Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chocolate Tasting #1

We are having a chocolate tasting in downtown Franklin Sunday night. Since Brock's parents left today and some of our other friends are going to be out of town Sunday as well, we decided to have one at our house last night. It was so fun!

Brock's parents got to experience a chocolate tasting. Plus, they got to meet some of our friends. They said that they enjoyed watching us all interact and how different we are. We do have a very interesting group!

Brock began to talk about the purpose for the evening. We are trying to help some friends whose baby has had some medical problems. (The guy is in the group Downhere which is an excellent band.) The bills are stacking up and we are trying to relieve some of that pressure. Before Brock even finished talking about it, the youngest person in the group (2 year old Anna) came up to Brock and said, "Here you go, Brock!" With this, she handed him a $50 monopoly money bill that she had in her little purse. Wow! This really encouraged our group to give!!! Out of the mouth of babes.

Friday, May 29, 2009

No Truck Sale

We are trying to sell our big rig and trailer. We haven't used it in years since we fly or drive our pick-up truck and smaller trailer. The Outcast BMX team has been using it the last few years.

Four guys flew in from Louisiana to pick up the truck yesterday. When they got here, they decided that they didn't want it. Can you believe that? They had to buy four more one way tickets back home. They were extremely picky. I think that they expected a new truck. It's 8 years old and has been all over the country. I think that it's in great shape for an 8 year old truck and the price.

The problem is that others were interested in buying the truck before, but we put them off because we thought these guys were going to buy it. Plus, we flew Brock's dad in because he is on the loan. Come to find out, Brock's dad didn't have to be there for the process even if we did sell the truck even though the bank previously told us that he had to! What a frustrating day!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Car Alarm in San Diego

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spirit West Coast

Spirit West Coast was a big festival in California. We've performed there a few times. The difference this year is that not only did Brock do a couple of late night performances, but he performed on the main stage as well. He went right after ReliantK and before MercyMe. He performed the glass walk which went really well, and then spoke and gave an invitation. You never know if you are going to connect with thousands of people outside, but it felt as though he connected very well. Then, the message was so clear and somebody backstage said, "beautiful." The gospel is very beautiful. It was a great that I will remember.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catch Up

I'm back!! We got back in last night. Our sleeping schedule has been a little off since it was a 6 hour time difference in Hawaii. The cool thing is that for once in our lives, Brock and I were on the same sleeping pattern. We woke up at about 6am every morning and went out exploring Kauai. At around 9 or 10 at night, we'd go to sleep. California is 3 hours later than Hawaii, so we were going to sleep later there and waking up later. So, I'm trying to see how long I can keep this sleep schedule going, because now, I sleep in late and go to bed late. Last night, I was really tired but I still didn't go to sleep until midnight or so. Then, I slept until 10am!

Today, I'm cleaning and washing clothes. Tomorrow, Brock's parents come to stay with us until Saturday. That will be fun just to hang out and catch up on everything.

I read your comments about the story of how we got together. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I'm going to tell you all about Hawaii, but first I'll tell you about Spirit West Coast. Then, I'll load up all of the pictures and tell you about Hawaii!!! It was such an adventure!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spirit West Coast

Pray for us tonight. Brock is going to be on the main stage giving the gospel to thousands of people at Sprit West Coast.

Friday, May 22, 2009

THE STORY OF US: Pics From 2006-Today

PhotobucketCaswell, NC

PhotobucketUs Protesting "protesting" at the White House in Washington D.C.

PhotobucketDisney World

PhotobucketAnchorage, Alaska

PhotobucketIn our dressing room at the Dove Awards when Brock presented "Artist of the Year."

PhotobucketMonterey, CA with our new sea lion friend.

PhotobucketFalls Creek Falls in East Tennessee

PhotobucketWe rode the Dragon on our motorcycle. It has 318 curves in 11 miles.

PhotobucketUs at Stephanie's crazy dress up party.

PhotobucketAt the Dove Awards the year that we performed at it.

PhotobucketPlaying in a fountain in downtown Nashville.

PhotobucketIn Baja, Mexico where Brock went riding his dirtbike with some friends.

PhotobucketSnorkeling in the Cayman Islands.

PhotobucketAt the southern most part of the continental U.S. in Key West, FL.

PhotobucketAt a chapel in Ecuador where we pretended to get married again.

PhotobucketAt Valentine party where we hosted our first chocolate tasting.

PhotobucketOn a rented moped in the Bahamas.

PhotobucketEating fondue on our 9th wedding anniversary.

PhotobucketWest Colorado

PhotobucketSeaside, FL

PhotobucketAt the Luxor in Las Vegas.

PhotobucketParasailing in Destin, FL.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

THE STORY OF US: Pics From 2003-2005

PhotobucketSnowmobiling at Wolf Creek, Colorado.

PhotobucketOn our motorcycle in Florida.

PhotobucketAt the marina beside Marina Cafe in Destin, FL.

PhotobucketAt a waterfall near our house in Tennessee.

PhotobucketNew Year's 2004 at our show in Nashville, TN.

PhotobucketOur first cruise

PhotobucketPerforming at Winter Jam 2004.

PhotobucketIn the stands at the Supercross at the Daytona Speedway during Bike Week.

PhotobucketAt a beach in Australia.

PhotobucketAt a beach in Tasmania where Brock went surfing.

PhotobucketAt Cozymel, Mexico where we went to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

PhotobucketOn the roof of the Convention Center at Jekyll Island, GA where we watched the fireworks on 4th of July, 2004.

PhotobucketNavarre Beach, FL

PhotobucketFlounders Restaurant in Pensacola, FL

PhotobucketUs on our skateboards.

PhotobucketAt Niagra Falls park. The mist from the falls made the whole area a winter wonderland.

PhotobucketPanama City Beach, FL

PhotobucketAt Mt Rushmore. The tourist whom I asked to take the picture didn't get the heads in it!

PhotobucketIn a helicopter in Birmingham, AL.

PhotobucketWatching "The Miracles of Jesus" air on the Discovery Channel.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

THE STORY OF US: Pics From 1999-2002

PhotobucketParasailing on our honeymoon which is another thing on my bucket list.

PhotobucketOur first wedding anniversary in Galveston, TX.

PhotobucketOur first "personal" car (meaning not for business). Oh, those poor days when you first get married! This is the only car that we could afford. See the price? We said that if we found a car under $1,000, we'd buy it. Well, this was the only one.

PhotobucketCamping in Arkansas.

PhotobucketThe big truck which was our only home for two years 2001-2002.

PhotobucketOur favorite place to go during our free time...Pensacola Beach.

PhotobucketNiagra Falls

PhotobucketUs on our dirtbikes.

PhotobucketNorth Carolina

PhotobucketAt an alligator area in Louisiana.

PhotobucketOur favorite camping spot...Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach, FL. I don't think that it's there anymore. The hurricanes washed it away.

PhotobucketOutside of one of our favorite restaurants Marina Cafe in Destin, FL.

PhotobucketOn the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, MD.

PhotobucketThe Grand Canyon

PhotobucketAt the only rain forest in the United States. It's in Washington State.