Tuesday, August 23, 2011


During premarital counseling, Brock and I took a personality test. It wasn't your typical test, it simply would tell you if you were off the charts in a certain area. For example, if you are OCD, that would show up as being extremely high in the organization department. Everybody has an area that they are abnormal in...we all have our "things."

Our counselor began telling Brock that he was exceptionally high in one area only and that was spontaneity. He began to explain that if I were really planned and regimented, we would have a difficult time of it. However, I was off the charts in one area only too. That would be "spontaneity."

Twelve years later, spontaneity is still coming into play. Yesterday, we were driving our rental car to the Little Rock airport. We were discussing how much we were dreading the 4 hour layover in Chicago and checking in all of our luggage especially since one of our suitcases had broken on this trip. Brock said, "It would be quicker to drive home." We both looked at each other. "Do you want to?" Brock asked. "Yes!" I replied. I booked our rental car to Nashville and canceled our flight which left in an hour. (I love Southwest by the way. It's the only airline where I could get away with that!) We were home 3 hours before our flight landed!