Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Hope of the End Times According to The Little Mermaid

I was watching The Little Mermaid for the umpteenth time the other day. Disney's villains are so evil and not like the trend in movies right now where we see the humanity of the enemy. Anyway, the sea witch was intervening and trying to ruin Ariel and Prince Erik's life. However, I wasn't nervous because I knew the ending. King Triton would still rule in the end and Arial and Erik would live happily ever after. Toward the end of the movie, the evil sea witch gain's control of King Triton's scepter and has all of the power. Of course, she immediately abuses that power and makes herself bigger than anything in the sea. After a huge fight between her and Prince Erik, the boat drives right into the fat sea witch's belly and destroys her. As I watched the ocean burn all around the sea witch, an idea formed that I have not been able to shake for days. Now, it may sound silly but stay with me on this. Some wonderful theologians have told me that "Revelation" is to encourage the church. Up until this time it did not seem very encouraging to me. It sounds weird and uncertain and flat out scary. However, Satan is like that sea witch in the Little Mermaid. He will try and manipulate and intervene in our lives to ruin them. However, I don't need to worry because I know the ending. I know that in the end, Satan will be cast into a lake of fire never to bother us again, and we, as followers of Christ, will truly live happily ever after. The crazy thing is that there would not be much of a story if there was no sea witch. There would be no happily ever after because their life would be smooth and easy. The problems brought on by evil made the ending all that sweeter. So, no matter what you are going through. Maybe life is not turning out the way in which you want. Just know that you are the main character in your story and if you been truly saved by the power of Jesus Christ, then you will get your happily ever after.