular girl yesterday because she's going through a hard time. I haven't seen her in a while. Yesterday, I ran into her twice. Both times, we had very good conversations about the Lord and how He was involved in her life. What a great day!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Big Meeting

Pray for a big meeting about tv show ideas that are going on today in LA. Pray that when Brock's name comes up, the people in the meeting will be very interested. Pray that things develop just as the Lord wants them to. I'm sorry that I cannot be more specific. I don't know the details. I just know that this meeting is such a big deal that we are fasting today because of it. We feel like the Lord is leading us to do more tv stuff. This may be part of that process. Pray that something big comes from this meeting today!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

How Much Do You Believe in Christ?

This morning Brock spoke about the miracles of Jesus. He told about some of the theories of how Jesus performed some of His miracles and how they disproved those theories on the Discovery Channel tv show. He said that the most convincing of all is that if the resurrection did not happen...if the disciples were making it up, why did they die for what they believed? 11 out of the 12 were martyred for their claims about Jesus. The other one was exiled to an island. If they had not seen with their own eyes that Jesus was in fact risen from the dead, then why didn't they confess that it was a lie in order to get out of being tortured and executed?

Brock ended his session this morning with one question. He had everyone close their eyes and think about how much they believed in Jesus. Then he said, "I'm not asking if you are willing to die for Jesus, but are you willing to live for Him?"

I've been thinking about that. I just read in one of my Bible studies that there are more people martyred for Christ now than ever before. In 1900, the estimate of people martyred for the sake of Christ was 35,600. In 1989, the number of martyrs had risen to 325,000. Add the fact that I received an e-mail from my friends today who are missionaries somewhere in Central Asia, and they are being threatened with being "found out" just like their leaders. Their leaders were given 10 days to leave the country after spending a decade there.

I have it so easy here, yet I cannot find time each day to spend in studying God's Word. I've been asking the question all day to myself..."How much am I living for Christ?"

Friday, February 09, 2007

Show in Georgia

We are going to Cumming, GA for the weekend. We are actually driving our pick-up truck to this event instead of flying. It's not very far. Also, a couple of our other friends are going to the Atlanta area for the weekend, so we are caravanning together. That will be fun! We plan to eat lunch at one of my favorite places, Pappasitos!

Pray that this weekend makes a big impact on the church and community. Brock is speaking 4 times throughout the weekend, so pray for power and strength. Most of all, pray that the Lord changes the lives of some people in Georgia.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Website

We have a new website in the works. We want you guys to get a look before we annouce it to everyone. Go to and tell us what you think!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Prayer for Yourself

Pedro brought up an interesting point yesterday. When you are going through something yourself, it's hard to pray for anyone else and even yourself. That's why you must have others pray for you at those times. Let's take the time to pray for each other today. Taylor wants to be used by the Lord to witness to others. Pedro is going through some family issues. We need prayer for some financial issues. Without being too detailed, tell me what you would like prayer for right now.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Praying for Others

I've been having quite an exciting time praying for others. One time the other day, I was reading scripture and it trigured me to think about this one girl. I was praying for her all morning. That very morning, she called me out of the blue just to talk. She never calls me!

One of my other friends told me about a certain day that the Lord really spoke to her and told her not to be consumed by fear anymore. I happened to have my journal with me and flipped to that day. I had written a prayer for her about not having fear. It was so cool!

Last month, our pastor at church was speaking on restarting your life. He gave us all little cards that advertised the series and our church. He said to give it to someone that needed it. I didn't know who to give it to, so I left a few in public places. The first place I put one was in a coffee shop. After spending a couple of hours there, I looked over and the card was gone! I only remained excited until I saw that it had just been moved to another table. I figured that this might not be working. However, when I went to the mall, I had a strong urge to place a card in the bathroom at a particular store. I didn't even need to use the bathroom, but I went in anyway and placed a card on the sink. An hour later, I went back and the card had been picked up! I was so excited! I'm still praying for whoever that lady was that picked up that card. I'm praying that she got the restart that she needed.

If you haven't done much praying for others, try it. It can be more fun than you think! Prayer is so supernatural.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I am sitting in a bakery in downtown Franklin trying to warm up my body to a normal temperature. We weren't planning on coming into town until 2pm today, but plans changed last night in the wee hours of the morning...

We flew back into town at around 2pm yesterday. We stayed out all day going from party to party until around 10 last night. I went straight to bed and was sleeping soundly until sometime in the middle of the night. I noticed that my nose was cold. I normally don't do this, but I had to pull the covers up over my head. This morning, we woke up extra early only to realize that our heat went out in the middle of the night. The only thing that saved us in the night was our electric blanket that we had on full blast.

If any of you know us, you know that we are both the biggest wimps when it comes to the cold. Growing up in Florida and Brock in Louisiana, we aren't used to temperatures down in the teens like it was last night. Even this morning, it was only 17 degrees! So, we made a plan. We turned on the little heater in the bathroom. Then, we stayed under the covers until it was time to take a shower. We brought our clothes in the bathroom and got ready in there. The heater coupled with the hot shower actually worked nicely. Then, we ran to our truck and came into town! I'm just beginning to warm up!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl

Yesterday, we hung out with old friends and new ones that we made here. Brock even saw a guy that he hasn't seen in twelve years! The show went even better last night.

This morning, we fly back to Nashville. We're going to drop in on a birthday party at 6th Avenue Skatepark. Then, we're going to a Super Bowl party at some friends' house. It's going to be fun! One of our friends is a huge Colts fan. It will be fun to watch it with her. Do any of you have any plans? Who are you pulling for to win?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lost Luggage

Yesterday, we everything went wrong before the show began. Our luggage didn't show up until an hour before the show. Then, when we did get it, things were missing. When they search your luggage, they don't care if they put things back in cases or anything. So, we hurriedly tried to throw our stuff together. We even switched out some illusions minutes before the show began. Everyone was so nice and helpful. That's the only way we were able to make it onstage on time.

Then, the show went great! Lots of old friends showed up. Some of Brock's friends whom he grew up with were there. One of Brock's cousins was there and some friends from college were there. It was fun to see them. Pray that tonight will be even better!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Flying To Louisiana

Yesterday, the snow melted before 10am and there wasn't much to begin with. This morning, however, it's a couple of inches high. Pray that we'll be able to fly out no problem. Our flight isn't until 11:30, so it will probably be melted by then. I just hope that there are not too many delays that push our flight back too much. Pray that we get to the church on time. We perform at 8pm tonight! We will get there somehow even if we have to drive to another airport or all the way to Bossier City, LA.

Also, pray that this event is great! Brock is performing his new show tonight and then speaking tomorrow night. Pray that lives are changed in Bossier City this weekend! I'll let you know how it's going tomorrow.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow Day

It only snows here once or twice a year and usually it doesn't stick. However, I woke up this morning to white covered grounds and rooftops. It's pretty. I've got soup ready to eat and movies ready to watch, so I think that we are set for our snow day.

Whenever it snows here, everything shuts down. We aren't really equipped to handle a lot of snow and ice, plus people don't know how to drive in the snow. Nashville is so diverse that people move here from just about every state. The ones from the north like to laugh at us when snow "dusts" the ground here. I just look at it as a great time to relax inside our cozy house!