Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Blessed Day

The other day, I had the best day! It was such an average day, yet I felt the Holy Spirit all over me. As I was checking out of Walmart, I asked the cashier how he was doing. Instead of saying, "Fine," he actually sighed really big and said, "I've been having a hard time lately." I told him that I would pray that things would get better for him, and I really did! I prayed for him on and off all day.

Then, I noticed a group of elderly people walking around the track as I was running at the park. I think that they were from some sort of home or something because there were several of them. I decided to reverse the direction I was running so that I could face them instead of blowing past them. As I ran past them, I was able to look in their eyes and smile and pray for them.

That night, I joined my friends in feeding the homeless in downtown Nashville. This guy just began making meals out of his house and we all met there and loaded them up and took them to this section of Nashville. They've been doing this for several months, so the homeless people were all lined up waiting for us when we got there---about 150 people!

Several gave me sincere thank you's. I talked with one guy who had 6 kids and 8 grandchildren. His wife died of cancer when she was 33 (my age) and he became an alcoholic because of that. That's why he is on the streets today. He said that the people who come every Monday night have become family to him. Before we left, he grabbed our hands and said a prayer. He thanked the Lord for all of the things He'd blessed him with. Can you believe it? A homeless man thanking God for all of his blessings? Again, all of this blessed my heart just as much if not more than the people I encountered. Oh, that I would have more days like this!


Mom in Shepherd said...

That was a blessed day. I liked the comment from the man when he said these people were family to him. We all take our family for granted.

Michawn said...


what did the guy say about the 6 kids? are they just no longer in the picture? did the alcoholism just totally destroy all the relationships? it's just so sad to have 6 kids (plus grandkids) and still be homeless.

so sorry to hone in on that one negative. it just really struck me.

that does sound like a really cool day though...nice.

AUNY said...

I know that he was going to see his grandkids the following week, so he is still involved in their lives somewhat.