Monday, March 08, 2010

Brock, Shock, and Rock

Pray for our show tonight in Conover, NC. We began performing a new show called "Brock, Shock, and Rock!" It has been going very smoothly and we have seen a lot of response to the gospel. I have noticed many senior high and college guys responding to the gospel. This particular show has a lot of testosterone in it. I think that it is catching the guys' attention. Then, they are hearing the gospel in the process.

We did not intentionally target guys, but I am glad that it seems to be having this effect. If there are any people whom I think need some attention, it's our young men. They are the future leaders. They can make or break a family, business, church. Another cool part about it is that when guys make a statement that they are going to follow Jesus publicly, they are most likely serious about it. Pray that these new shows continue to go well.


AUNY said...

The show went great! We had a lot of children sponsored for Compassion. That's so awesome! On another note, please pray for Jenna today. She is having her surgery.