Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mac or PC?

I've used a PC all of my life until about three years ago. Brock decided to get a G4 Powerbook because he intended to do some video editing on it. Mac is supposed to be the way to go if you need to explore video or music editing. It turns out that he did not have the time to do his own editing but enjoyed the Mac so much better than any other computer he had ever used. So, when our laptop was stolen in May of last year from backstage at a show, he replaced it with a G4 iBook. He says that it is so much more user friendly and you don't have trouble with viruses.

At first, I did not like the Mac because it did not have any of the programs i was accustomed to. Now, I'm not a computer wiz. Therefore, I like to stick with what I know (which is very little and up until a few years ago was a PC). However, when I used a PC the other day at a hotel office, I saw a huge difference in it and our Mac. It wasn't as pleasant as using the Mac. To be fair, this was also a desktop that I was using at the hotel instead of a laptop. I am a laptop kind of girl. I don't enjoy sitting at a desk. I take my laptop to the kitchen table, the bed, outside, but hardly ever to a desk.

What do you think, Mac or PC? You can comment at the bottom of this entry, or if you are not a blogger, e-mail me your comments

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Comments on Television

These are some of the comments I received about the "Television: Evil or Informative" posting from last Thursday:

One twenty something girl commented that until about two years ago, she just had broadcast television or anything you can see with an antenna. When she did get cable, she went big. She now receives every channel available. She also has TiVo. Here is what she says about TiVo:
TiVo takes TV to a whole new level. I can TiVo cartoons so that when my nephews are here they can watch something. It is in essence a time shifting device. For instance, if a show that I want to see comes on at 2:00am, I just click a few buttons and poof, it is recorded, almost like magic...I watch TV when I want to and on my schedule. I thought that I would watch more TV, but I really don't, I watch less and it is quality TV.
(Go to to learn more about it.)

A couple with young children gave up cable. All that they use is a DVD player. They frequent Blockbuster to rent movies and TV series of their choice. This is the way in which they control what and when they watch television. "We really don't miss it [cable]. The only thing I miss is the news channels, but those channels just talk about the same thing over and over. I can find out the news elsewhere."

My intellegent and well read sister commented with this:
We as humans can be so tempted to engross ourselves in alter realities that we forget to live in our own. I too once became so emersed in the DVD collection of Alias Season One that I started to feel like my life was boring and pointless because I had never kicked someone in the face or been shot at.
On the other hand, TV, whether it be pop-culture shows or the History channel, can help us relax, learn, give us something to talk about with others. TV is communal in much the same way the novel was when it was first created in the Victorian Age. Women used to sit around and talk about the next installment of a Charles Dickens novel the same way we talk about...I don't know...Desperate Housewives, today. You don't hear anyone protesting the study of Dickens today. I can safely predict that 100 years from now university students will be sitting around a conference table analyzing shows in the 21st century. It's part of our present culture.
Just like all pleasures, moderation is the key. I once heard that you should watch TV intentionally instead of mindlessly. Plan to watch one of your favorite shows but don't leave the TV on all night. Watch a show as a family but don't let your kids watch unchaperoned. I think that's pretty good advice. I'll let you know when I've been able to put it into practice.

Read my blog tomorrow to give your comments on the next topic.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Process of Writing a Book

A couple of months ago, I really felt like the Lord wanted me to write a book about my adventures in prayer. I did not think that I could give any substantial information as I'm only 29 years old. Who is going to listen to an average woman that is so young? However, the Lord told me that the time is now. So, you do what you gotta do. (See the last sentence? I'm obviously not a writer!)

I intended to spend the entire last week writing since Brock was out of town. I was working on a chapter about intercessary prayer. I wrote about three paragraphs and that was it! I kept getting distracted. I would go eat lunch or dinner with friends. A girlfriend of mine invited me to spend the night with her. It was strange, but I felt as if the Lord wanted me to accept every invitation.

True, I had great conversations with every person that I spent time with. One girl confided in me about an insecurity that she battled for years and knew that the only way to defeat it was through prayer. Another girl shared her concerns about some of our mutual friends. I found out that another friend broke off her engagement because she was having doubts. All of this time spent with friends was great, but it was Sunday, the day Brock was flying back in, and I had only written three paragraphs!

I entered the church feeling slightly defeated, but I left feeling empowered. I wrote about what happened with Hilton in the Sunday entry. Also, the pastor spoke about a couple whose daughter had been killed by a hitchhiker. I knew of the story because when I saw it on the news, I felt compelled to pray for that couple. Our pastor informed us that the couple in the news attend our church.

