Friday, March 26, 2010

Pride and a Bald Eye

Have you ever had a time when the Lord began working on your pride? That's the one that I always tell Him can wait until later. He decided that later is now (for the last few months that is). One thing after another has happened to me in order to humble me. I cannot share most of it, because it's too personal. I will share what happened yesterday.

I was putting on my cutest outfit and applying my make-up just right. Not only were we going to perform at a high school (they are the toughest to impress..."too cool for school" you know?), but it happened to be Shepherd High School. It is the same high school that I graduated from. Therefore, I was taking extra time and care in doing my make-up that I realized we were running late. So, I hurriedly took my eyelash curler (guys, it's a tool that makes you eyelashes look longer) and began curling up my eyelashes like I do everyday. As I went to curl my left eyelashes, I had some sort of arm spasm and yanked every single lash out of my upper left eye. I was baffled at how I did that! (Actually, I've done it a couple of times before back in college, but not in years.)

I didn't even have time to adjust my make-up to make it look less bald on one eye. I ran out the door feeling very humiliated. I wondered if people would think that I was one of those stressed out people that pull each lash out. Who knows? People that came up to me were either very gracious or did not notice, but man what a morning! This sounds a little more comical now (I know that you are laughing at me), but it worked in humbling me. You can rest assured that I was the only one in the building with no eyelashes. It was my own dang fault! Does anyone know how long they will take to grow back?


Amber said...

I have done that exact same thing!!! I don't remember how long it took for them to grow back unfortunately:(

I hate hard lessons from the Lord but I guess we all need a little kick in the butt every now and then!

Tiffany said...

I just looked it up: Six to eight weeks. :-( I'm glad you are seeing it as a lesson though!

Anonymous said...

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