Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shows in High Point, NC

We performed at a Christian school in High Point, NC yesterday morning. There were 1300 students present. It was great!

Then, last night we did a show in a big church as a part of their performing arts series. This includes 4 ticketed events a year. All of the proceeds go to local ministries. It's a really cool thing.

During the show last night, Brock's mic went out again! Then, Brock went to the handheld mic. It did not work at all either. What was going on??? Brock simply did some funny facial expressions and a spontaneous mime routine. It was hilarious! The mic came back on after a couple of minutes.

I found out that their sound system just timed out for a minute. They said that it had never happened before! That's twice in one week! It did not matter though. Brock was so funny with it that some thought he had planned it to mess with the sound guys. It was a great day in North Carolina!