Thursday, August 12, 2010

Car Troubles

Last Wednesday, we had a show in Nashville. However, we also had meetings all day and the trailer was all packed a ready to go to Oklahoma the next day. Therefore, Brock and I had the black truck while John drove the silver truck and trailer to the show. He needed to stop by the tire shop and get a new tire on the way. The trailer had a blow out on the way home from New Orleans, and we replaced the flat tire with the spare.

On his way to the tire shop, another trailer tire went out. John took off the flat tire and drove the trailer slowly to the tire shop on 3 wheels. He now needed to replace 2 flat tires.

Later on that night after we did the show, we came out and there was a flat on our black truck. We tried to get the tire off, but one of the lug nuts had stripped. We were so tired and had to get up so early the next morning that we left it there.

While we were gone, we got a friend to fix the tire. Last night, we stopped by the grocery store on our way to pick up the black truck. When we came out, the silver truck would not start. So, we got a ride to our other truck and Brock's going to get the silver truck worked on today. What a nuisance!


Haley said...

Goodness! It stresses me out just to read all of that. Praying that the car troubles are behind you now.