Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Time with the Parents

PhotobucketWe ate at Lupe Tortilla. Yummy! Aren't my parents cute?

PhotobucketMom and me in the pumpkins.


PhotobucketWe watched Brock's dad referee a high school football game.


PhotobucketBrock and his mom watching in the stands.


Anonymous said...

Hey Auny. You and Brock are always traveling and recommending places to eat at or see. My hubby and I will be traveling to Atlanta & South Beach Miami soon for business and a little R&R. Any recommendations we should visit to see or eat at? Much appreciated!

AUNY said...

Yes. Atlanta has a Pappacitos there...the only one outside of Texas. Also, there is a wonderful Thai place called Surin. There is a great Cuban restaurant in South beach called Puerto Sagua. The sweet plantains and ropa vieja are wonderful! It's an amazing hole in the wall, but prepare to stand in line if you don't get there early enough.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to thank you for your recommendations! We made it to Pappacitos and it was SOOO good. Funny but it was only 1 block away from our hotel! How amazing is that? We really wanted to go back to eat there again! I wish there was one in Canada!
We also made it to Puerto Sagua. It was good but I learned I am not a fan of sweet plantains. But the ropa vieja was good with the rice. Thanks again. I'll ask you again if we get to travel again. Hmmm, maybe I'll book our next trip to Texas??? :)