Thursday, January 21, 2010

God's Working in the Midst of a Crisis

If you have not read the few previous blogs, read them before this one. On our drive back to our hotel from Bariela's house, we saw several Red Cross vehicles driving to Port-Au-Prince. We also saw a truck with Haiti tags going toward Santo Domingo. There were a few guys in the back. This is rare. Usually there are several guys in the back (we counted 11 one time). Then, we saw some liquid dripping down the bed of the truck. There is something unmistakable about human blood. That's what it was. Our minds were reminded once again about the tragedy going on down the street.

When we came in after dinner, Paul answered the door. His face looked different. He was not so downcast. He had received word from his sister who lives in Boston. The house in Port-Au-Prince had collapsed, but his son and immediate family were alive! You cannot imagine the relief we all shared. We had been praying hard core for his family especially his 7 year old son. Paul still was dying to be over there, but we knew that he would someday.

Saturday was our final day in the DR. We did some last minute sightseeing and went to the ATM to withdrawal some money. We figured that we would give to the Haiti relief through many different organizations when we got back to the U.S., but here was a family whom the Lord put in our paths that we could help directly. When we got back to the hotel, we gave Paul the money. He grinned from ear to ear not only because of the money, but because he was going to Haiti. His boss, who is the Belgium Consulate, was going to go to Port-Au-Prince and Paul was going as his security. Nobody can argue with that!!! Wow! How the Lord worked it all out for Paul!