Thursday, November 11, 2010

Florida Shows

I have had a great time here in Florida and the Bahamas. I had wonderful quality time with Brock and some of my family as well as my Lord. There is something about being on the beach looking out at the vast sea that makes you feel closer to Him in some way.

Our shows here have been great! We did every one of them inside the church auditorium. This has worked well. We transform the stage to our show so that when they enter the room, they think that this is different from the normal church service. Also, the great part about it is that the ones who do become followers of Christ know where to go the next Sunday when they want to go to church to learn more about the Lord.

Another great thing is that we have been hearing this often when we go into the churches..."In all my years of ministry, Brock gave the clearest gospel message I have ever heard." We had a guy who has a PHD in evangelism or something come to the show this week. He said that Brock's presentation of the gospel was so complete and he was very impressed. Of course, we all know that the Lord is the one who speaks through Brock. At the time when Brock begins to give the message of Jesus, I begin to pray for everyone out in the audience. The Lord's presence is thick in the room. Do you know what the Lord usually says to me at that time? He says, "Let's talk about you." Here I am thinking it's my job to pray for everyone else, and all the Lord cares about is me and my heart. It's so mind boggling that in a crowd of 1,100 people (like last night), He is saying the same thing to everyone in there..."Let's talk about you." He is so personal and loving. What a privilege it is to serve our God.


Mom in Shepherd said...

Auny, that is great insight into
God's relationship with us. He is all about us.