Then, it all clicked! Last week every conversation lead me to pray something specific about the person. Every engagement had a divine purpose. The Lord was helping me write the chapter on intercessary prayer, except He wasn't writing it on paper. He was writing it in my life!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Creating a New DVD

We are at Jupiter Projects' studio today working on our new DVD. We have already completed the filming of our second and best DVD, but today is the day that we place the finishing touches on it. Brock along with Ken, one of the editors, are working on it mostly today. I cannot stand the tedious art of editing nor do I have an eye for it. Brock both enjoys it as well as has a good eye for it.

I thought that I would hate the actual filming as much as I despise the editing process. To my surprise, I rather liked filming the DVD. It was tedious in that we had several takes for every single illusion. I was in these tiny boxes or contraptions for a long period of time. In fact, I strained a muscle in my back because of it. I had trouble walking for days.

We do this dramatic illusion called The Puppetmaster on the stage. It displays Satan's purpose to ruin your life. It is really hard to explain, but it involves much acting on my part. We decided to make it a short film for the DVD. It was challenging for me to transfer from the stage to the screen. On the stage, you over dramatize so the audience can feel your emotions. On the screen, you downplay emotion so as not to look cheesy. Plus, the camera catches every detail whereas the stage only displays the big expressions. With the help of Brock and one of the producers, I think that I was able to pull it off.

I will let you know when the new DVD finally comes out. It is called Brock Gill in "Hidden Agenda." It demonstrates not only what goes on onstage but backstage as well. It really shows Brock's personality and talent. It's fun!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Girl Named Hilton

This morning, I attended the Easter service alone because Brock was still out of town. Some of my friends invited me to come with them to a different service, but I decided to go alone today. I desired to sit in the back and just drink it in.

When I finally found a vacant seat, it was on the very back row of the balcony. I noticed a young girl near my seat sitting alone with her feet propped on the seat in front of her. As we were standing singing praises to the Lord, she read a book.

During the time that we shook the hands of members as well as visitors, I went straight to this girl. I tapped her and she raised her head out of the book. She dressed goth, but her eyes were soft. She was not as hard as her persona would imply. I introduced myself. She smiled and said her name.

When I returned to my seat, I realized that I forgot to listen when she told me her name. The Lord really wanted me to pray for her, but I could not remember her name! I also felt like the Lord was compelling me to tell her that I was praying for her. I scratched my name and number on a piece of paper to give her at the close of the service.

However, when our pastor began to speak, she got up and walked out. "Go after her," were the words I felt like the Lord was saying to me. I followed her out of the auditorium and out to the hallway.

"Excuse me," I said feeling like a dork. "What was your name again?" "Hilton," she replied. I asked her if she attended this church regularly. She shyly said no but her parents brought her today. I told her that the Lord wanted me to pray for her and to give me a call if she ever wanted me to pray about anything specifically. After I handed her the piece of paper containing my name and number, I returned to the service.

I felt so radiant! I don't know why I needed to tell her that I was praying for her. Maybe her parents were praying for someone to do just what I did. She might have needed someone from the church to show her that they cared about her. I don't know if she will ever call me, but it doesn't matter. I was obedient to the Lord.

This is what Easter is all about. He is alive!!! He was alive in our church service today and He is alive in me!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Birds and Clocks

With spring comes the beautiful flowers and birds chirping. There is this one beautiful red bird, a cardinal I think, that was here last fall. He's back and this time he brought a friend! I know him because he rams right into my bedroom window daily. Now, there are two of them taking turns pounding on my window. This morning, it was early, early, like before light when I first was woken by the stupid birds. After about the fourth time, I opened the window. Later, I hear a different kind of thumping. It had flown into my room. I've seen birds in huge buildings before and they just sorta stay up near the ceiling, but in a small room, this bird was going crazy! I didn't know what to do. Brock would usually handle a situation like this, but he is in LA on business right now. So, I just sat there afraid to move worried that I would startle the bird more. The bird bolted to all four corners of the room in a split second. It hit one of the other windows and fell to the ground feathers scattering everywhere. I crawled out of bed and over where I could see if the bird was dead. It was just standing there on my bedroom floor looking at the open window. I thought that maybe I should shew it that direction, and then, in an instant, it flew back out of the window in which it came. The whole ordeal only lasted a minute or so but I was definately awake.

I have no idea what time it was because today is the day that I am going to avoid clocks. Remember the experiment of not acknowledging time all day that I talked about last week in the Niagra Falls post? Well, today is the day. I turned off all of the clocks in my house last night. I'll let you know how it goes.

