Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hospital Visits

I'm not a big fan of hospitals. They have a certain odor that makes me nauseous. This past week I went to the hospital more times than I have in my life! Tuesday I had a routine annual doctor visit, but her office happens to be in the hospital. Then, Wednesday morning I got a phone call telling me about one of my good friends, Jenna. Jenna had been rushed to the hospital Tuesday night because she was having so much pain and her hands and feet began to lock up on her. She had been complaining about migraines for a while, but we just thought it was from looking at a computer screen too much. They found a mass in her brain. As of Wednesday morning, that's all I knew.

We went to eat lunch with Bruce who is the youth pastor at the church in Lincoln, NE where we performed Wednesday night. He asked how our morning had been and I told him my concern for Jenna. He then preceded to tell us that the intern (who worked with us last year) was engaged to be married this June. His fiance had been in a car accident 3 weeks ago and was still in a coma. Brock said that we needed to go visit them. We went by and talked with the guy. He still has hope that Savannah will wake up and come back to him. Please pray for Savannah.

Later that afternoon, we found out that Jenna's mass was benign and it was operable. That was reassuring. We went to visit her in the hospital right after we landed Thursday. She is always a positive person. She was more positive than ever and she is facing BRAIN SURGERY. She actually encouraged me. I also found out that she has been an inspiration to several others over the last few days. Please pray for Jenna. She is an amazing person.Photobucket


Mom in Shepherd said...

Please tell Jenna I am praying for her.