Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After the Break In

It seems that when you pray, you begin with your agenda, but the longer you stay, the more the Lord's agenda comes out. My initial prayer after the break-in was that the guys would not drain our personal and business bank accounts. Since it happened Saturday night, I was not able to cancel my debit cards until Sunday morning and not the checks until Monday morning. So, I prayed continuously for the guys not to go and use the cards or the checks. When I pray, I picture everything. Using Carl's description, I would picture the guys and what they were doing. I pictured them going back to their poor houses and families. Somewhere along the way, I stopped praying about what they would do or not do and simply began praying for them. We had just been at that event with a room full of teenagers hoping for a bright future. I bet none of them would say that they wanted to be a thief when they grew up. No, theft is for desperate people. I had heard some of those desperate stories Saturday. If I had met that lady living on the street when she was 13 years old, I would have wanted to walk up and hand her my stuff. She was desperate! First thing Monday morning, we went to the bank to close our accounts. I nervously shifted in my seat waiting to hear all of the charges that had been wracked up on our accounts. There were 0 charges that came in that weekend! My prayers had been answered. Now, we just needed to see what the insurance would take care of. I had no idea if they would take care of anything. Brock called and they told him that they probably would not cover the business stuff but they would file it anyway. This was bad new since most of the stuff was business anyway. Later that day, I received a phone call from a bank in Atlanta. A guy had seen our checkbooks on the side of the road and picked them up. He turned them into a Regions bank there (he happened to work at a bank and knew this was what you are supposed to do when you find checkbooks). Through this guy, we found out where he found the checkbooks and had someone in Atlanta go look and see if he could find any of our other stuff. I waited anxiously to hear. Maybe I would get my bag back or my books! (I love books can you tell?) Unfortunately, he did not find anything. They literally threw our checkbooks out. I have no idea why except that is what I prayed for. Monday, we replaced most everything because we were going to a show on Wednesday. The good thing is that our computer began acting up on us at the show on Saturday. We were planning on possibly getting a new one Monday anyway. The only thing we could not replace was our introduction videos that we play at our shows. Then, it hit me! I accidentally left a copy of the videos at the show Saturday! I rarely do that. So, I will have them mail it to us. Tuesday morning, our insurance called us and said that they were going to take care of everything with a $1,000 deductible and $200 cash limit. This means that we are only out $1,400 which we would have paid on a new computer anyway. The Lord worked everything out.


Amber said...

YAY for miracles!!!