Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Weekend

PhotobucketWe went to a drive-in movie to celebrate our friend, Rod's, birthday.


PhotobucketLindsey, Sherri, Brock, and I went to the Renaissance Festival and ate a turkey leg.




PhotobucketI rode a spinny ride (I love those!) at the carnival set up in the local mall.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brock's Moto Accident

A week ago Friday, Brock went to ride his dirt bike with his friend, Robby. This is a usual event when Brock is home. What was unusual was that Brock called me to come pick him up shortly after he got there (it's normally an all day thing). Brock said that he had crashed so he was ready to come home. Brock's crashed before and he sounded so nonchalant about it that I thought it was not a bad one.

That night, he was in pain when he breathed in deeply. This led us to believe that he could have had a broken rib, but we still thought that maybe it was just sore from his crash. The next day, we went with our church to help with flood relief. What this entailed was demolishing houses. Brock was right there with all of the other guys swinging a sledge hammer and whatnot. Finally, our pastor began to ask him why he was "trying to take it easy" as Brock told everyone. When he told the pastor what he was feeling and what happened, he talked him into going to get it x-rayed.

So, last Friday, a week after the accident, Brock got it x-rayed. The doctor affirmed that Brock did have at least one broken rib but it was broken in the best possible spot right by his sternum. He also x-rayed his back since he landed on his back. He then noticed that his T-7 was crushed...again in the best possible spot to break your back, but still a break at that. Since you cannot put a cast around your ribs or back, Brock looks completely normal. He is not in extreme pain (little trouble sleeping and cannot laugh or breathe too hard). However, he is taking it as easy as Brock can. That means no strenuous exercise or anything. He can do everything he normally does like drive and such. He can even do his shows. He is just being extra cautious with his body. I keep asking him if he is okay and he always says "yes." Luckily, we have John to help with the heavy lifting and we don't leave for summer shows for another few weeks. It's all good.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Volunteer State

I did not really know what they meant when they said that Tennessee was the "Volunteer state" until the flood happened. They had over 250,000 volunteers the first week after the devastation. That's 25% of the population of Nashville! During the days, the homeless shelters were empty because the homeless were out helping with flood relief. I am not kidding you! It's amazing to see what everyone is doing.

We went to help last Saturday. We went to a neighborhood where 10 feet of water had flown through. As we were demolishing a house, I witnessed one lady break down into tears as a volunteer held her. I later found out her story. Her son died tragically 3 months ago. Then, her house was flooded and she lost everything. She was trying to save some of the memories of her son. What a loss! Please continue to pray for our community.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Aftermath of the Nashville Flood


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nashville Flooding

To see the pictures the flooding that happened in Nashville a few weeks ago, go here.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

And Another Update

FIRST OF ALL, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE LAST TWO POSTS, READ THEM BEFORE YOU READ THIS ONE. My new friend Stephanie (from the last couple of posts) needed some shoes for her new job at Chick-Fi-La. Neither Tiff nor I are her size, so Tiffany posted it on her facebook asking anyone for some shoes they could donate. One lady responded and said that she had some that would be good and comfortable. Tiffany directed her to this blog to read the back story about Stephanie. The lady broke down in tears. She had actually passed the same guy on the way to Walmart the other day. The Lord told her to stop and help him but she did not. That night, she kept thinking about how she missed her opportunity. She begged the Lord to give her another chance. Then, when she saw that she was giving her shoes to Stephanie and realized they were the ones she passed up, she was overwhelmed. The Lord gave her another opportunity to help these people. This also confirms that the Lord is indeed working in their lives. He is putting them on a bunch of people's hearts! Praise the Lord!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update on the Last Post

My friend, Tiffany who lives in Murfreesboro and is great, called Stephanie today (from the last post). The last thing Stephanie said to me was to pray that she got the job at Chick-Fi-La. I have been praying for that! I think it would be great for her to work at such a Christian place, and she would have Sundays off. That leaves her the option of attending Tiff's church. Anyway, she told Tiffany that she got the job! She also told her that the Lord is really working in her life right now. I think so! The Lord gave me a heads up with the whole cash thing a couple of hours previous to even seeing her. Pray that her fiancee will find a job as well. I am so excited that things are changing in her life already!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Out of Options

Something about him really struck me as genuine. His expression looked like a little kid who had been defeated, with no hope. As I drove by, I saw him quickly wipe a tear from his right eye. He didn't want anyone to see the subtle gesture. His sign said, "Good person, just out of options." He was a big, muscley guy whom looked to be about my age. I felt really drawn to this guy. Brock usually knows who to give to and what to give, but he wasn't with me.

