Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day Two on South Padre Island

The show last night went really well with the umbrella rental people. This is how we got hooked up with them. The guy who owns them all came to camp the first day. He's a really cool guy who really takes care of the guys who work for him. Come to find out, everybody knows Charlie on this island.

Anyway, he asked us to come and perform for his team. It was so cool! This group is a little community. Several of the guys were riding skateboards and hanging out. There were young people. One young couple had a 2 month old baby (that may be the youngest person to ever attend our show). There was a few older people as well. They all watched the show and ate burgers together.

Charlie had rigged a few flood lights on a pipe propped up by two ladders to light the "stage." We used buckets of sand to hold down our tarp. We were right on the beach. I loved it! Brock did the straight jacket last night. He actually escaped from a straight jacket for the first time here in South Padre Island in 1998.