Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day One on South Padre Island

It was a tough morning yesterday. Brock was at an FCA camp all weekend. He quickly came home Sunday afternoon and we hopped on a plane that night. We got in at midnight Sunday night. Then, we had to go to the venue Monday morning at 8am. We had an hour and a half to get everything ready. That was difficult. Plus, we had problem after problem. However, we pulled it off.

We were some kind of tired, but we have the nights off at this camp. That's a blessing. Pray for us tonight because we're going to do magic for a bunch of guys who work at a chair rental place on the beach. We're not planning on sharing the gospel or anything, but pray that we will be dripping with the Holy Spirit.


Mom in Shepherd said...

Hi Auny, you have prayers coming from Florida for you. I am interested to see how the idea came about to hook up with the umbrella crew. Call me. Love, Mom