Monday, January 17, 2011

Almost Arrested

Late last night, we were driving through the sticks of Virginia after our show trying to navigate through the dark, country roads. After getting lost for the third time, we were getting more and more impatient and just wanted to get to the hotel. We turned onto a two lane highway which seemed like it should be about 65 miles per hour road. We had not been on the road a minute when Brock got pulled over.

The police officer came up to the window and I observed him shaking. He was either really cold or very angry. Either way, he was serious when he said that Brock was going 72 in a 45. Then, he told Brock to come sit in his car. I have never had a police officer do that before.

After Brock left, I looked at Andrea, our intern, and said, "I hope he does not get arrested." She thought it was funny how calm I was. She said that I sounded like it would be more of a nuisance than a crisis. After all of the experiences I have had with Brock over the years, I have learned not to freak out. I begin thinking what to do next when something crazy happens (which is rather often). I was already thinking about bailing Brock out and postponing our flights.

Andrea said, "Brock's a nice guy. He probably won't get arrested. However, 20 mph over is considered reckless driving." I looked back to the car and Brock was sitting in the front seat talking with the officer. That was somehow comforting to me. If he was not sitting in the back, he would not get arrested would he? On "Cops," they always put people in the back seat when they haul them off to jail.

After a while, Andrea and I began talking about other things. Then, Brock got out of the car and came back to the driver's seat of our rental car. It's crazy to think that I was relieved that he had a speeding ticket!


Haley said...

OH my goodness! After all that I'd be thankful for a ticket, too!

Doris Godbey said...

You have to be careful driving in the "sticks" of VA--there are some secure government installations around some places!

Glad that he only got a speeding ticket for sure!