Monday, January 25, 2010

Colon's Tomb

The first day we were in Santo Domingo, we met Javani. He decided to show us around the city using his friend, a cab driver, to drive us. Javani knows very little English, so it was interesting. There were a lot of charades and such. He kept saying that we needed to go to Colon's tomb. We were thinking that we did not know who this Colon was and we didn't care about where he was buried. We went anyway, because Javani kept insisting. He said that he discovered America. However, Colon sounds a lot different than "Christopher Columbus."

Javani took us to this huge monument for this guy. We walked in and saw a big display and a small box. I could hear Javani saying "Columbo" to Brock. Then, Brock walked over to me and said, "Whoever the guy is, he is in that box." On the box the date 1492 was written. I then realized that Javani was talking about Christopher Columbus. I guess that I was under the impression that Columbus came to the U.S. with the pilgrims and such. Teachers, you correct me if I am wrong, but I found out that Christopher Columbus (which is just the English way of saying his name) might not have even come to the U.S. Also, the pilgrims did not come until the 1600's. Christopher Columbus also had a big house in Santo Domingo, but we did not see it. Here's his tomb...Photobucket
Then, they had all of these rooms with a bunch of history from all of the countries discovered.Photobucket
This is JavaniPhotobucket
We also went up to this old fort that had ancient canons just sitting there out in the openPhotobucket
We later ate lunch with Javani and the cab driver. It was a fun day, and we made a new friend.Photobucket


Tom Bailey said...

I have never seen that tomb before. I like your blog.

Tom Bailey

Doris Godbey said...

The fort reminds me of the Old Fort at St. Augustine!

AUNY said...

Yes. Santo Domingo reminded a little of St. Augustine...just more of it.

Barbara said...

wooooooooooooow!! soooo beautiful!