Friday, March 31, 2006

Sightseeing in LA with My In-Laws

Brock's parents drove our truck to California for us. They arrived yesterday and we hit the town. We ate some fish tacos and a pizzookie for lunch at BJ's. Then, we went to the Kodak theater and Man's Chinese Theater. That's where all of the actors' stars are on the ground. We took lots of pictures with the Hollywood sign as well as grabbed something at Starbucks. My in-laws don't have a Starbucks at home.

Then, we drove to Venice Beach. Brock and I had never been there. It's really cool. This is the place where you see people roller skating and skateboarding on the beach in the movies. The beach has basketball courts and a park. It's lined with shops and stuff. Most of the people there were very different. We saw more dope in one place than I had ever seen. Brock's mom told Brock, "There are only two unusual people here. That's your dad and me." It was strange, but Brock's all-American parents really did stand out at Venice Beach.

We ate at an organic vegetarian place for dinner. It was really good and easy on my stomach. We then went to a chocolate place and got some fine chocolate.

Since we were right down the street from 3rd Street Prominade in Santa Monica, we took Brock's parents there. After looking in a few of the shops, we noticed a couple of children talking in front of a camera. As we were watching Brock's dad said to me, "I bet Brock would be great at this." Just then, one of the producers walked over and asked Brock to go next. They even got Brock's parents to participate. It was something for Nickelodeon. Not only did my in-laws visit LA, but they became instant TV stars!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Day in LA

Yesterday was a great day in LA. Brock had a meeting with a stunt guy, so we went to a studio to meet with him. He was at Sony Pictures Studio working on the set of Spiderman 3. He showed us all around the set. It was really cool. I've seen sets before, but not one for a movie with so many special effects. They had elaborate sets that looked like they could be manipulated during an action scene. It's really difficult to describe, but it's amazing!

Then, we went to a chocolate photo shoot. We went with our friend, Mike Trozzo, who seems to do random stuff much of the time. When we reached the studio they used for the chocolate photos, there were several fashion sketches scattered around. The guy said that we had just missed Molly Sims by about 15 minutes. We were able to sample some of the chocolate!

After that, we went to 3rd Street Prominade in Santa Monica to look for new show clothes. It's a fun place to shop. You can find reasonable stuff, but it can be very expensive as well. Two times Brock tried on jeans that he really liked only to find out that they were hundreds of dollars! We'll buy our jeans at home. However, he did find some cool pants, a shirt, and a blazer. I found a one-of-a-kind shirt as well for a great price!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

We fly to California today. Honestly, I'm not ready to go. I haven't been home very long, and I've been sick most of the time. However, I really like California. Pray for us the next few weeks. We're in California until Sunday. We come home just in time for GMA week at which Brock has many interviews and events. Then, we leave that weekend for Atlanta for the conference tour. After that, we go to a Freedom Experience in Kentucky. Finally, we'll be able to rest when we return home on the 14th of April!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Mute Math Concert

Last night, we went to see Mute Math. I though that the concert began at 6pm, so Brock rushed back into town and met me at 5pm for dinner. Luckily, one of our favorite restaurants was next door to the concert venue. We ate dinner and watched as the line to get in the door continued to grow and grow. Some of our friends came into the restaurant and told us that there were three opening bands that would not begin playing until 7pm. So, we stayed in the restaurant for 3 and 1/2 hours. People we knew kept coming into the restaurant. We probably saw 40 or more people that we knew. It was fun hanging out with people that I haven't seen in a while.

We finally went to the concert at around 9pm. Mute Math rocked! They were the best band that I've seen in a long time. The drummer is the most energetic drummer that I've ever seen. He had his ear piece monitor duct taped to his head. At one of their concerts in the past, he had to go get in the shower because he was overheated. The lead singer had a look of surprise on his face the entire time that made you feel like a kid having a good time. He was formerly in a band called Earthsuit. We've worked with them on occasion. He's a really nice guy, and he likes magic!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


You that read this blog and pray must have a direct line to the Father. Everytime I put a prayer request on this blog, it's taken care of within the hour. I usually acclimate very well to different places and time zones and such. However, for some reason, this week has been rough. My stomach has been jacked up from the different foods I'd eaten in Alaska. Although the food was great, it was too different for my body to handle. I don't have exhaustion anymore, but I haven't been sleeping too well. Then, I think that I might have done a little more damage to my shoulder when I went snowmobiling.

