Friday, January 15, 2010

The Subtle Additions in the Sequence Pictures

First of all, the five differences in the subtlety sequence are:
1. Chair moved
2. Crosses become bigger
3. Pillows added on chair
4. Flowers different
5. Books in different order

There is a cross in every sequence:
1. NORMALCY-on a key chain in the last picture with all of the keys
2. ABUNDANCE-it's actually not fair for me to claim this one. I know that I arranged two sticks in the shape of a cross leaning up against the water spicket. They are there, but you cannot really see them in these pictures.
3. TIME-the shape of the chain in the first picture.
4. CHANGE-the two twigs lying to the left of the butterflies
5. SIGNS-on the post below the "ONLY" sign
6. TRUE BEAUTY-on the arm of the rocking chair in the first picture
7. DIVERSITY-this is a little more difficult to find. The jacks form multiple crosses.
8. SUBTLETY-the steel crosses on the table.