Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Saga of our Neighbors Part One

About ten years ago, Billy was driving his motorcycle with his brother, Johnny, on the back. They hit a semi-truck and were both thrown from the bike. Johnny hurt his back, but Billy was quickly declared dead. They covered him with a cloth. After several minutes, Johnny noticed the cloth over Billy was moving. He told the paramedics. They removed the cloth and Billy looked at them! On the way to the hospital, Billy died again. They gave him CPR and he came back to life again! After being in the hospital for eight months, Billy was released and went home. He had brain damage and lived off of a monthly disability check he received from the government. A few months after he returned home, we moved into our home next door. We quickly met Billy and became fond of him. He never wore a shirt or shoes, just a pair of shorts or jeans in the winter. He used words like "I don't mean to be ugly" even when he was not cussing or being ugly at all. Billy told some of the same stories over and over again. Our favorite one was when he came into possession of some full blood wolf pups. He loves animals and didn't know what to do with these wolves, so he took them to the Walmart parking lot and put up a sign above them that said "Free Huskies!" He gave them all away in a few hours. Can you imagine the owners' shock when those "puppies" grew up? Very quickly Billy began to associate Brock with the Lord. He would tell his friends, "Don't use bad language around him. He's religious!" More Barefoot Billy stories tomorrow...