Whenever I posted that request the other day, everything seemed to get better. I woke up this morning feeling great! I slept so much yesterday and last night. I think that I still needed more rest. Keep praying for my shoulder though. Eventually I'm going to need surgery. We just need to know when and how to make that possible. Thanks for your prayers. Your prayers are very powerful.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Please Pray for My Shoulder

Please pray for my shoulder. For some reason, my right shoulder produced little bone fragments instead of the lubricant that it's supposed to produce. Now, some of the fragments have wedged into my rotator cup making motion hard to do. It hasn't been too much of a problem. I just can't hang. I don't know when you need to hang as an adult. The only way to fix it is through surgery. This surgery would cost me around $2,500 out of pocket and a few months out of work to recover. We've been wanting to schedule a time to get it fixed, but have not. It hasn't caused me any pain until the last couple of days. Over the last few days, the pain has increased and the mobility has decreased. Please pray that it will get better on its own at least until I can schedule to have the surgery.

Funny Stuff in Alaska

Brock performs an escape called the 100 feet of rope challenge. He brings some boyscouts up onstage and gets them to tie him up in 100 feet of rope anyway they want to head to foot. While we were in Alaska, Brock escaped out of the rope several times. Two times, they tied him to a column. That's never happened before. One time, the guys onstage were not doing a very good job, so Brock invited anyone who wanted to help to come to the stage. Twenty people stormed the stage. They proceeded to tackle Brock to the ground and tie him up. I helplessly stood by and watched. It was actually rather funny. Nobody thought that Brock could escape at this point...he did in about 2 and 1/2 minutes! All he has to show for it is a serious rope burn.

Brock made us pull over on the side of the road and take a picture of a political sign. It was the guy running for mayor of Anchorage...his name was JACK FROST. Can you believe that a guy in Alaska is named that? We took a picture of the sign stuck down into the snow. You see crazy things on the road sometimes.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Facts About Alaska

Alaska is three times the size of Texas and 1/5th of the United States.

It has around 600,000 in population and half of that population live in Anchorage.

They call us down here "the lower 48."

"The bush" refers to places in which you cannot reach by car. There are no roads to the bush.

There are eskimos. They often times live in the bush.

North Alaska gets 24 hours of sunlight in the summer and 24 hours of darkness in the winter. Anchorage gets only a few hours of sunlight in the winter. While we were there, the hours of light and darkness were fairly normal. They are gaining 45 minutes of light a week there right now.

Certain parts of Alaska can get down to -80 degrees during the winter.

Mt. McKinley is 20,000 feet and is the highest peak in North America.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Most Miserable Day of My Life

Yesterday was the most miserable day of my life. You might think that I'm using a cliche, but it literally was the most miserable day of my life!

It began when I woke up in my hotel room yesterday morning at around 5am. I could barely get up out of the bed because I was so sore. My whole upper body was still tense from trying to hang on to the back of the snow machine. Brock is 6'4", so he didn't fit very well on the snow machine as it was...add me to the back and it wasn't very comfortable. We had to double up on the way and way back to the area where we were able to go out on our own. The ride back was brutal.

Then, we ate breakfast and I had some reindeer sausage. I had also eaten several other things that I would normally not have eaten while I was in Alaska, such as fried Alaskan King crab nuggets, fried halibut, caribou (which is another name for reindeer) jerkey, and gourmet pizza. Just as we reached the airport, my stomach was feeling woosy.

I began to feel worse and worse. After our 5 hour flight from Anchorage to Minneapolis, I felt like I couldn't stay on that plane another minute. Then, when we were eating at the airport, I began to get hot and uncomfortable. I've almost fainted three times in my life. You get hot and everything starts to close in on you. All three times, I was able to breath heavily and ward off passing out. So, here I was in the middle of a crowded food court about to pass out.

This is when Brock began to really worry about me. He decided that I had exhaustion. When I thought about it, it was a plausible explaination. I haven't really stopped since Disney World. Plus, the time change was so different in Alaska that I never really slept very well.