I enjoyed my timeless day at first. It was nice to eat when I got hungry and do whatever I wanted all day. Of course, I chose the easiest day ever. Brock is gone and it's a Saturday, so I have no real obligations. However, I caught a glimpse of the time a couple of times. There are clocks everywhere.

It felt freeing to experience a day not based on time, but I'm ready to know the time. I realized that occasionally, I actually like knowing the time of day. It's not just about a schedule, but it determines leisure time as well. Some friends invited me to hang out with them tonight, but I couldn't meet them because of the time thing.

At least I did it. Now, when I start feeling stressed about time, I'll remember this day and how I threw time out the window and it was just okay.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Childhood Friends

Today, I'm going to visit a girl that I grew up with in Daytona Beach, FL. She now lives in Murfreesburo, TN. It's only a 45 minute drive from Nashville. It's so wierd because she is married with four kids now. I remember when she and I were the kids.

There were four of us that were kind of raised in our church together: Beth, Tiffany, Susie, and me. Our parents were in the choir, so we would hang out together while they practiced. The church was our playground.

I remember one Sunday morning, we were all sitting together in the balcony. None of our parents were with us because they were all in the choir. We started playing cards during the service. We didn't think that they could see us. We were wrong. My mom and Tiffany's mom were the church interpreters for the deaf, and we didn't know much sign language, but they had taught us the important ones. They both began rebuking us in signs from the downstairs. I could pick out the words "STOP!" and "NOW!" Then, we watched as Susie's mom preceded to exit the choir loft, walk all the way down the aisle, and up to where we were sitting. Needless to say, we never played cards in church again.

Childhood is so fun. You are so innocent and such a clean slate. We had no idea that you could play cards on Wednesday night during choir practice, but it was different on Sunday mornings. In some ways, you wish that you could think that way again. Life was so simple. However, at that time, you did not know it. Whenever Susie's mom started heading up to the balcony, I was not thinking, "I don't have a care in the world. Life is great!" I guess it is all relative.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

TV: Evil or Informative?

I did it. I got cable. This is the first time Brock and I have had cable since we've been together. One week I was sick, so I spent much time watching TV. I had a dream one night that I was investigating a murder at a singing audition. When I realized this was some kind of cross between CSI and American Idol, I thought that their could be a chance that I had watched just a little too much TV.

I've always heard that TV is not good for you. I read that watching a sitcom actually makes you dumber. However, with all of the news channels, discovery channels, and the learning channel, it seems that you can learn some things by watching TV. Also, I recently read that they have found that children that watch TV are more informed and quicker than children that do not watch TV. I had a friend that grew up without a television in her house. She is a really nice girl, but she missed some things without TV to inform her. Most of it was social learning. For example, she does not get sarcasm. She is behind the times as well.

There are many who do not allow their children to watch television. Madonnah is among these. I can see how several hours of television a day is probably not a good idea. Too much of anything is not a good idea. Then, it becomes obsessive.

Some people do not like to watch television because it is getting so immoral. This is true. It's getting worse and worse. I just try not to watch shows with inappropriate content. If you have children, I could see where it would be difficult to shield your child from the perversions of the world dictated on your prime time sitcoms.

Does anyone have any suggestions? What do you think about TV? Send your comments to me I may post some of the comments and suggestions next Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Comments on "Medicine or Natural Remedies"

I received some interesting feedback from the "Medicine or Natural Remedies" entry. I thought that I would share it with you.

One person said she uses a product called Juice Plus. Juice Plus is basically organic fruits and vegetables in a capsule without pesticides or chemicals. She was recently diagnosed with IBS. After trying all kinds of medicine and such, she gave Juice Plus a try. It has changed her life. Not only does she not have anymore symptoms, but she is a nicer person. To order this product, go to

Another girl I know acquired some kind of bacteria when she went to Hondorus in January. Her stomach has not been the same since. Doctors have given her a lot of prescriptions but nothing seems to be helping her heal. She has been trying to drink carrot juice as well as taking medicine. After reading the comment above, she is going to try Juice Plus.

Here is a comment on Echinacea:
I did lots of research in college about ecchinea as a friend who was a vacal major swore by it. You really need ecchinea purpurea to be doing the most good. Why only 6 weeks? There is a possibility that if you take it too much, it will harm your ability to conceive a child. Most have found that if you take the ecchinea every other week, you will be fine.

