Saturday, April 06, 2013

This is War

We are in a spiritual battle. This is war. Sometimes, soldiers get hurt. This thought flashed through my mind as I heard Brock scream in agony as we waited in the emergency room at 7AM this morning. This guy who wouldn't let me take him to the hospital when he was minutes away from death after having an allergic reaction to a wasp sting years ago (we went to a walk-in clinic instead) had agreed to come to the ER. This man who didn't even take ibuprofen after he broke his back 3 years ago was yelling, "Give me a shot, drugs, anything to get relief!" I began to shed quiet tears as I watched my husband in the most excruciating pain. There was nothing I could do but wait on the doctors. Let me back up 12 hours before. I was backstage as Brock was giving the gospel at the end of his show. It was a free event open to the community of Heber Springs, AR held at the local high school. As Brock began sharing his heart, a car alarm sounded right outside. Then, a baby began crying. This was just typical opposition we face especially when we are in a public school. I began praying more fervently. I tweeted and texted calling on others to pray. It worked. 101 people surrendered their lives to Jesus last night. It was quite a victory! Then, at 4:30 this morning, Brock woke with more pain in his back than when he broke it. He paced around the room for 3 hours. After trying everything we could think of, we decided to seek professional help. Finally, Brock was taken back in the ER and given a shot of Demerol. This took his pain from a 10 (well really a 12) to a 6. The doctor came and told me that the CT scan only showed his crushed T-7 from his previous injury. Everything looked good is what he said. He prescribed some pain medication and steroids. We are now back at the hotel and Brock is sleeping peacefully after all of the drugs. I might be a tad dramatic since I've been up since 4:30 but I will tell you this: it's worth the fight! The problem with Satan attacking is that instead of holding us back, it only fuels our fire! Instead of stopping us, it makes us march onward. Also, we have so many praying for us right now. Where there is prayer, there is power. We already know that in the end we will ultimately win. We must fight on!


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