Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Saga of our Neighbors Part Five

James and Johnny were over at the house every day we were home. Just about the time I was about to tell Brock Gill he needed to draw some boundaries (something he can never do when someone is in need), James began to ask more questions about Brock's faith. While Johnny was at his house drinking, James would come over and talk about God. James said he was ready to give his life to Jesus. Brock talked with him for hours about it. The following Sunday, we took James to a country church down the street (our church was too far away for someone without a car). He met the pastor and began attending the church. Someone in the church gave him a job in construction. He quit drinking cold turkey and renewed his relationship with his 20 year old daughter. Everything was going great for James. However, a few weeks later, we came home from a show, and James was gone. Because of the location of Johnny's house, he was violating his terms of parole by living there. The police made him move out. Since James does not own a phone, I don't know what's happened with him. I pray he is still living for the Lord. Johnny watched how James' life changed when he became a Christian (mainly not drinking anymore) and did not want any part of it. He told Brock he wasn't ready for a change like that. Find out the conclusion tomorrow...