Thank you for all of your comments. Please, read tomorrow's entry as I will be asking your opinions about another subject.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Natural High

Brock read recently that knowledge creates a natural high. Well, I saw that proven in Brock last night. He performed a brand new show. Just being able to learn all new material and do it put him on cloud nine. He was so excited!

We have a fly show. This is the show we do when we must fly to the venue hence the name fly show. The illusions that we use in this show are small yet play big since we cannot fly with our huge props. In fact, the show we do now fits in a carry on bag. We call it our lost luggage show because if we lose our bag, we can go to Walmart and find all the objects that we need. The show involves rope, cards, spoons, bags, ping pong balls, and a florescent light bulb. Also, he does tricks with some of the audience members' rings and keys. It's a fun and very interactive show. However, we are doing some repeat "fly shows," so we invented a new fly show.

The new show uses all five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense. There is a scent in the room as the people walk in. We have illusions that invlove sound, sight, touch, and even taste. Many of the illusions involve mentalism which are tricks using the mind. Since it was 90% new material, we had a "dress rehearsal" last night. We invited several friends, including the band Stellar Kart, over to our house. Brock just set up and performed in the living room. It went over very well.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Since we travel a lot, our hobby is eating out. When we go somewhere new, we always ask to eat at the best place in town. That does not necessarily mean the most expensive place. It means the best tasting. We'd rather try something new than eat at a chain restuarant. We like to try what they are known for in that area. For example, when we are in Chicago, we eat deep dish pizza. In Buffalo, we eat chicken wings. I can only remember on two occasions not trying what they were famous for and that was the slug burgers in Mississippi and the vegemite in Australia. That is only because the locals advised against trying it.

We definately have our favorite places. Yesterday, we were able to dine at one of those select restuarants. It is a mexican restuarant called Pappasitos. It was just as fabulous as I remembered. Pappasitos is a small chain that was exclusive to Texas until recently. They just built one in Atlanta within the last couple of years. They have some of the best fajitas that I've ever tasted, and I've had my fair share of fajitas.

Here is a list of my top restuarants:

1. Marina Cafe---Destin, FL
It is right on a marina, so you can watch the boats coming in. It is rather pricey, but if you go between 5pm and 6pm, the entrees are buy one get one free. Everything is wonderful, but the redfish is the best.

2. Steam Boat Bill's---Lake Charles, LA and Hendersonville, TN
This restuarant is a cajun favorite. Brock enjoyed going to Steam Boat's when he was back home in Louisianna. To our surprise, we found another one in Nashville where we live now.

3. Gino's East---Chicago, IL
I love pizza and Chicago has the best!

4. Anywhere in New York City, NY
It's crazy, but all of the restuarants are great. You can get anything that you want. Brock was in the mood for authentic tacos once while we were in The City. We drove right up to a taco place on 9th street and ate authentic tacos that tasted just like the ones we had in Mexico.

5. Phillip's---Annapolis, MD
Maryland has these crabcakes that are amazing! Many restuarants say that they serve "Maryland crabcakes", but if it's not near Maryland, chances are it's not the real thing.

These are probably my top five restuarants in the country. However, I'm always trying new things so this list could change!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Show in Georgia

The show in Georgia this weekend did not go very smoothly (go to to learn more about the shows we do). First of all, the stage was half the size of what we really need to do this particular show. The guys that were helping us tried to compensate by adding sheets of plywood laying over some cinder blocks. It worked until we neared the end of the show, and we could not get our props backstage. The props would not roll over the makeshift stage. Illusions were falling down, Brock was chunking things off of the stage in order to clear some room, and there was a dead time while we tried to deal with the props. Brock apologized for all of the noise as he let the crowd know that we had a few problems. Later, one of the promotors said that he didn't hear anything. I think this guy was just being nice because one of our friends that came with us this trip said that it was rather loud.

There were other setbacks. One of the light trees kept throwing a breaker, so four times during the show, half of the lights went out. I actually sneezed in one of the illusions. To my knowledge, this was the first time. I think that I normally, subconsciously, hold it in until I get backstage. This time, I was in a barrel, so I guess I thought that I was hidden. Nobody really noticed except Brock and the volunteers onstage. We had to scratch one of the illusions because we didn't have a sketch pad. You wouldn't think that a sketch pad could make or break a trick, but in this case it does. I realized that the sketch pad was missing right before we were to do this illusion. In a split second, I had to debate on trying to find something else to replace it that would function as a sketch pad or go on to the next trick. I opted for the latter. If I had more time, I might have been able to think of an alternative. These are the calls that I have to make, because Brock is onstage and cannot think about anything except the trick that he is doing right at that moment which takes a lot of concentration. He relies on me to think ahead.

