Saturday, January 29, 2011

Putting Up the Christmas Tree

It was January 1998 and I had just come back to school after the break. I looked at the wilting Christmas tree and sighed. It's great putting it up but not taking it down. My roommate and I had found a fun way to get rid of our Jack-o-lantern when the season was over. We would take it up to the top of an outdoor tall flight of stairs and drop it while yelling, "Smashing pumpkins!". Then, we watched it break into a hundred little pieces. What could I do with a tree?

Then, I got an idea! I called my friend who was always up for something crazy. "Want to blow up an old, dead Christmas tree?". He said with no hesitation, "Sure! Come on over." I did that with the tree. I watched as my friend lit the tree on fire. Wow, how that puppy burned! The flames were so high that we were afraid it was going to catch some surrounding trees on fire. Instead of getting nervous like some others watching were, this friend just began laughing. Then I started to laugh, and that was how the tradition of blowing up my Christmas tree began. I did it again today with that same friend...Brock Gill, and we still laughed.


Haley said...

awe. :)

Mom in Shepherd said...

I should have known it was Brock. I am just surprised it was your idea rather than the other way around.