I went into the Walmart to purchase what I needed. As I did, I called Brock and asked him what to do. If it were a woman standing on the corner, I would have talked to her immediately. Since it was a man, I did not know what to do. Brock, who has been all into safety since the Mexico incident, said to go and talk with him and figure out what he needs. I was in Murfreesboro yesterday hanging out with my friend, Tiffany. She knew of someone collecting supplies for our homeless community in Nashville. Brock told me on the way over to write her a check to help only I had not brought my checkbook. I had some cash in my wallet. As I waited for Tiffany earlier that day, the Lord told me that I needed to give all of the cash I had. Planning on doing that, it surprised me that they did not want money but tents and sleeping bags. So, after coffee, I went to Walmart to purchase the supplies. That's why I had come. I began to wonder if maybe the cash was meant for the guy holding the sign.

When I got in my car, I formed a plan. I would go and park at the end of the parking lot near where the guy was standing. Then, I could walk over and talk with him. That way, if he was bad news, he could not force his way into my car. Also, my car would not be blocking the road while I talked with him. When I got over to where he was standing, I saw him walking to his car parked closely by and a woman was in his place. "Perfect!" I thought.

I asked her what was going on. She said that her fiancee (they did not have the $100 to make it official at the courthouse) had lost his job at the local factory and all of her clients had decided not to pay her to clean their house anymore. They had searched high and low trying to find a new job, but nothing had panned out. Now, they are living in a hotel room. When I asked her what she needed, she did not say money right then, but a job.

After seeing my parents and Brock help out many homeless people, there was usually a sense of hopelessness with them. They were in a vicious cycle of sorts and cannot get out easily. This girl was different. There was hope of her finding a job. The way she talked made me think she would interview well. I hooked her up with my friend, Tiffany, since I don't know anything about Murfreesboro. I also gave her the cash in my wallet that the Lord had told me to give that day. We exchanged phone numbers as well. Please pray for my new friend, Stephanie.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Yukon in Canada

We went to this little place way up near Alaska called the Yukon. The territory is as big as Texas and has 30,000 people in it 25,000 of which were in the little town we were in, Whitehorse. It reminded me of the place in that show, Northern Exposure. It was an interesting town and nobody ever goes up there. When the guy said that he was hoping for 100 people to come to the show, I thought, "Oh brother! This place is small!" He had a room booked that would comfortably seat 150 and we had 300 show up while some never came in because it was too crowded. Everyone was jam packed in there, and it was a blast! I would go back to the Yukon.
PhotobucketBrock performing at the little school. (This was grade K thru 12.)
PhotobucketThis guy was funny! He began taking his shoes off to put on the straight jacket.
PhotobucketBrock hanging out after the assembly.
PhotobucketHe signed shoes and whatnot.

These next pictures I took at 9:30pm...Photobucket
PhotobucketThe sun had not gone down when we went to bed at midnight and this is how it looked at 5:30am...PhotobucketI don't know if the sun ever went down or maybe for a couple of hours.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Food in Canada

We had lots of great food in Canada. Alberta is known for their beef. I had some of the best steak I have ever had in Lethbridge at the Keg. We also ate a lot of Vietnamese food and it was great (they have a lot of it there). We even ate at a Napoli place. We had a buffalo burger at this one place. In Alberta, they make saskatoon pie often. While we were eating at a restaurant with Will, Brock asked if they had any saskatoon pie. (We like to eat the local flavor especially if it's unique like that.) She said that she did not have any at the time, but if we stopped by in the morning, she would have one for us. So, we went back to the restaurant on our way to Barrhead the next morning.Photobucket
They were not opened yet, so Brock knocked on the back door.Photobucket
She let us into the kitchen as she put the freshly baked pie into a pizza box.Photobucket
Brock ate some in the car. It was yummy!Photobucket