Despite all of the difficulty, the Lord still used us. Twenty-eight people gave their lives to Christ (something that I never tire of seeing). The people thouroughly enjoyed the show, and the promotors and helpers were so loving. One of the guys that helped us load our equipment into the building, Josh, was the strongest guy that I had ever met. He put cases on the stage with little effort that normally take two to four strong men to lift. He would do anything we needed. Also, their was a little 5 year old girl named Taylor. As I was packing up everything, she just followed me. At first, I talked with her a little. Then, I had to continue working and I noticed a little shadow. She didn't talk, she just watched me. It was rather sweet and somehow comforting having her by my side as I worked. You never know who is watching you do life.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Today, we leave to present a show in Newnan, GA. It is about a six hour drive and we loose an hour due to the time change. When we arrive, we will load out all of the equipment, set up the stage, perform the show, tear down the equipment, load out all of the equipment and load it back into the trailer. Hopefully, we will eat dinner and get to our hotel at a decent time. It is a very tiresome day. I know, I've done it so many times before.

We now have a new road manager, Duane. He will be a huge help once he learns the ropes. He's only been with us for a few weeks, but I think he is getting the idea of what it is like for us on the road. The above itinerary occurs only when everything goes smoothly. We have things go wrong OFTEN.

One of Duane's first trips out with us, we almost got carjacked, robbed, or something. We stopped at a truck stop in Alabama (we drive a big freightliner with an rv conversion and a 36 ft. trailer). I had just awaken from a nap and decided to go into the store. When I walked out, I saw Brock pull the truck up and then start driving away. I started walking quickly, then running, and finally sprinting toward the truck. I was about to be left without a phone somewhere in Alabama! I caught up to the passengers' side just enough to bang my hand once against the door. Brock paused briefly, I climbed in, and he took off.

I then learned that not only did Brock think that I was still sleeping in the back, but he also believed that he was a target of foul play. A guy had come up banging on Brock's window on the driver's side. He wanted Brock to leave his truck right then to come and see this guy who had just won the lottery. He was so urgent in his delivery that Brock was suspicious and didn't get out of the truck. The guy continued to follow after Brock as long as he could run alongside the truck which was basically until we got completely out of the parking lot (the freightliner is not exactly a race car).

Brock has the gift of discernment and he was discerning that something was not right. He figured that this guy was either going to get him away from the truck so that he could get him back behind other trucks and rob him or someone could take the truck, or maybe he saw me go in and wanted to get Brock away from the truck so that I was alone. Either way, Brock was correct in that something wasn't right because we found out that the state of Alabama doesn't even have a lottery.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Happy Fun Day

Yesterday was a "Happy Fun Day." Since we travel often, we sometimes go a while without taking a whole day off. Even when we are at home, we've got a lot of things to do such as talking on the phone, answering e-mails, repairing equipment that broke on our last trip, getting ready to go out again, working on our new dvd, and so much more. This can get very tiresome, and I'm afraid that it may eventually lead to burnout.

I just read Exodus. In The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:8), the Lord clearly says that you can work six days out of the week, but you must rest one day. So many Sundays we are out on the road working. Therefore, we decided to try this Happy Fun Day. A Happy Fun Day is one day that we select out of the week to not work. The rule is that we can talk about work casually with friends if we want, but we must not actually work (go to to find out more abut what we do). Also, we must spend a lot of time with the Lord.

Yesterday was awesome! The snow melted away, and it turned into a beautiful day. After sleeping in until 9:30am (Brock didn't get home until after 2am that morning working on the dvd), we had a casual morning at the house. Then, we went to the gym and worked out. After our workout, we drove to a beautiful spot on top of a mountain and read our own personal Bible studies. We shared with each other what we were learning. Next, we went to a skatepark. Everything was great until I crashed HARD! We both decided that skateboarding is not for me. I just cannot get it. I'm not coordinated enough, but Brock is going to continue. He's a natural skater.

By the time we left the skatepark, it was 4:30pm. We went to the mall, the Christian bookstore, and a couple of motorcycle shops until it was time to meet our friends for dinner at 7:30. We ate at this wonderful place in Franklin, TN called The Saffire. We had a great time chatting with our dear friends. I began to feel pain from my fall at the skatepark more and more as we got further into the night, so we left after dinner to go home and just watch some tv. It was truly a fabulous day of allowing our minds to escape the stresses of work and spending quality time together as well as with the Lord.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Medicine or Natural Remedies

I cannot shake these sinus problems. At least, I'm not down for the count as I was before. Now, I just sneeze every now and then causing only short interruptions in my day. Brock was also sick for a while. He's a lot better now as well. Yesterday, he complained about his throat only once.

