Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Ipod Playlist While I Run

While I run, I listen to:
Family Force 5
Linkin Park (No matter what you think about them, they keep me going!)
R-4 (a collection of songs that the girls and I listened to when we worked at Ridgecrest)

There may be some more, but these are all very upbeat. They keep me at a good pace and keep me going. One time during my 23 mile run, I began to sorta dance to Family Force 5, but I had to tell myself not to so I wouldn't waste any extra energy.

Now, toward the end of a huge run like that, I need something more than just upbeat music to keep my body moving. I need more emotional stimulus and "supernatural" intervention (it feels like that anyway). At that point, I play worship music like Chris Tomlin and Pocket Full of Rocks.


Anonymous said...

Auny, I will be driving to Palm Coast for a Women's Conference Saturday morning so I shall use that time to lift you up in prayer...praying for your safety, endurance, strength, courage and peace. Hang tough!

Mrs. G

AUNY said...

Thanks so much, Mrs. Godbey