Friday, May 07, 2010

Malls in Canada

We went to three malls in Canada. One was a mills mall in Calgary. Since our mills mall is underwater right now, we decided to go to the one in Calgary. I split up from the guys because they wanted to browse the Bass Pro shop, and I didn't. Anyway, they had a Canadian chocolate shop which we had previously visited and purchased a certain chocolate bar. I loved the bar, so I excitedly went to get another one. When I got there, I noticed that they were having a sale on that particular bar...3 for $8. I thought I might as well get 3 of them. When am I going to be back here? When we met back up, Brock showed me what he got from the same chocolate shop. He purchased the same 3 for $8 bars. Now we have 6 bars! That was funny!

We also went to West Edmonton mall which is the largest mall in the world. (It's about the same size as Mall of America and is owned by the same people.)PhotobucketThere was a water park inside the mall.
PhotobucketThere was also an amusement park.
PhotobucketJohn and I rode on the indoor roller coaster.
PhotobucketI love roller coasters and this one was unique. I thought it might not be as scary inside, but it was...just a different type of scary.
PhotobucketThey also had a replica of the Santa Maria ship used by Christopher Columbus. Although (I now know) that Columbus didn't sail those boats to North America! I learned that in Santo Domingo! It was a cool mall, though.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Special Girl

I have never felt such an instant connection to anyone. We meet people all the time, and I have never met anyone like her. Brock happened to select her to come onstage yesterday in Barrhead, Canada and he felt a tugging toward her. After the show, I just happened to stay with Brock at the table where he was signing autographs. (I am using the word "happened" a lot when it's more like divinely orchestrated.)

He pointed out a girl across the lobby and told me to stick around to talk with her. When the crowd began to dissipate, we pulled her aside and told her that the Lord put her on our heart. We told her that we were praying for her. She began to cry and said that she needed prayer. She then began to tell us how her life was falling apart around her. She had no hope. Her circumstances looked rather dim, so the only hope we could give her was Jesus. She responded to this and said that she needed to run to Him. She also made the statement that maybe we had come there that night to save her life.

Brock went back out to the table, and I continued to talk with her. She told me more details about her situation. I found myself hugging her several times. I just wanted to hold her and tell her that everything was going to be alright. I am not an affectionate person, so this was very unusual. Right before we said goodbye for the last time, she said, "I wish that you were my mom." I about lost it, because at that point, I wished that I was her mom as well.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Billy Graham Crusade with Will Graham

All of the shows we did last week were in preparation for the Billy Graham Crusade with his grandson, Will Graham. We spent the day with Will Saturday. We went to this place called Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. It's where Indians used to send buffaloes over a cliff in order to kill them before they had guns. It was very interesting.PhotobucketHere's Brock and Will. He's a really nice guy...very down to Earth. He and Brock bonded over talking about bow and arrows and motorcycles and such.
PhotobucketHere's the cliff.
PhotobucketLittle groundhogs were everywhere!

The show that night went so well! I wondered how good it would be in a big hockey arena in Canada. Would they be able to see very well? Would they get our sense of humor? Yes and yes! Plus, Brock was able to briefly give the gospel and set Will up for when he spoke. I thought they were a good team.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Week in Lethbridge, Canada

We arrived Tuesday evening to Calgary and drove two hours south to a town called Lethbridge. Wednesday we taped a TV show on the Miracle Channel in Canada.Photobucket
We performed at a church on Wednesday night and a high school on Thursday afternoon. Thursday evening, we did an impromptu show at a nursing home. It was fun! One lady said that she would patch up Brock's jeans for him. Then, one of the workers informed her that Brock liked them like that. She was beside herself about that. She could not understand why you would purchase pants with holes in them! It was great!

On Friday, Brock had a radio interview and then we went to sample some Canadian chocolate.Photobucket
PhotobucketWe got a goji berry chocolate bar here that was yummy!