It seems that everyone is sick at the present time. It's probably due to the weather. Last Saturday was one of those nice days in the 70's here. Today, I woke up to snow on the ground. I don't know too much about sickness and the cause of it. I only studied in psychology (my major in college) that their is an actual, physical virus that you catch, but it only causes 20% of your illness. The other 80% is in your head. Therefore, I always try to sway my brain the other direction. I tell it, "You are not sick! You are just tired. Rest today, and you will be just fine in the morning." You'd be surprised. Nine times out of ten, it works!

Everybody has their own way of dealing with sickness. Brock studies the foods that help fight off certain illnesses. He tells me to eat strawberries and grapes to boost my immune system. My friend, Jennifer, has these pills that are some kind of home remedy. You take these pills and it allows your body to take care of the pain or disease. If I simply fall off of my skateboard, she hands me this little, white pill to help diminish the bruising. She says that it works.

I felt a sinus infection creeping up last week. Infections are difficult to reason with. They grab on and will not let go until you feed it antibiotics. In order to get the antibiotics, you have to go to the doctor and all of that stuff. I'm not a big fan, so I do whatever it takes to up my immune system. Sometimes, I take the vitamin echinacea. It seems to help me when it comes to sinus infections. However, on the bottle, it warns not to take it more than 6 weeks in a row. What happens after 6 weeks? Would I turn blue? Would I blow up? (Maybe this is what causes spontaneous combustion.) Therefore, I am a little leery of taking this vitamin.

I try the echinacea anyway. In fact, I try all of the treatments mentioned above excluding seeing a doctor. That is a last resort. I figure it wouldn't hurt to eat fruit, take some little pills, take echinacea (as long as it's not for more than 6 weeks), or try tricking my brain into thinking that it is not sick. What do you do when you are sick? Do you think any of these remedies are bogus? What do you think happens after taking echinacea for 6 weeks?

E-mail me at with your thoughts. I will post some if not all of them anonymously next wednesday on this site.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Niagra Falls

I'm ready for spring! It is still really cold here in Nashville. Today is one of those days that is bitterly cold where the dreary sky looks like it could rain at any second and you can feel the moisture in the air. Added to that is an occassional wind that rips right through you allowing you to feel it down to the bone despite the amount of layers you are wearing. A day like today is common around here in the winter months. Sure there are a few sporadic days where there isn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature is in the 70's. Nashville had one of those days last Saturday. However, I was in New York in the snow.

We performed a show south of buffalo Friday night (go to to learn more about the shows we do), so we drove the extra miles north to visit Niagra Falls the following day. Brock and I had already been before, but our new road manager, Duane, had not hence the decision to go. Also, I've heard that you need to see the Falls in the winter because it is frozen over. Plus, when we went back in the fall of 2001, I had not yet taken up photography as a hobby. I anticipated many good pictures this time.

Upon starting the excursion that morning, it looked as if it would be a perfect day. There was snow on the ground, but it wasn't snowing at the time. In fact, it looked as if the sun was trying to peak out and just might stay. The closer we got to our destination, the more overcast it got. As we drove into Niagra Falls, it started snowing slightly. By the time we parked and walked to the observation deck, it was coming down blizzard form. I would snap a few shots out on the deck and then run for cover. Needless to say, my pictures did not turn out quite as I had wished. The visibility at times was just a few feet.

Although the conditions were not optimal, we still had a great time. We road in the trolley around the park. I called it a winter wonderland because the trees were coated in white. They said that the trees near the water stay white nearly all winter because there is constant percipitation due to the mist created by the Falls. On average, 750,000 gallons of water fall every second so you can imagine the amount of mist that produces!

When we arrived back at the truck, I realized that I had no clue what the time was. Normally, I am very time conscious. On this particular day, I didn't have anywhere I had to be at any certain time, so I didn't even acknowledge it. We ate when we got hungry and stayed as long as we felt like it. There was no schedule. I wonder why we as Americans are so scheduled? We have to be to a certain degree so that we can stay organized. I think that I can become obsessive about it though. Next week, I'm going to do an experiment. For a whole day, I will not refer to any clocks. I'll let you know how it goes.