Tuesday, January 29, 2013

God Gets the Applause

Saturday I nervously headed to the venue for our show alone. Brock was back at the hotel sleeping. Now that he's on 20 something day of his fast, he's a little weaker. Since we had two shows that day and he didn't sleep well the night before, I let him sleep in. The only problem is that I never go to an event without him. We usually have so much to do that it keeps the both of us very busy. How was I going to do this all by myself? I prayed that I would have the strength to pull off both of our jobs setting up. I quickly realized that I wasn't alone. The Lord was working alongside me making everything go smoothly. It was one of the easiest setups ever! The promotor was amazing. The production people were some of the best I've worked with. The bands going on before and after us were easy to work with. It was incredible! The most amazing part was when Brock gave the invitation. Where he lacks in physical strength, he more than makes up in spiritual strength. It is just powerful. My prayer always is that we will be dripping with the Holy Spirit. Right now, He's oozing from every pour of Brock's being. 144 people responded to the gospel. During the invitation, the students who remained in their seats jumped to their feet cheering on the ones who had decided to follow my Lord Jesus! We have received standing ovations before, but saturday, the One who truly deserves it got the applause!