Somehow, I made it home. Can you imagine being nauseous and feeling faint on a plane? It's the worst. Then, of course, they lost our luggage with all of our toiletry stuff in it. That really topped the day off nicely.

However, I just woke up this morning feeling great. I slept 10 hours last night. I don't know if I've ever done that before. I'm also not as sore today, and usually, I'm more sore on the second day. So, everything is okay now!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Day Five in Alaska

We had a blast yesterday. We went snowmobiling, or snow machining. That's what they call it in Alaska. The weather was perfect for riding. We had just received some fresh snow the day before (probably about 6 inches or so). The temperature warmed up to 36 degrees.

We rode through the trees and over rivers. The area where we cut loose and had open range was a lake. You wouldn't know that there was water under us. It just looked like a snowy field. It was beautiful.

I must say, everywhere I look in Alaska is georgeous! The ground is white, the trees green, and the mountains purple. It's an amazing place.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Day Four in Alaska

Yesterday was tough. We did three shows. Last night was the last show of nine since we've been here in Alaska. We are whiped out.

It snowed all day yesterday. The snow was pretty, and everyone said that it was a typical day in Alaska. Again, I tried to pretend that I lived here and we were going to church in the morning and night. However, it didn't work yesterday...

We've been away from home for over three weeks now and I'm ready to get back. The people are really nice here and it's an awesome state, but honestly, I was slightly homesick yesterday. I'm anxious to get back home and stay in my house and see my friends. I want to cook our own food and eat out on the back patio. I want to hang out at the Cocoa Tree and the coffee shop. It goes to show you how much people love home no matter where they live. You could be in the most awesome place and still miss home.

The good news is that we will be home tomorrow night. I'm usually ready to get home just a couple of days before it's time, but we're going snowmobiling today. That will be fun!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day Two in Alaska

I saw a moose! We were driving down the road and it was coming down the hill to cross the street. It was amazing to see. We also saw a bald eagle. It was beautiful. It's shape was so distinctive and regal. The eagle was perched up in a tree and we snapped some shots of it with our zoom lense. Then, it began to soar along with another eagle throughout the mountains. It was incredible!

Yesterday, they took us on a georgious drive. We went into the mountains along the ocean. There were glaciers everywhere. At one point, we stopped and got out to go take a closer look. There was a huge rock out in the water. By the time I had put my gloves on and got my camera ready, Brock was at the top of the rock.

It was colder yesterday and windy. I can honestly say that the time we spent outside of the car at that spot was the coldest I've ever been. The local guy said that it was definately below zero with the wind chill factor. My hands hurt for at least ten minutes after we had returned to the warm car. They were so red. Later, one of the locals said that I probably did have a slight form of frost bite.

The show went well. Over 50 Alaskans gave their lives to Christ...students as well as adults. The crowd was a little rowdy. I don't think that they are accustomed to having many shows, so I don't think they know quite how to act at one. However, they were a really fun audience.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Day One in Alaska

We're staying in a hotel that has a feel like an apartment. We have a small kitchen area and a bay window with some cushions to sit. Since I've been waking up so early, I sit in that bay window reading my books and watching the sun come up over the snow covered mountains. It's really nice. I don't usually do this, but since we are staying in this same hotel for 6 nights, I placed all of our clothes in drawers. So, I'm sort of pretending that I live here right now. We go out and work everyday, but we have some time off everyday too. For example, yesterday we did a few school assemblies during the day but had the evening off. Today, we have the day off and perform tonight.

Last night, we ate at a place called Humpy's. I had halibut tacos. They were fabulous. Then, we drove to the chocolate factory. They had a large chocolate waterfall. I wanted to drink from the waterfall, but I found out that the chocolate in it was 5 years old!

We did a little shopping. We bought Brock a coat. (I accidently left his in the truck back in Florida.) We also bought a knife called an ulu. They have a handle and a circular shaped blade. The natives invented it for skinning seals or something. My friend that used to live here said they are really good. She and her mom had me buy them one while I was here. Brock was really excited about it. We got the knife, the cutting bowl, and an instructional video to go with it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Longest Day of My Life

Yesterday was the longest day of my life...literally. It began when I woke up in Florida at 7am. Even though we had gone to bed late the night before, I decided to go ahead and get up. I knew that it would take me an hour to try and get back to sleep anyway, so I got up and packed everything up. Therefore, whenever the rest of my family woke up about 8:30am, I was able to spend what little time I had left eating breakfast and talking with them.

