Saturday, April 11, 2009

Zapp's, Goodwill, & Crawfish

PhotobucketWe purchased a lot of Zapp's potato chips. They are an all natural potato chip made in Louisiana.

PhotobucketThat's a lot of Zapp's!


PhotobucketWe ate crawfish for lunch. Jacob is making a face because he is allergic to shellfish.

PhotobucketThis was Lindsey's first time to try crawfish.

PhotobucketShe liked it!

Here is Brock teaching her how to eat the crawfish:

We went to Goodwill and Jacob bought this crazy fur coat. See how people at a Louisiana gas station reacted to his coat:


Michawn said...

hey, that was my uncle clifton!!!!

just kidding.

ahhh, you are making me homesick!! does my ears good to hear that southern drawl and profound misuse of the english language. LOVE IT!!

that crawfish sho does look good too!