Monday, September 12, 2011

The Best and Worst Day

Saturday was the best and worst day. We began our day early in the morning in Macon, GA. We performed at the Georgia Youth Summit's Back to School Bash. There were hundreds of students gathered from all over Georgia for this event. I heard some wonderful motivational speakers. It made me want to be a better person. I heard stories from some that had risen up from such a hard life. One lady was homeless at age 13. I heard a teen mom's story who was so desperate that she was preparing to end her life as well as the life of her baby...until she heard one of the speakers, Gabe Salazar. When we took the stage, I looked out at all of the beautiful teens and my heart went out to them. In a room of about 1,000, there was a lot of hurt. However, I know the God who is the ultimate healer. I could not go to each individual person and ask them what was on their heart, but the Holy Spirit could. I prayed for every student in their and their future. God alone holds their futures anyway. The conference was not religious at all, but I felt the Holy Spirit move in ways that I had never felt before. It really was incredible! It was held at a church's sport's center. The lighting guy there said that he felt God in the place as well. He had goose bumps all throughout the day. It was such a great event for us. We left there on a high and went to celebrate at Papacito's in Atlanta. That's when my day took a turn for the worst...