We drove to the airport around 10:45am and flew out at 1:15pm Eastern Standard Time. We landed in Anchorage, AL last night at around 8:15pm Alaska time which is one hour ahead of Pacific Time. Can you believe that we're four hours ahead here? (That's why it's 4:30am as I write this.)

The flying time alone was about 9 hours yesterday. It takes less time to fly to England. Not that I'm complaining. I loved being in Florida and I love being in Alaska. It was just crazy going from the furthest southeast state to the most extreme northwest. The high in Florida was 91 degrees. Here the high is 22 degrees and they're happy about it. We went from white sandy beaches to snow on the ground. This is a crazy life we lead.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Grandma

It was great to visit with my family. I love my grandma. She has a very quick wit. Recently, a lady visiting her and Papa in the hospital had on a cute jogging suit. Grandma told her that she really liked it and would like to have it after it was worn out. The lady went home, washed the outfit, and gave it to Grandma the next day. Grandma told her that she felt bad because it was almost like she asked for it. The lady told her not to steal her joy of being able to give. Without missing a beat, Grandma said, “Well, I really like your purse.”

Since Papa died, Grandma seems to be holding up well. She forgets that he’s gone sometimes. She said that she would be reading a sympathy card and think that she needed to tell Papa about the card.

She lives on “Golden Gate Boulevard.” That’s the actual street name. I don’t know how I feel about that. Her sister lives right down the street and she has lots of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren living in the same town. So, she is surrounded by a lot of people that care about her. She’s a wonderful lady.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Free Ticket

The other day when we were entering Disney World, an older women standing in line in front of us could not get her ticket to work. The ticket taker impatiently told her that the ticket was for the wrong day and that she would have to go to the ticket counter and purchase another ticket. The lady looked very confused and told her that she had just bought the ticket from the ticket counter a few minutes earlier. As the lady’s family, grandchildren and children, waited for her inside the park, the Disney worker continued arguing with the elderly lady.

We had an extra ticket, so Brock simply handed her a new ticket with no explanations. The older woman’s eyes grew big. After the ticket went thru with no problems, the lady as well as the Disney worker agreed that it was the nicest gesture they’d seen. Then, the lady quickly grabbed my hand and said, “You’ve got a great guy there.”

The timing was perfect. It was so satisfying to encounter someone that needed something and be able to fulfill that need so perfectly. I can assure you that nobody around us had an extra ticket, and judging by the Disney ticket taker’s reaction, nobody had ever so freely given a ticket to a stranger.

It didn’t cost us anything to give the women our extra free ticket. Maybe you will see someone in need of something this week and be able to fulfill that need. If you are able, do it, because it will be just as much of a blessing to you as to the one in need.

Pocket Full of Rocks CD

One of my favorite bands is releasing their new album today. The band is called Pocket Full of Rocks. Go to your local Christian bookstore and buy it. You won’t be sorry. He is such an anointed worship leader.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Friends and Family

We ended up getting back at around 1:30am after the Supercross. That wasn't too bad. Then, we did another day of shows. My mom flew in Friday night and came with my aunt to the show yesterday. After we finished our last illusion. I packed everything in the cases and all of our luggage for this week and next in Alaska. I left the actual loading into the trailer up to Brock and Stephy.

Mom, my Aunt June, and I went to Daytona last night. We visited with some friends from a long time ago. I've been out of Daytona for 14 years now, but it's funny how it's still home. I guess wherever you grow up is always special.

Today, we're going to stay with my grandma. Dad is flying in tomorrow. It's going to be a great time with family that I don't get to see as often as I would like.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I’m sitting at the Daytona Speedway’s parking lot. We performed in Orlando tonight, and were off of the stage at 8:40pm. Then, we flew the 50 miles to Daytona in order to see the Supercross. The main race began at 10pm. We arrived at 9:50pm. We watched the 30 minute race and the after interviews. It was exciting! This is Brock’s highlight of the year.

