Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Fun

PhotobucketWe had some friends come over to our house to have a bonfire.

PhotobucketThen, we all went to Miller's Thrillers Haunted Woods. It was really fun! We made sure the guys were in the front and back and all of us girls were in the middle. I loved to scream and jump and cling to Brock's arm. At one point, there was a car sitting in the path. Brock had already gone through the car and the rest of us were contemplating if we really wanted to go through it. Just then, a ghost poked her head out of the car at us and then went back in. To me, the scariest part is when they make their first appearance. Since she had already done that, I was okay with going through the vehicle even though I knew she was in there. Everyone else chickened out. They went over the hood of the car. I guess they didn't have the same philosophy about the scariest moment as I do!


Joy Argow said...

Hi Auny! Great to see your pics. Makes me miss being able to pop over and say g'day. Hope you guys will come over and visit/tour here one day. I can be your roady :-)

Also... would you mind reloading my blog link on your page. When I changed to WP some of the links appear to be a bit dead. http://www.aussiejoyslife.com/
So its the same... just needs to be reset...
Thanks Auny!