Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Saga of our Neighbors Part Four

Johnny is a very sensitive guy. He came over and poured his heart out to Brock. The problem was that Johnny didn't have a job or car or anything. Therefore, Brock drove him to the store, and let him do odd jobs around the house. A few weeks after Billy's accident, James, Johnny's friend who had just got out of prison, moved in with him. Both of them were at the house asking for work or a ride or a few dollars everyday. Most people would tire of them, but Brock Gill never did. He is drawn to people on the fringes. I remember recently at a multi-day event, one of our friends who was speaking a couple of the nights told Brock he needed to network more. After the service, I saw our friend, the "networker," talking with the leaders trying to get them to hire him again in the future (which there's nothing wrong with this). I went looking for my husband. Guess where he was? He was speaking to the janitor of the school where the event took place. I smiled, because this was typical of Brock. We would go out of town to do shows. The minute we returned, James and Johnny were at our doorstep. At one point, we had to stop paying them to do odds and ends at the house because we were running out of chores and money. However, Brock would still take them to the store, and they would sit on the front porch where I served them sweet tea. On James' birthday, I baked him a cake. We went to their house to deliver it. James and Johnny were sitting outside. Brock quickly said, "I'll give it to them, Auny. They look drunk." I never heard anything about the cake because neither one of them remembered it. I was crushed. It seemed hopeless with these two guys. Alcohol had a strong hold on James and Johnny, but our God is stronger. Find out what happened with James tomorrow...