Now, I’m wondering if it was such a good idea. I cannot even back up the car right now. The parking lot is grid locked. Plus, the car that’s sitting behind me has not begun to move. I don’t know what I’m going to do…I have a full day schedule ahead of me tomorrow. We have to be at the venue at 8am.

Sometimes. Brock and I don’t think practically when it comes to fun stuff and cool life experiences. Maybe I could sleep in the car. I can literally sleep on the roof if I needed to. I have the “gift of the road” (meaning that I can sleep anywhere).

It was an exciting race though. I enjoy watching any kind of races live, but dirt bikes are my favorite!

Four Parks in One Day

We did it! We went to all four Disney parks in one day. We were exhausted last night, but we were able to ride every single ride that we wanted to except for Pirates of the Carribean. It's closed because they are refurbishing.

First, we went to the Magic Kingdom because I knew we wanted to get to that park. We went to Space Mountain which had no wait! That's never happened to me in my Disney World experience. We also went to Buzz Light Year, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, Mad Tea Cups, and the Haunted House.

Brock could barely fit in the tea cups due to his long legs. Then, we got tired of spinning, so we just stopped. If you've never had the priveledge of riding the tea cups, there is a wheel in the center that you spin yourself causing your entire "tea cup" to whirl around. Brock looked at the little girls in the next tea cup and said, "Mine isn't spinning, I don't know what to do!" They tried to explain how to do it, but Brock just acted as if he was confused. After the ride was over, one of the little girls ran right up to her mom and said, "Mommy, the big guy didn't know how to spin the wheel!" It was hilarious.

We finished our last ride in the Magic Kingdom at around 2:30. Then, we took a bus to the Animal Kingdom. We rode the twisty ride in Dinoland, the new one "Everest Expedition," and the safari. We left at about the time it closed around 5pm.

Next, we were off to MGM. We got there right at 5 when the stunt show began. It was perfect timing. Then, we rode the Tower of Terror and the Rock n' Roller Coaster. The beginning of that ride was an adrenaline rush to say the least. We barely got out of there before it closed at 7pm.

Epcot was last. We went to Mission:Space and the test drive dummy ride. By that time, we were hardly able to stand. We went to a sushi restaurant at the Swan Resort and rested our tired feet. We walked for almost 12 hours! It was worth it though...what a great day!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Disney Tickets

On the drive to Florida, we were talking about how much we wanted to go to Disney World but how expensive the tickets are. One of the girls said that she didn't know if she could afford it. We didn't want to go without her.

So, Brock began calling some people to see if anyone could get discounted tickets. He called several people with no luck. A couple of people even said that it was nearly impossible to get Disney tickets. One of our friends said that he had met someone once who told him that he could get tickets. However, when our friend called the guy's office, the secretary said that he would be out of the country until April. Therefore, we didn't get our hopes up.

We decided that maybe we would just get tickets to the magic kingdom and we'd all chip in for the other girl's ticket. Still, the tickets were rather steep.

Last night, our friend called us and said that there would be tickets for us waiting at the guest relations at the park. They are hopper passes (meaning we can go to all of the Disney parks) and free!

We are all so excited! I'll blog about our experience on Friday.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I just love Florida. It puts me in a good mood as soon as I land on the plane there or cross the state line in a vehicle. Something about Florida lightens me. Also, I grew up there, so it's still home. Maybe that's why it makes me feel lighter and more free...because when I lived here, I was a child with very few cares in the world.

Brock loves Florida too because he loves the beach and the sun. Therefore, anytime we have a show there, we go early or stay late in order to spend some time there. In this case, we're doing both. We are going there early with Stephanie and one of her friends. Her grandparents live in Cocoa Beach. Some of our friends own a house only 10 miles away from Stephy's grandparents' house, so we are staying at their place. We plan to go to Disney World one day (to which Brock has never been) and lay around at the beach.

Then, we have shows in Orlando this weekend. After that, we plan to stay and hang out with my family in Lakeland. That's where my grandma and my aunts and uncles live. My parents are flying in that week to visit as well. It's going to be great!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Union Workers

It was tough this weekend because we had to deal with union workers at the venue. I'm sure that union stuff started out as a noble cause, but it's become ridiculous. We couldn't put our props on the stage...they had to do it.

