Friday, February 04, 2011

Crazy, Spontaneous Day

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought, "I don't want to do anything I am supposed to do. Instead, I want to be crazy and rebellious!" This is how I felt yesterday. I was so itching to do something so out of the normal that I googled "Crazy and spontaneous things to do." I found a list of 105, but they were stupid. On the list were things like: "Get sent to jail," and "Get your heart broken." Those don't sound very crazy or spontaneous to me.

Then, I looked up to see if there was a wedding going on. (I have always wanted to crash a wedding.) However, they don't just announce weddings online. Plus, it was Thursday...not a big wedding day normally.

Then, it hit me! I did some more research and texted my friend who I was meeting shortly. We were planning on going to a coffee shop. I told her to wear her bathing suit under her clothes because I had a crazy idea. She didn't hesitate. She said that sounded good. I knew she'd be up for it.

I walked into a hotel that had an indoor hot tub. I was dressed like I would be headed down to the pool with sweats and t-shirt as well as flip flops (the the trip through the parking lot was rather cold considering it was 32 degrees). You must have a hotel key to get into the pool area, so my plan was to knock on the door and ask someone that was already in there to open it for me. However, I could see through the window that nobody was swimming. The heated pool and spacious whirlpool looked so inviting. I sat down near the pool entrance and the elevator. By this time, my friend had joined me. We were trying to device a plan to get in. The lobby was so dead this random Thursday. I watched as a few workers passed by, but nobody who looked like they would open the door for me without any questions.

We discussed whether I should just go to the desk and simply explain that I stay in this chain of hotels often (we are diamond members if that tells you how much we stay) and when I stay on bussiness, I usually don't get the time to take advantage of the hot tub. I was in a sneaky mood, though. This would be the easy way out if they even allowed it.

Just then, I saw a worker walk toward the pool. I jumped up and followed him. When he got to the door, he said, "Going in?" A nervous giggle slipped out as I said yes. Then, he held the door for me and that was it. We were in!

We had fun just hanging out together and talking while soaking in the hot tub. Next time, it's going to be difficult to go back to our normal coffee shop.


Anonymous said...

You little criminal! :-0