Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where I've Run

Since we travel a lot, I've had the privilege to run in many different places. I've run along the hot beach in Ecuador. I've run along the seawalk in Canada. In Alaska, I ran among mountains and sea. I ran in the mountains of Colorado. I've run on I-drive in Orlando. I've run along the strip in Las Vegas. I've run in countless other states while on the road.

These are very different places...some very hot like Ecuador and Orlando. Some very cold like Alaska and Canada. Colorado was difficult because of the incredible incline in the mountains. It was pretty, though!

I enjoy running in different places mainly because it makes the time go by quicker. You spend most of your time sightseeing and forget that you are running. That makes it nice. However, I enjoy running at home, too. I know exactly when and where that hill is, so that I can brace myself for it. I know where every crook in the road is. Plus, I can go home right after and take a relaxing shower in my own house. I guess that I just enjoy running no matter where it is!