Monday, April 20, 2009

Dreams in Life

I've always been a dreamer. I would sit in my room and dream about what was going to happen in my future. I would dream about the guy that I was going to marry and the career that I would have. When I was in junior high (those awkward years), I didn't want to play with toys anymore, so I'd dream instead. I began telling those dreams to the Lord. Somehow, the dreams became a mixture of wondering and prayer.

I'm also a rather determined person (some call it stubborn, but let's look on the positive). Therefore, my dreams became goals. They are fun goals, though, like going to all 50 states and running a marathon. Some of you may be a little skeptical about using the word "fun" anywhere in the same sentence as running a marathon, but stay with me here.

I dreamed of going to all of the states when I was about 10 years old. Any time we'd take a road trip as a family, I made my parents stop at every welcome station at every state line, and I'd collect brochures about each state that we'd pass through. If I would have told you that was my dream or goal at age 10, you might have dismissed it as a silly childhood dream. Now, it's a byproduct of my career and ministry. Do you think that the Lord may have birthed that in me?

I set a goal to run the marathon much later in life, but it was still significant to me. At a time in my life when I need a little pick me up (after doing this for 10 years), I feel so accomplished running a marathon!

My point is, what are your dreams? I'm not talking about when you're alone in the car singing to the radio and think that you could be the next Brittany Spears or Barbara Streisand. I'm talking about that dream that is birthed in you. It rises up in you time and time again only you push it back down dismissing it as silly daydreams. It's that place where your thoughts drift when you have free time...maybe it's a dream vacation or starting a new business. Is there a reason that you are having this dream? Sometimes, God places desires (dreams) in your heart for a reason. A God-given dream plus prayer makes some of the most outlandish thoughts attainable. Maybe it's time to go for it!


Haley Frederick said...

Great encouragement, Auny! Good luck with the marathon this week! We'll be cheering from KC!