Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Nightmare Came True

Last night, we were in the process of doing a show in Pleasant Grove, AL (the one near Birmingham...did you know that there are 9 Pleasant Groves in AL?). A guy ran up to me backstage and said, "John said to give this to Brock now." He handed me a battery for Brock's mic. This has happened a few times in my 11 years of doing this where the battery has gone out during a show. However, I knew that John usually put a fresh one in for each show.

I ran onstage and changed the battery discreetly. Then, Brock says, "Can you bring me another battery, because this one is not working either." I ran back onstage and retrieved 4 more new batteries, all of which did not work. It was like a three stooges act. None of them worked! That did not make any sense. They were brand new batteries.

Then, Brock went to a handheld mic, and used it while John figured out Brock's headset. Then, the handheld mic went out. So, Brock went to the other handheld mic, and it went out! It felt like one of my anxiety dreams where the whole crowd is just waiting, and I am the only one who can fix the problem. It's as if the whole audience is waiting on me. Of course, Brock just turned it into a comedy act. Between our three stooges act with the trying so many batteries, and Brock's jokes, the crowd was laughing through the whole incident. (That's not how it goes in my dreams. Nobody is laughing in those nightmares.)

After going through 5 new batteries and two backup mics, I knew that Satan was behind this. I began praying furiously. I even left the show in order to call a couple of people to pray. We got Brock's mic up and running after what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes. Then, when Brock gave everyone a chance to respond to the gospel, so many responded. What a night!


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