Monday, July 20, 2009

The Scaryest Seven Minutes of My Life

Last Wednesday, while we were in South Padre, we decided to go over to Mexico to go shopping and eat. Now, we've both been to Matamoros, Mexico before. It had been several years, but it was a fun place to hang out...very touristy. A lady from the camp had gone last year, and it was cool. Things had changed for sure!

We took a cab over to the market. When we got to the market, we didn't notice any other tourist. Also, there were no children (that made me a little uncomfortable). When I came the last time, children would run up and try to sell us something. With no other tourists and Brock being 6'4," we really stuck out. We tried to dress down...I had my hair up and Brock had his hat on but someone had already asked if Brock was Kid Rock. So much for blending in.

We weren't there 3 minutes when I took my camera out and began filming them doing three card monte with shells and a pea. It was fascinating to us. I was slick about it though. I put Brock in the picture to look like I was taking a picture of him. Then, a guy walked up and got right in the camera. He began to reach for it and Brock slowly pushed him away from me. Instead of walking away, the guy stayed right beside us very boldly. I put my camera away and he got out his phone which was also a two-way radio. As he began to speak Spanish into his radio, every single person on the street turned and looked at us. I knew at that point that we were in danger. Guys began coming out of the shadows and surrounding us.

Brock calmly said, "We've got to get out of here." At that moment, instincts kicked in and my only goal was to get out. The only way I knew to get out was to follow Brock. Brock began to smile and wave at the people. I immediately smiled as well. Then, Brock said, "Follow me." He walked quickly all the way to the right and literally ducked (you know he's so tall) behind a display and went around it. Then, we sort of zigzagged to the other side of the market. By this time, we were back to the street. We crossed the street right before a bus came by. When the bus crossed, we went to the left behind it (it was just like a movie). Basically, the bus separated us from the guys following us. When we got behind the bus, Brock said, "Run!!!" That we did. We ran for our lives through the streets and alleys of Mexico.

At one point, we hid in a store. We found one American, but she wouldn't even talk to us. Then, Brock saw a police officer, so he ran to him. However, we didn't know if the police there were in on it or not, so Brock just asked him where a cab was. He pointed to one across the street. When we got to it, it was empty. I wondered if the keys were in it. At that time, I was willing to steal the cab to get out of there. We ran a couple more blocks and found a cab. We had him drive us all the way up to the border. Not until we were back in our rented car on U.S. soil did I feel safe.

I couldn't see what was going on around me because I had tunnel vision only watching Brock's back and following, but Brock was watching. They were radioing people down the street and all of them were pointing at Brock and then following us. Brock was their target, and they were marking him. We talked with our friend who lives in South Padre and he said that they were planning to kidnap us. This has been happening in Matamoros lately.

Here's the video I was taking when the guy walked up. He's the one that set this operation into motion. You can barely see the guy playing the three card monte look up at us with evil eyes at the end of the video:
After this video was taken, I began the scaryest 7 minutes of my life.


Mom in Shepherd said...

So frightening. God protected you.

Haley Frederick said...

Creepy! You wouldn't think the card guy would have even known you were around, but he looks straight at you! Thank you Jesus for protection.

Anonymous said...

Brock and Auny stay in the USA.
We need you guys at SuperWOW again.

Chad and Rebecca said...

That was an amazing and scary story. You described it so well I felt like I was experiencing it with you! God did protect you! I would think twice before I went back into that city again! I am so glad that you guys are alright!

Amber said...

Praise the Lord foe his Protection over you!

The White House said...

Auny, I'm not sure if you remember me. My husband, David and I helped when Brock came to Williamston, NC a few years ago.
Your story about Mexico reminded me of the dream you and Brock had. Surrounded by snakes and being delivered from them. Glad you two got out of there safely.

Jonathan said...

Im thinking the Snake dream was a premonition to this story? If it wasnt these stories sound dramitically alike! Glad you guys are safe and sound back in the U.S.!

Cari Kates said...

Oh my gosh...I'm so glad you're okay. Your husband was quite the protector. Wow.

Joy Argow said...

oh man Auny.... i'm so glad you guys are safe!