Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Rhythm

We have sort of formed a rhythm of life. As I have said before, I know how to do life on the road. However, doing life at home is a different story. I never know what to do at home. Now, we have set up some sort of schedule when we are home. Here is our week:
Monday-Date Night
Tuesday-Mentoring Group and Errands
Wednesday-Small group
Thursday-Magic Night
Weekends-Usually out of town, but if not, we hang out with friends...go to the Cocoa Tree...stuff like that.

My favorite part about this routine is that it allows us to invest into people here at home. Brock and I form a stronger bond with Date Nights. When I run errands and Brock goes to his mentoring group on Tuesdays, we connect with people in our town. In our small group, we share prayer requests and laughs with each other. On magic night, we have some cool, young, aspiring magicians come to our house where we talk about shows and how to use our art to tell others the message of Jesus Christ. It's great!


brock gill said...

this is what i consider a successful career.. lets keep it up