Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Best Birthday Since I was a Kid

I will remember yesterday's birthday forever. As I left my house to go have breakfast with a friend, Andrea Leachman was watching one of my Alias dvd's on our tv. I love those spy shows...lots of action and adventure! My breakfast with Emily was fun. As she got up to leave, she handed me an envelop saying, "Someone in the bathroom told me to give this to you." Before I could ask her any questions, Emily had left the restaurant. Inside the envelop was a note that said... "As a spy you must always find the clues and details. Remember your training, Agent! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this... Find as much intel as you can to locate the double agent in these pictures. We believe he has what we need in a briefcase that will be on his person. Watch for people you may recognize along the way. And no matter what, do not allow yourself to be followed during your mission!!!" The only other thing in the envelop was a picture of Brock with a dark hoody covering most of his face. I looked around the restaurant and did not see anyone I knew. I didn't know what to do, so I began to head for my truck. In the parking lot, Stephanie Smith was sitting in her car honking the horn and yelling, "Hurry! Get in!" She told me to get down because they might see me. I laid down in the passenger seat looking up at the sky as I was driven fast and crazily around town (I found out later that she did crazy eights in an empty parking lot). Then, she took me to a chocolate shop. After talking and eating a few truffles, she said, "You have been spotted! You need to change!" She handed me one of my t-shirts from the backseat and told me to put this on as she began driving us back through town. Before I could say that the shirt was brown and cream and I had on black pants, she said, "He said you have to put it on even if it doesn't match." (Brock knows that I have to match!) Then, she handed me a phone book and told me there was a message inside but it was in code. She took me to J Alexander's where my friend, Danielle Hunt and her baby were waiting for me. I got my favorite dessert in town, the carrot cake, while she ate a salad. Every now and then, she would look around the restaurant nervously. I would look wondering if Brock was there somewhere, but she would go back to talking. After the bill was paid, she said she received some random numbers but felt like it could help me. I looked up the corresponding numbers with the pages in the phone book and on each page, a word was circled. It said, "Party City location at Chicago pizza at 7:30." Then, Danielle said, "Hurry! You've been spotted!" She made me run to the parking lot next door to find a "familiar car" to get away in. After jumping over some bushes, I rounded the corner to see my truck in the parking lot. There was a note on the dash that said I had been spotted and needed to get to the safe house quickly! The gps was programmed to go to this "safe house." It took me to a guitar center. I parked and began to walk in when I saw my friend, Sherri Lynn Sickler sitting in her car by the entrance yelling, "Hurry, get in!" She did much like Steph by making me lay down and I had to change into my biker shorts and tennis shoes. She blindfolded me as she took me into a place that was wall to wall trampolines. We had a blast for an hour even though I looked ridiculous in my brown shirt and black spandex biker shorts. She dropped me off at my car where I found a movie ticket to see "Arno" at the theater in the same parking lot. I realized I only had 5 minutes to get there. When I got into the theater, Brock was sitting in the back. The movie was so on theme like the whole day had been. After the movie, we drove to a new Chicago pizza place in town where 12 other friends joined us for dinner. Right before dinner, I noticed a briefcase in Brock's hand and grabbed it from him! In it was a card and a gift for me. Brock had planned everything to the last detail even down to Alias was playing as I walked back into the house that night because he wanted me to start and end my day with it. He also had water bottles in the cup holders of the truck after I got out of the trampoline place because he knew I'd work up a thirst. He knows that I love adventure and I had an action packed day full of it! It was the best birthday ever!