Monday, May 02, 2011

Show Attendance

The Lord really blessed us with attendance at our shows this Spring. In Hampton, VA, the church sat 1,200 people. It was full. At intermission, Brock went over to the overflow and performed a few illusions there to give them something live. There were 500 people in the overflow!

In DeRidder, LA, the auditorium at the school where we performed the big night show sat 850 people. It was full within the first couple of minutes. The gym which was overflow seating with two huge screens showing a live feed of what was going on in the auditorium had close to 1,500 people in it. Wow! That was exciting! Brock rode his dirt bike while blindfolded off of the stage in the auditorium and down the hall into the gym and back around to the stage. There was so much energy in the place! It was awesome!