During our lunch break, we weren't allowed to bring in food. However, we were working thru lunch, so someone had already picked up our lunch and brought it to the venue. We had to sneak the food in the building by way of a road case and go into a separate room to eat.

The show was great though. The crowd was energetic. It was held in the same arena that we were in on the Winter Jam tour a couple of years ago. The floor was ice (for hockey) with thin, plastic pieces covering it. It was slick and cold!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Luncheon Part II

Sorry that I left you hanging. We were in St. Louis all weekend with no internet access.

The story Brock told at the luncheon was this:
A few years ago, Brock and I were sitting on the beach in Pensacola, FL at around dusk. We watched as a couple of twenty something aged people went into the water with their clothes on. They were splashing around and stuff.

Then, a guy walked in front of us and looked at the couple in the water and then looked at us. The guy in the ocean was waving his hands at the guy walking by. Brock thought they knew him, but I heard them screaming "Help!" The guy only paused to look and then kept on walking. Brock, on the other hand, went into the water.

The couple didn't look like they were in trouble. They were just standing there in the water. However, we both figured that maybe they were drunk and having trouble getting to shore.

When Brock reached them in the water, the girl was already in stage 2 of drowning meaning she was bobbing up and down. So, Brock picked her up and the guy hung onto his arm. Brock was still confused as to why they were having so much difficulty until he turned around to go to the shore. They were caught in the worst riptide that I've ever heard of. He said the whole 5 foot wall of water was pushing them out to sea.

Brock looks at me on the shore and says very seriously, "Go get help." My adrenaline shot thru the roof! I still didn't know what was going on except that something was going very wrong. I ran up the first steps that I could find screaming for help. There was a bar at the pool area at the top of the stairs. All of the men sitting at the bar started pulling off their watches and following me.

By the time we got to Brock and the couple, they were just approaching the shore. Once they got onto the sand, they all fell down exhausted. In fact, Brock was so worn out that he went to sleep that night at 8:30 and slept all night long.

That evening, Brock saved two people's lives. The couple said that they were so close to drowning.

At this point, Brock looked at the crowd of business people and said that there were three types of people in the story. One is the person in need; one is the person who looked but didn't do anything about it; and the other is the person that actually did something to help the people in need. He said that we already know that we have several in need, so which one of the other two are you? Will you just stay on the shore and watch, or will you actually do something to help people?

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Brock spoke at a luncheon today in Prattville, AL in order to promote the Freedom Experience that we are doing there in November. It consisted of mostly business people on their lunch break.

When it came to Brock's turn to speak, I wondered what these business people thought of him. He was definately the most casual dressed person in the room. Plus, he looks more like a rockstar. However, I think that he won over the entire crowd by the end.

First, he pointed out the statistics of drug and alcohol use among students:
Grade/percentage of alcohol use/percentage of drug use
These stats speak for themselves. I was surprised at the percentage of 6th graders that drink and use drugs. Also, the jump between 6th and 7th grade is rather disturbing. We need to catch these students early.

Then, he explained that things have changed even since we were in high school. He said that we went from a microwave generation to a myspace generation (if you don't know what myspace is, you are probably under age 25). He also said that every student is A.D.D. (we probably made them that way by creating high speed internet and such). Brock continued that our message is the same, but our methods must be different in order to reach this generation.

He then shared a story that happened to us a few years ago. I'll post that story tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Show Tonight in Georgia

We performed at Mark Hall's church (the lead singer of Casting Crowns). They were really nice. Plus, some people came over from our office and from the radio station in Birmingham. Kristin, who traveled with us last summer came to the show as well. It was fun to hang out with everyone.

Maybe it was because I was having fun with the radio people and the Casting Crowns people, but I had a hard time getting into tonight's show. At one point, I just began praying that the Lord would break me for these students. Whenever I did this drama/illusion called the puppetmaster, I really acted like I was one of those girls in the audience...I felt her pain and confusion (it's a drama where Satan pulls my "strings" and I try all kinds of negative things including drugs and ultimately end up disappearing in the end). At the end of the act, something in my heart had changed. I realized that I was weeping. The Lord totally broke me for the audience. It was a special moment for me, because I know that it was all His doing.