Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Backstage Night 1 at Texarkana Freedom Experience

There was one lady who said that a girl "accidentally" came with her the first night. She ended up giving her life to Christ. Come to find out, her plans were to commit suicide that night! It was no accident that she came. The Lord had different plans for her!

Brock is especially tied to Texarkana, because he lived here right before he began this ministry.
It was cool for me to be in a town where he'd lived before as well. So many people came up that have kids now that were telling their children that Brock had led them to the Lord several years ago. Brock's made an impact on Texarkana!


Michawn said...

That's cool.

O.K., so true story: I was visiting there in Texarkana and Brock took me to see his fine abode. ;) He told me that he really felt like God was giving him real insight into what he was supposed to do in the future. He busted out these coin-like things...they were colored I think. Showed me what he thought God was saying...to use magic. Was it then that he said that he really felt like he'd one day be doing stadium events or was it a little bit later...I don't remember. But, look at him now. So cool to see and I am honored to have been able to see it all happen from the beginning.

Yeah...saw my first Brock Gill trick there in that warehouse. Well, besides the time he made our van disappear in front of Williams' General Store. ;) Ha ha ha. You'll have to ask him about it.

AUNY said...

That's cool, Michawn.